Natural essential oils are extracted from botanical sources such as plants, trees, roots, leaves, and other parts. They do not contain additives and fillers that can reduce their effectiveness. Natural oils have various benefits that make your body and mind healthier. Learn tips and information from our guide to essential oil types. Find out how you can use them for aromatherapy, personal care, and more.

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    Discover what makes natural essential oils good for you. Take a closer look at the benefits of using natural oils over synthetic oils. Improve your quality of life with the best natural essential oils.

    What Are Natural Essential Oils

    Natural essential oils are rich in nourishing compounds that work for personal care and overall wellness. They are pure and contains little to no chemicals. Natural essential oils do not contain toxic ingredients that can cause health concerns.

    Natural essential oils are made from botanical raw ingredients that contain various types of nutrients. These oils also contain aromatic compounds that give them scent. Natural oils have powerful healing effects on the body and mind. They help improve skin and hair health with their therapeutic properties. You can use them for aromatherapy as well to lift up your mood or to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress.

    The purity and quality of essential oils are important aspects you need to consider. Some brands can create essential oils by diluting them with solvents or other fillers. They can recreate the scent of oils using synthetic ingredients too. Oils made from chemicals can damage your body from inside out. Natural essential oils are gentle and are suitable for sensitive skin and scalp. When choosing essential oils, make sure that the product that you are getting is natural to avoid any risks.

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    Difference Between Synthetic and Natural

    There’s a difference between synthetic and natural essential oils. Some essential oils, especially aromatic ones, can be replicated with synthetic chemicals. There are compounds in each essential oil that have chemical counterparts. You can create the scent of an aromatic oil just by mixing these chemicals together. On the other hand, the scent, color, thickness, and effects of natural essential oils are all derived from their raw ingredient. Here are some notable differences in natural and synthetic oils.


    Natural essential oils come from botanical ingredients. Safe chemicals may be used in the process of extraction of the oils. Synthetic oils are made from various chemicals and fillers.


    • Scent – Natural oils have aromatic compounds that give them scent. They are a lot like the scent of their raw ingredient. Synthetic oils use chemicals to recreate scents. They often smell fake or unpleasant.
    • Color – Natural oils go through very little refinement. On the other hand, synthetic oils are refined to give them color, scent, and to achieve the desired consistency of the oil.
    • Consistency – Natural essential oils are thicker than synthetic oils. This is because they have high levels of concentration. However, this does not mean that they will feel heavy when applied to skin or hair.
    • Nourishing Compounds – Synthetic oils do not contain any nourishing compounds. Natural oils are rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for personal care.


    Synthetic oils are mostly used for aromatherapy. This is because they are too potent to apply to skin and scalp. They are not safe for ingestion either. Natural oils have a wide range of uses for personal care. You can even use them in cooking.


    There is very little nourishment found in synthetic essential oils. Natural essential oils are extracted from high-quality raw ingredients. They work on skin without causing sensitive reactions. Synthetic oils can irritate skin and cause rashes or burning sensation.

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    Why Choose Natural Essential Oils

    Man-made essential oils may come at a lower price compared to natural essential oils. Consumers often buy them because they are cheaper. However, there are drawbacks in choosing synthetic essential oils. When you use synthetic oils for aromatherapy, they do not smell as authentic as natural essential oils. You should not apply them directly to skin or scalp too because they are too harsh.

    On the other hand, there are a lot of ways that you can enjoy the benefits of natural essential oils. They are packed with nutrients. This is why these oils are common natural remedies for skin and scalp concerns. They are safe for your body as well. Cooking oils and food-grade oils nourish the body from within. Most oils have various uses that make them convenient to buy. Some oils such as castor oil and argan oil are cheaper due to the large market for these products. These oils are budget-friendly alternatives to personal care products. You can use both oils, especially argan oil, to get rid of signs of skin aging too. For more information about argan oil benefits, read this page.

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    3 Things to Consider When Buying Natural Essential Oils

    When buying essential oils, you need to consider where you will use them. Finding the suitable oil for your needs is not hard, after all, you can choose from a wide selection of natural oils. You should consider these three things before buying natural essential oils:

    Purity of the Oil

    Natural essential oils do not contain fillers that can dilute their potency. Some oils contain fillers to extend the shelf life of the product. However, fillers are often chemicals, which are harmful when you apply them to skin or hair. Check the purity of the oil to find out if it is safe for you to use.

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    Quality of the Oil

    Essential oils with poor quality have short shelf lives. They are also more susceptible to chemical reactions and photosensitivity. Using high-quality raw materials produce the best essential oils. These oils are safer and more effective compared to low-quality oils. See more characteristics of quality oils by visiting the page below.

    Brand of the Oil

    It is important for you to know the brand of oil that you are buying. Look for brands that use the finest ingredients. Make sure that they follow ethical and quality standards for their products. Branded oils may seem more expensive but they save are saving you a trip to the doctor’s office in the long run.

    Uses and Benefits of Natural Essential Oils

    Essential oils are natural remedies for health concerns. You can use them for common household purposes too. One bottle of essential oil can be useful in beauty care, home remedies, household uses, culinary purposes, and aromatherapy. Natural essential oils are healing for the body and mind.

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    Uses of Natural Essential Oils

    Here are the various uses of natural essential oils:

    • For Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy oils are good for improving your mood and mental wellness. Soothing fragrances can help ease anxiety, stress, and fatigue. You can use oils to lift up your mood or feel a boost of energy too. Aromatherapy oils will help your body and mind relax.
    • For Skin Care – Natural essential oils have healing effects that can improve the ability of skin to repair itself. Oils are used for cleansing, moisturizing, and as nourishment. There are oils that have anti-aging benefits too. You can replace pricey creams and serums with a natural essential oils face mask to get rid of the signs of skin aging.
    • For Hair and Scalp Care – Strengthen hair, promote healthy hair growth, improve hair shine, make hair more manageable, treat scalp concerns – these are all benefits of using essential oils in hair care. Oils are made of small molecules that absorb fast and easily into hair strands and scalp. This is why they are more effective than commercial products when it comes to improving hair and scalp health.
    • For Household Uses – Make your home cleaner and more comfortable for your family using essential oils. You can use them to get rid of stains, to repel insects and bugs, or to deodorize the atmosphere in your home. With the soothing fragrance of oils and their antibacterial properties, they are the perfect partner for moms.
    • As Natural Remedies – Natural essential oils help ease and treat symptoms of ailments or body pains. They have soothing effects to alleviate tension in muscles and joints. You can use oils to aid with indigestion too. There are a lot of natural oils that you can use as a natural remedy for health concerns.
    • For Culinary Purposes – Oils such as olive oil and sunflower oil are healthy alternatives to other kinds of vegetable oil. They are full of flavor too. Argan oil and herbal oils will give your food extra flavor and nourishment.

    Benefits of Using Natural Essential Oils

    Natural essential oils have important uses throughout the history. Cleopatra uses oils to maintain her beauty. Oils have uses in various cultures. In Morocco, women use argan oil as a dip or as hair conditioner. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the oldest practices of using essential oils for improving overall wellness.

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    Natural essential oils have therapeutic effects that can substitute many commercial products today. You can use oils to condition hair instead of normal conditioners. Castor oil is a perfect example of a natural alternative to mainstream products. The oil is effective in aiding digestion. It works as a natural oil cleanser that removes dirt from deep within the pores. You can apply oil to lashes and brows to make them longer. Castor oil even gets rid of acne and pimples! There are a lot of uses for only one product that is very cheap. Visit the page below to find out other uses of castor oil.

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    The various uses of natural essential oils make them worth your money. All you need is the right information on how to use them properly.

    Various Ways of Using Natural Essential Oils

    Depending on what you are using the oils for, there are proper methods of applying them. You can get the best results if you use them in the right way. Here are the various ways that you can use natural essential oils.


    In aromatherapy, the strength of an oil’s scent is important. For relaxation, gentle scents are better. To deodorize a room, you should use oils that can spread its fragrance fast. Try the various methods of using essential oils to get their benefits:

    • Diffuse the oil using different instruments such as diffuser, humidifier, or candle burner. It works for relaxation, reducing insomnia, and deodorizing the room.
    • Directly apply oil to pulse points including the base of your neck, your temples and in your wrists. Use it to soothe headache, dizziness, nausea, or to lift your mood.
    • Use on feet and chest to help with sleep.
    • Put a few drops of oil in bath water to increase the relaxing sensation of bathing.
    • Mix essential oils with massage oil to help your body relax better.
    • Mix with water and spray to linens for a refreshing smell.
    • Get rid of insects and bugs by spraying oils directly to affected areas of a room.
    • Repel insects by creating a natural bug spray.
    • Use as deodorant or as breathe freshener by mixing with water and spraying on underarms or mouth.

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    Topical Application

    Topical application delivers the nourishing compounds of natural essential oils directly to the affected area. Here are the common topical uses of natural essential oils:

    • Add to skin and hair care products such as lotions, creams, shampoos, and moisturizers.
    • Use as cleanser for the face.
    • Apply as moisturizer, treatment oil, anti-aging oil, or as natural remedy skin and scalp concerns.
    • Use in hot or cold compress before putting on affected area.
    • Spray to hair as conditioning or styling agent.
    • Mix with other organic ingredients to make a scrub.
    • Apply directly to skin to soothe muscles and joints.

    Essential oils are great alternatives that can help you change your skin care routine to adapt a natural approach. Discover other uses of essential oils for skin in this page.


    Ingesting essential oils are effective in getting the necessary nourishment that your body needs. You don’t have to drink them directly. Thick oils are hard to swallow so you can do these methods instead:

    • Mix with food or beverage to mask the taste and smell.
    • Put in organic capsules for better ingestion.
    • Put the oil directly under your tongue for better absorption.

    The uses of natural oils abound in many different ways. Use it as a stand-alone oil or mix it with another essential oil to create a combination of oil that has various therapeutic effects. Find the best oil that can improve the health of your body and mind. Learn how to choose and use various essential oils with these tips to get wonderful results.

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