The skin makes up the largest part of the body. It is often the first thing that other people would notice when you meet them for the first time. The skin also provides defense against external factors such as cold weather and pollution. It is important to care for the skin on the body to keep it healthy, soft and smooth. To do this you will need the right kind of body care products appropriate for your skin type. To learn more about body care and the different Shiny Leaf body products, visit the Shiny Leaf Bath and Body Guide.

Shiny Leaf - Body Care Products

Choosing the Right Body Care Products

The skin type will dictate the kind of body care products that a person will need. If skin is prone to becoming tight and dry, it is best to find products that are highly moisturizing. Products such as body butter, essential oils, and serums are the best bet. Shiny Leaf Rose Absolute Oil is one such product that contains high amounts of moisturizing ingredients. It contains Rosehip Oils and Jojoba oils, which may help provide hydration where the skin needs it the most.

People with sensitive skin require products that do not have fragrance or added ingredients that can irritate the skin. When buying body care products for this skin type, it is important to look for products that do not contain parabens, sulfate, and harsh chemicals. It is often advised by dermatologists that people with sensitive skin go for products that are made with 100% all natural ingredients.

Shiny Leaf - Body Care Products

Essential Body Care Products to Have at Home

Some people have a huge stash of different body care products that they use to care for their skin. Some only have the barest minimum in the form of a lotion and a soap or body wash. To achieve great skin there must be a balance between the two. Here are some great products to have in your home.

  1. A moisturizing body wash – A good body wash contains ingredients that hydrate and moisturize skin. Look for body washes that help lock in moisture on the skin after bathing or washing.
  2. Essential oils or lotions that hydrate skin – after a bath, when skin is still damp, massage essential oils such as pomegranate seed oil or lotion on skin to help skin absorb the moisture that these products provide better.
  3. Sunscreen – apply sunscreen before going out even if it is cloudy. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays can still penetrate through the clouds and reach your skin. Sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) 50 or higher is a good thing to have.
  4. A good hand cream – hand creams keep hands soft and smooth. The cold weather and enclosed air-conditioned offices can often make skin dry. People who take on activities that make hands more prone to dryness such as sculpting, and playing sports such as tennis also need a good hand cream to bring back their hand’s softness.
  5. Body bronzers – skip the tanning bed and avoid being sunburned by using a good body bronzer. Bronzers are also great alternatives to expensive tanning salons. Apply it on the skin and get that healthy glow for less.

Great skin starts with the right type of body care products and a good skin care regimen. Follow these recommendations to get great skin every day.

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