Why You Need to Try Dry Brushing

Dry brushing helps stimulate the skin to improve its health and appearance. Dry brushing is the newest trend in beauty for people who prefer natural skin care, it is the perfect method to get rid of skin concerns such as cellulite and wrinkles. It helps exfoliate the skin while making it smooth and radiant after.

Steps in dry brushing the skin.

Brushing the skin with a soft but firm brush has many health benefits for the skin and the body. It soothes the skin and energizes the person as well. Know more about dry brushing and the therapeutic effects it has on the body.

What is Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a method where you use a body brush to get rid of the dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow on skin. Brushing the skin lifts impurities other than dead skin cells, such as dirt and toxins. Dry brushing restores the smooth texture and softness of the skin. It stimulates the blood flows and lymphatic system as well.

There is a pattern in brushing the skin. The direction of the brushing should always be toward the heart. It supports lymphatic drainage, or the function of the body to deliver lymph. Lymph helps drain toxins, dirt, and other substances not good for the body. There are vessels or nodes under the skin. Brushing the skin helps stimulate or speed up the lymphatic drainage.

How Does Dry Brushing Work

Brushing detoxifies the skin as it removes impurities such as dead skin cells, dirt, and oil. These impurities build up on the surface of the skin. Cleansing with soaps does not get rid of them fully. The soft bristles of the brush remove the dead skin cells and unclog the pores well.

Dry brushing has a lot of benefits that leaves the skin looking young. It makes you feel fresh after too. It improves the health by the effects it has for stimulating blood flow. It aids in drawing out the toxins in the body.

Hard-bristled brush for dry brushing

Brushing revives the skin and gives it a healthy complexion. It controls oil production as well, which keeps the skin soft and moisturized. The appearance of cellulite and wrinkles also improve with regular dry brushing. The sensation of brushing the skin is very soothing. Many users reported feeling relaxed after the activity.

The skin absorbs more nourishment from products after dry brushing. This ensures that the skin is protected from damages. Learn how to do dry brushing and experience the benefits it brings.

How to Dry Brush the Skin

There are proper steps in dry brushing the skin. You can use an oil while dry brushing the skin or apply it after. The quality and type of brush you are using affects the results. There are two types of brush used. The round brush does not have a handle and is used in places that are easy to reach. The other brush has a long handle, which is used for hard-to-reach places.

You should also consider the softness or hardness of the bristles. It makes a difference in the results. If you have sensitive skin, it’s better to use a brush with soft bristles to protect skin from irritation.

Steps in Brushing the Skin

Here are the steps in dry brushing the skin:

  1. Put oil on the brush and spread it on the bristles. Do this if you are to brush the skin before showering.
  2. Start at the feet. Sweep over the skin several times. Do it in small strokes that overlap. Keep going until you reach your abdomen. Remember to always brush towards the heart.
  3. Brush your arms, starting from the hands going towards the shoulder. Brush over the torso after. When brushing the back, brush upwards. You can also brush the face and neck, but make sure to use a brush with softer bristles.
  4. Take a shower to remove all the dead skin cells. Cleanse and rinse the body thoroughly.
  5. If you don’t like to incorporate oil on dry brushing, shower after doing it and apply lotion or oil to moisturize the skin.

Dry brush the skin every day for great results. Make sure to clean the brush every two days to prevent dirt from accumulating.

Why Use Oils in Dry Brushing

Essential oils are highly moisturizing and they are safe for skin. Dry brushing can irritate the skin and cause flaking. Dryness of skin is also a possible effect especially during the first few times of dry brushing. The method removes dead skin cells and other impurities on the surface of the skin. This helps improve skin absorption and texture. To keep the skin moisturized, a hydrating oil is important. Choose from light oils that also soothe the skin.

Argan oil, castor oil, or rose oil are great choices. They have anti-inflammatory effects that prevent breakouts and irritation. The oils replenish the lost moisture and prevent drying of the skin. With high levels of essential fatty acids, they absorb easily into the skin to deliver nourishment. The therapeutic effects of the oils repair skin damages such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Radiant and smooth skin

Tips in Dry Brushing

Get wonderful results and try these tips that make dry brushing more effective and fun:

  • To keep skin safe from damages and irritation, make sure to use brushes that have soft bristles. Choose a brush with natural bristles instead of synthetic.
  • Using the brush with a long handle is more convenient.
  • If you’re using oil with the brush, dry brush the skin before showering. It improves the softness of the skin and its ability to absorb products. You can do it right after a bath as well and just apply lotion after.
  • Use warm water to help the pores open up.
  • Argan oil and castor oil are perfect for dry brushing. They have nourishing and moisturizing properties for the skin.
  • Be extra careful in the sensitive areas of the body. Keep your movements gentle.

You can get the benefits of dry brushing with regular use. Include some exercise in your routine to give your skin a youthful look. Eating food good for the skin and keeping yourself hydrated helps too. Take some time off to invest in an activity that gives you a glowing skin and keeps your body healthy. Dry brushing is just another step to add to your routine. Look amazing and feel confident in your own skin!

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