7 Chill Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day

Only a few more days until Valentine’s Day, and who wouldn’t be excited with all the discounted roses, balloons and chocolates? If you’re happy, independent, and rocking your age, Valentine’s is another day you can show your loved ones how much they matter. More than that, it’s time to celebrate yourself and have an awesome day.

Girl spending time with her dog.

Make the most out of this day by pampering yourself. Soothe your worries away and end your day on a happy note. Here are seven chill ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

1. Take A Soothing Warm Bath

Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday and this means staying at home. Nothing beats a warm bath after a hard day’s work. Instead of spending on a spa, you can unwind at home with the help of scented candles, bath bombs, and essential oils. Pick a good book, get a bottle of wine, and play your favorite music in the background. Draw warm water and add some lavender or rose essential oil to make it more relaxing. It will bring you the peace of mind that you need and makes your skin soft and smooth.

Drown out the noise outside and indulge in your alone time. You can even finish a whole bottle of wine without sharing or order pizza and have it all for yourself.

Moisturizing bath water with petals.

2. Binge-Watch Your Favorite Series

Go home early and set your bed to binge-watch your favorite series. It’s time to catch up to new seasons and episodes. Make your own Netflix-and-chill nest with some popcorn, pizza, or chocolates. Surround yourself with pillows, dim the lights, and turn up the volume. If you’re looking for something more exciting that will make your heart race, make you sweat, and scream – watch some horror movies! Rest easy, there will be no clown standing at the foot of your bed. Follow it up with a romantic comedy movie that can be as sappy as you want.

Ingredients and tools for cooking.

3. Cook A Special Meal (Or Try!)

Instead of going out for dinner, try something you think you don’t have time for – cooking. Look for recipes you want to try. Make it a full-course meal if you want and prepare appetizers and dessert! Go to the grocery store after work and buy the ingredients you need. It could be a personal learning experience for you to know how to pick fresh ingredients. Don’t worry if you’re not good at cooking, fail as many times as young want. Just have fun and try not to burn down your kitchen. Invite some friends or family over to cook with or just try your cooking. At the end of the day, you’re going to know if you have a shot at pursuing a culinary career.

Girl sitting with her dog.

4. Take An Easy Hike Somewhere Quiet

Take some time off to unwind and go hiking. There are a lot of trails for beginners near you. If you want to be adventurous, try rock climbing. There are only a few who will hike this time of the year. Take advantage of this and enjoy the peace and quiet. You can pack some lunch to enjoy during breaks. If you have a dog, this is a good exercise and bonding moment for the two of you. Wait for the sun to set and take in the breathtaking beauty of nature. Let the moment last and preserve it. Get the best angle and capture the view!

Group of friends celebrating.

5. Spend Valentine’s Day with Friends

You can plan a fancy night with your BFFs without stressing yourself. Did you know that you have more chances of reserving a table for four or more people in restaurants during Valentine’s Day? Check out the restaurant you’ve always wanted to try! Gather your closest friends and raid the best restaurant in your city, only within your budget of course. Leslie Knope introduced the concept of brunch for Galentine’s Day and it’s the perfect outing with your friends.

You can also just stay at home to indulge in pampering sessions. Masks, essential oils, nail polish, and pajamas are staples of a good sleepover! Sneak in some snacks for a good movie or games. Prepare gifts for each other or assemble a goodie bag to take home. Fill it up with bath bombs, soothing essential oils, and bath products – gifts that women appreciate.

Girl walking inside a building.

6. Try Something New and Rewarding

You know how people are going to be filling up restaurants, malls, and cinemas on Valentine’s? This means that there are fewer visitors in places like museums, galleries, teashops, wine bars, libraries, and workshops. Visit these places without the crowd. You get to enjoy your time without rushing. Events are more likely to have less visitors too. If you are an animal lover, look for rescue events near you. Fall in love and adopt a pet if you can.

It’s the perfect time to try a new project. Whether it’s journaling, something handcrafted, a homemade recipe, or building a bookshelf, you can take this time to finally get it started.

Shopping bags

7. Shop and Score Fab Finds

Take advantage of the discounts and do a shopping spree. You can even buy gifts for friends and family in advance. Many stores put their products on sale to attract couples to buy gifts for each other. They have clothes and home goods on sale. Score an affordable new wardrobe or a humidifier! Treat yourself to materialistic things if they can satisfy you.

Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love and joy. There are all kinds of love and you can celebrate them all. It could be with a partner, a friend, family, and even your pets but make sure to celebrate this day. Go find the most fulfilling way you can spend this day. What matters is that you have appreciated and enjoyed yourself. Make this day your own!

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