6 Fitness Gurus We Love

If it’s beauty and personal care that we’re talking about, then there’s probably someone you’ve been following religiously or at least a site where you’ve been relying on for information. When it comes to being fit and healthy, there are definitely gurus that we look up to, having mastered the craft.

The road towards a healthier lifestyle sure is a rocky one. It’s the reason why we look for guidance from people who makes it easier for us to transition from our ordinary routine to a better one. Here are 6 gurus who are certified experts in the art of healthy and active lifestyle.

#6 Amanda Bisk – A Physical & Spiritual Fitness Guide

If you’re a beginner, what you’re looking for would be fun and easy workouts that still give results. Amanda Bisk acknowledges our needs for both physical and emotional wellness – often incorporating vacations with yoga and workouts. Yoga’s a popular practice that improves one’s well-being from the body, mind, and the spirit. What makes the sessions of Amanda Bisk unique is that you get to enjoy exotic and beautiful places coupled with dynamic food while also getting fit.

Her programs do not only help your body get fit but also tune your senses into knowing what it needs.  You’ll also enjoy her appreciation of nature and the beauty of immersing one’s self in pleasure with controlled limitations. Amanda Bisk helps a person get acquainted with the balance of the body and mind. If you’re not part of her program, you can still follow her on social media to pick some of her healthy habits or routines and exercises.

Website: http://www.amandabisk.com/

Amanda Bisk

#5 Anna Victoria – An Advocate of Loving One’s Self

Changing your lifestyle and even your way of thinking is a road no one would dare call stress-free. There are a lot of roadblocks that you must overcome. But everything starts with how you look and feel about yourself. Anna Victoria is a personal trainer who created Fit Body Guides (FBG). She offers bundles of fitness programs that last for weeks. It includes everything from meal plans to workouts.

Each program looks into giving long-lasting results and improving a body from inside and out. Anna also encourages people to love their body no matter what. Every little thing we do and introduce to it is a reflection of our love for ourselves. Enjoy the road to having a healthier and better form with Anna Victoria.

Website: http://annavictoria.com/

Anna Victoria

#4 Tone It Up – Social Fitness Guides

What we love more than getting fit is to browse through our social media and finding pretty little things. Tone It Up is created by Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson, two beautiful girls who’ve caught the attention of thousands of people. What we love about them is that they make us want to get fit.

Almost having the vibes of It Girls, Karena and Katrina both have an eye for aesthetics and a lifestyle that makes it easier for women to relate to them and their need for fitness programs or an easy exercise. While other fitness gurus focus on toning your body with workouts, these two prefer that you choose their fitness program. Focusing on nutrition, proper diet, and enjoying eating with exercised control, their method is definitely for those who love to live life. You’ll even get to enjoy food and snacks like no other. Delicious and healthy? Tone It Up’s the answer!

Website: https://www.toneitup.com/

Tone It Up

#3 Cassey Ho – Social Media Pilates Princess

Cassey Ho is a public figure famous for her various interests from Pilates, healthy living, and being a social media blogger. She’s hailed as one of the experts having great influence as a figure in social media. What makes Cassey such a loved figure is not only because of her informative workout videos. She also promotes appreciating one’s being and improving our own body image.

Having such a large audience, Cassey tackles topics from morning workouts to habits, and even preparing your meal plan for the day. Video blogs makes it easier for us to follow and listen to an advice since it would seem a bit more interactive compared to normal written blogs. But with her expertise in pilates, you’ll also have a fun time doing her exercises.

Website: https://www.blogilates.com/

Cassey Ho

#2 Jen Selter – A Fitness Figure Model

Although a lot of us would agree that having good looks is not necessarily a standard for being a good fitness guru, it still has a large impact. Jen Selter, especially looks fresh and radiant even while working out. It makes us want to achieve our goals more. As a fitness model, Jen has a large following that appreciates her efforts to teach and motivate people.

Getting to take a peek into her private life through her social media accounts, and website, it gives us an idea on how we can change our lifestyle to get fit and healthier. Picking up a few tricks from these figures is what makes our transition easier. From skin care to fitness regimens, you’ll definitely benefit from following Jen Selter. GymLocks is also a clothing brand by Jen Selter. Feel and look good while working out!

Website: http://www.jenselter.com/

Jen Selter

#1 Kayla Itsines – A Passionate Sweat Trainer

For a more dedicated workout and training programs perfect for women of all types, Kayla Itsines, is probably your best bet. Just her Facebook page has over 12 million likes. Her main focus revolves around helping women find a routine that fits into their schedule but still making sure to sweat the body out.

Kayla Itsines also has an app that both men and women use to follow a regular routine of workouts. It’s a huge hit among enthusiasts for transforming the body and keeping that figure for a longer time. You’ll only have to spend a few minutes of your day, totaling to 30 minutes a day to have a toned figure in a few months! Bring out the best in you and follow this fitness guru! A trainer with a passion towards helping you achieve fitness and a healthy lifestyle – what more can you ask for?

Website: https://www.kaylaitsines.com/

Pro Tip: Always Pamper Yourself After Workouts

After working out with these gurus, you should treat yourself to a pampering session. Pampering does not mean indulging yourself in sweets or in meals that just waste your effort. The best way to pamper yourself after a workout is to soak in a hot bath infused with rose essential oil or any oils that appeal to your senses.

Let your body relax and release the tension. It helps soothe the muscles and restore your energy. After a bath, you can enhance the healthy glow of your skin by using some essential oils for moisturizing. Perhaps, you’d want to try castor oil with its many skin-loving benefits. You’ll feel rejuvenated after, for sure.

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