For thousands of years, various cultures all over the world use essential oils for healing and other health purposes. Many historical accounts show ancient Egyptians and Jews creating essential oils by soaking different parts of a plant in plain oil. This method brings out its natural oils, which they use in perfumes and healing rituals. Today, the best essential oils use many different processes to extract oils from various plants. According to any essential oils guide, Some of the most common methods include cold pressing, distillation, and filtering.

    Shiny Leaf - Best Essential Oils

    Essential oils makers extract oil from different parts of the plant including the leaves, bark, root, stem, seeds and flowers. Note that while the process of extraction is important, it alone does not determine whether the essential oil can be classified as the best quality essential oil. Other factors will still affect the quality of the oil.

    Adding Best Essential Oils in Beauty Products

    Essential oils products contain traces of essential oils infused into them. There can be more than one essential oil used in one product. Some examples of essential oils products are lip balms, candles, shampoos, moisturizers, and creams.

    Shiny Leaf - Best Essential Oils

    Factors That Affect the Quality of Best Essential Oils

    If the product already contains the essential oil, you will not be able to separate them and find out its quality. But, if you have an oil you want to add to your favorite beauty product, here are some ways to determine the quality of the oil that you have.

    1. Purity – The purity of the oil is a great concern for many people. Inexpensive oils are more diluted. They also often contain additives that can diminish the potency of the oil. The best essential oils are pure oils that do not contain additives and are more potent.
    2. Grade – Some people prefer therapeutic grade essential oils because they are more effective at providing therapeutic benefits. The best essential oils of this grade are also often more potent than others.
    3. Source – Some experts believe that the quality of oil starts with the quality of its soil. Plants where the best essential oils come from need fertile lands. Using organic methods to grow them is also ideal to ensure quality. Some places have lands that are rich in minerals that can make the best quality of oils.
    4. Environmental factors – Growing plants in optimum conditions are ideal. They yield the best essential oil. If factors like pests and extreme weather conditions like drought affect the plants in any way, quality of the oils could decline.
    5. Packing, handling, and storage – When you harvest and extract the oils from the plants within the same period, you are sure to get only the best oils. Oxidation, exposure to light and heat can all affect the quality of the plants and therefore, affect the quality of the oil. Store the oils in a cool and dry place. Place them in darkened glass containers to maintain its quality and potency.
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