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Essential Oil ABCs: Basic Things to Learn Ideal for Beginners

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    Getting to know essential oils is an exciting journey that treats your senses to the unique effects and traits of the oils. If you’re new to natural healing and personal care, then you’re probably wondering what essential oils are. Understanding the basics is always the first step in starting something right. Once you’ve had a firm grasp of the uses, benefits, and risks of essential oils, you’d know how to use it, when, and how much.

    Here’s a basic guide ideal for those who are just starting to venture into the world of essential oils. Discover the beauty that nature brings and enjoy the rewarding effects that you can get from sticking to a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

    Leaf essential oil

    What Are Essential Oils?

    Essential oils are not oils per se; they are concentrated liquids that are actually good for hair and skin care since they contain a lot of natural minerals and vitamins. These fatty acids are extracts taken from organic sources such as seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, and even resins.

    Methods of extraction vary for each type of oil. Some of them go under cold pressing, distillation, and extraction through using solvents. These methods affect the quality and the composition of the oils. Since these extracts contain the aroma, color, and natural compounds of their sources, the method in which they are extracted affects their elements.

    Some oils lose elements like scent, color, and texture. But there are instances that these are also added to the final product. You should also learn to distinguish the difference among cold pressed, natural, organic, raw, virgin and other terms linked to essential oils. You can determine the state of pureness of the oil by knowing about these terms. Since some methods require the addition of chemicals or fillers, you can never be sure that an essential oil is still pure.

    What Are the Uses of Essential Oils?

    These oils are truly versatile. Each one has a wide range of uses extending from health to household purposes. But you should also be wary that there are limitations to the uses of these oils. While you can apply certain oils on skin and hair safely, there are essential oils that you need to use with caution.

    Food-grade oil for cooking

    Another thing that you also have to remember is that there are very few oils suitable for ingestion. Food-grade oils are good for the body and are mostly used for cooking. To fully know how useful essential oils are, here are some of their uses.

    • Not only are oils nourishing but they are great natural moisturizers that keep the skin hydrated and soft for a long period of time. Some oils need dilution before they are safe to apply on the skin while others are already suitable for direct application.
    • If you’re having troubles with your hair – from trying to tame wild locks, to reviving dull and limp tresses, there are essential oils to bring the answer to your problems.
    • Therapeutic effects that oils possess are also helpful in improving the health of a person. These properties are what make essential oils perfect for natural treatments and healing.
    • Since most oils possess antibacterial and other abilities that are associated with killing and fighting bacteria, germs, and fungus, they are also perfect for household uses. From acting as cleaning products to deodorizers.
    • With each oil having unique scents that appeal to the senses, these are essential oil products that are truly legendary when it comes to aromatherapy. They also invoke and deliver feelings of relaxation, peace, reinvigoration, and other positive sensations.

      Risks and Safety of Using Essential Oils

      Many essential oils provide just what you’re looking for your health and beauty care. But there are precautions you need to practice before you use these products. Like any other items you’ll find on the market, these formulas, even natural or organic essential oils, still pose risks for your health.

      You need to address these health concerns before, during, and after using essential oils. You will not only get the best results, but you’ll also be able to bring out its full benefits without causing harm to your being. Here are some risks that you need to know about when it comes to essential oils.

      • While there are oils that you can drink safely, not all of them are safe to ingest. These oils can be toxic, poisonous, or too potent for the body. Always take the time to research about the product and read the label on its back. This will save you the trip to the doctor’s office.
      • Do a patch test on a small area of your skin before applying the product for whatever purpose you’re going to use it for. While organic and natural means that there are fewer risks of getting in contact with toxic chemicals, this does not really mean that you are completely safe from allergic reactions.
      • Always dilute oils that are too potent for scalp or skin or you risk triggering irritation and even skin conditions.
      • Check if the oils are still safe to use. Even essential oils have a shelf life. Although most of them last up to years, you still need to know when oils go bad. Using them even when they expire can trigger a lot of conditions. You can still use them for cleaning but make sure not to let these oils touch your skin.
      Essential oil in amber glass bottle
      • Learn how to properly store essential oils. The temperature, lighting and even oxygen affect the shelf life of your oil. This is why you need to purchase oils kept in proper containers. Store them in a cool temperature and away from sunlight.
      • Know how to properly apply essential oils. Even long time users of essential oils take the time to learn about the products and how to use them properly. This does not only help you avoid risks of irritation but it also brings out the maximum effects of the oil. To learn more about essential oils and how to use them, visit our essential oils guide.

      Popular Essential Oils

      If you’re still grappling around essential oils and what to purchase, here’s a short list that will jumpstart your sensory journey. These are the best essential oils in the market that we recommend. Their prices, effects, safety, and uses, taken into account. Give it a go and experience their wonderful effects for yourself.

      1. Castor Oil
      Truly a miraculous oil, you’ll be amazed at the wide range of uses that you can reap from castor oil. It is not only healthy for the skin, hair, but also for the body. Comes at a cheap price and perfect for household uses.

      2. Lavender Oil
      While other people think that lavender oil’s greatest asset is its fragrance, we beg to differ. It has a lot of therapeutic effects that work well for the skin and hair. Having trouble sleeping? Then this oil will lull you into a restful slumber. Even your cuts and wounds heal quickly with a drop of lavender oil.

      Lavender oil

      3. Rose Essential Oil
      While famous for having one of the priciest values in the market rose essential oil is still a favorite among buyers. You’ll find its aroma really appealing because of its effects on your emotional wellness. Even your skin will feel happy with this oil as it fights acne and soothes skin conditions.

      4. Tea Tree Oil
      Quite popular for having a lot of therapeutic effects, tea tree oil is perfect for skin, hair care, and even household uses. Its scent even takes it to the top of the list of aromatherapy oils.

      Getting to know essential oils to an intimate level is an exciting journey that turns your life around for the better. Natural healing and lifestyle boosted by the unique effects of each oil is a rich experience worth giving a try.

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