Your Guide to Using Essential Oils for Pets

Fall in love with essential oils even more as these products help you take better care of your pets. When essential oils become a regular part of your day, you expose your pets to its therapeutic effects. Aromatherapy with natural oils can make you and your furry friend relaxed. More […]

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Essential Oils for Every Season

Your everyday skin and hair care routine can be made even better when you include essential oils in the mix. These valuable plant extracts provide benefits that will help make hair become shiny, soft and smooth. Essential oils also work great with making skin look radiant and glowing. Best of […]

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5 Beauty Oils for Your Skin Care Summer Special

It’s never too late to start gunning for that summer glow. The waves in the beach sing like a siren, beckoning onlookers to take a refreshing dip in the water. As summer calls for fun and relaxation, it also spells trouble for the skin. After all, the sun is at […]

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A Guide to An Essential Oils Face Care

A woman’s life is all about beauty and aesthetics. There’s nothing better than waking up and seeing a glowing face smiling right back at you in the mirror. And what’s better than a radiant skin? Of course, a flawless face that betrays the age is every woman’s dream. And with […]

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Wellness and Lifestyle Blogs We Love

Lots of people see the web as a sunken ship with many hidden treasures. Plundering to its depths to find the most shining gems have become a habit for most of us. There are informational sites, entertainment pages, and even social blogs. And who doesn’t love a write-up that we […]

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Rose Oil DIYs: Beauty Blends for Skin and Hair

Beauty experts have finally revealed their secret towards having a glowing skin and a healthy hair – DIY recipes! Who knew that you can just whip up your own variation of a skin or hair formula? The best thing about this hype? You got to use all-natural ingredients! There’s nothing […]

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6 Fitness Gurus We Love

If it’s beauty and personal care that we’re talking about, then there’s probably someone you’ve been following religiously or at least a site where you’ve been relying on for information. When it comes to being fit and healthy, there are definitely gurus that we look up to, having mastered the […]

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6 Favorite Essential Oils to Lull You to Sleep

A long day often ends with aching feet and tired shoulders. But sometimes, the end of the day does not mean rest for some of us. Sleep is hard to come by and once you’ve finally gone to sleep, you’ll wake up only to be greeted with dark bags under […]

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Essential Oil ABCs: Basic Things to Learn Ideal for Beginners

Getting to know essential oils is an exciting journey that treats your senses to the unique effects and traits of the oils. If you’re new to natural healing and personal care, then you’re probably wondering what essential oils are. Understanding the basics is always the first step in starting something […]

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