Beauty Essentials to Have in Your Bag

Beauty Essentials to Have in Your Bag

Every woman goes through the day armed to the teeth. Doing day-to-day activities without losing that confident smile requires poise and power. And all of it comes down to how ready and equipped you are. Your bag is your lifeline – storing the things you are in need the most of. There are just some things that you can’t leave at home, like beauty essentials.

Wear your armor of confidence by taking note of these beauty essentials you need to have in your bag and be ready to face everything the day have in store for you. Here are some cosmetics and skin care products to consider investing in.

Shiny Leaf - Beauty Essentials to Have in Your Bag

Skin-Deep Moisturizing Products

Ever wonder how to achieve that supple and dewy skin? Looking for ways to control excess oil that ruins your fresh look? The secret lies with how much moisture you have on your skin. Having enough hydration helps the skin look soft and glowing. When the skin is moisturized from deep within, it gives you a fresh and radiant look. Every woman needs to invest in at least one moisturizer for face care.

Contrary to popular belief, even oily skin is in need of much hydration. You just need to find a moisturizer that is not oil-based or it will ruin your skin’s water content. Your skin type requires a specific kind of moisturizer. But once you’ve found the product that is made just for your skin, you can look forward to the wonders that it will bring!

Lip and Cheek Tints

If you’re pressed for time and just don’t have the energy to brush some colors on your cheeks, lip and cheek tints are the products to go to. They work as a double and fit two uses in one tiny little bottle. Lip and cheek stains are versatile. They come in various colors you can choose from. Another advantage of buying this product is on how much space and mess you can save your bag from. They are more fluid compared to lipsticks or lip balms.

Shiny Leaf - Beauty Essentials to Have in Your Bag

It’s not so uncommon to find chaos inside woman’s bags with all of the products and things that you try to fit in there. Having lip and cheek tints can save you from this trouble.

Waterproof Concealers

Haven’t had enough sleep? Aside from tossing and turning last night, there are other things you can turn around, like that dark circle under your eyes. With solid and waterproof concealers, save yourself from the woes of blemishes, uneven skin tone, eye bags, and pimples. This just might be your ticket to looking fresh and clear all day long.

You can choose any kind of concealer. But an advantage of picking waterproof ones is that they will last and stay longer on your skin. It’s also great for those who are into rigorous activities under the sun. Whether you’re into sports, outdoor activities, or just leisurely strolling under the sun, you’ll find waterproof concealers to be helpful. No need to go to the powder room for a retouch!

Mascara or Eyeliner

Make your eyes pop and look livelier with just a swish of an eyeliner or mascara. You can pick one from the two or just have both. Eyes are one of the most prominent features of a person. Putting an emphasis on them can help you transform into a whole new look.

Mascaras can make your eyes look bigger and your lashes fuller. Eyeliners also do the same for the eyes. They also give you leeway to give your eyes a gentle or fierce appeal. With a steady hand, grab the wand and work your magic on those eyes.

Shiny Leaf - Beauty Essentials to Have in Your Bag

Compact Powder

A compact powder is really handy as a few touches freshen you up. Sheer powders also light up the face and help cover up those shiny areas. Good quality powders give your skin a matte look and stay on the skin longer. They are also not prone to cracking and flaking.

Blotting Paper

It’s also a fact that beauty essentials are not limited to makeups. There are other products that are just as vital. No one is safe from the horrors of an overly greasy face. It can be due to the heat or just the natural works of your skin. Having blotting papers at hand are convenient. They are gentler on the skin compared to tissues and absorb twice as much oil. They also do not leave any residue which tends to happen with tissues.

Blotting papers work on taking the excess oil without stripping the moisture off of the skin. They prevent you from looking all shiny and shimmery (the unappealing way).

Shiny Leaf - Beauty Essentials to Have in Your Bag

Your Choice of Perfume

Of course, the day would not be complete without spritzing your choice of perfume. You can choose from mellow and mild scents to fragrances that are truly captivating. Passing by other people and knowing that you smell fine helps give you the confidence to interact with them. But there’s another secret to equipping yourself with a perfume.

When you get a good whiff of a scent that you really like, it helps enforce positivity and a good mood. Quality perfumes also last longer and do not fade even after being under the sun.

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