Derived from all natural resources, natural essential oils come from plants, trees, roots, and other plant parts. It does not contain additives, fillers and other compounds that can dilute it and make it less potent. Natural oils, according to several essential oils guide, make better oils than synthetic oils and chemically extracted oils. They have many purposes and uses for aromatherapy, massage therapy and more.

    Shiny Leaf - Natural OilsNatural Essential Oils Uses in Massage Therapy

    One of the most common uses of essential oils is in massage therapy. Oils add a relaxing feel when massaged onto skin. The smell of some oils like rose absolute oil and lavender oils both evoke a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Massaging it on the entire body could easily make a person feel less stressed. Help loosen up tired and tight muscles with pomegranate seed oil. Castor Oil is also a multipurpose oil that may help relieve muscle spasms and tightness in joints when applied on the skin.

    Natural Essential Oils Uses in Aromatherapy

    Oils that come from natural sources are very aromatic and can sometimes produce a strong smell that can be smelt from a few distances away. Their pleasant aroma can make the surrounding area feel fresh and clean. Use natural essential oils as chemical free air fresheners to make your surroundings smell nice. Unlike chemically made air fresheners, essential oils keep as room smelling fresh longer.  Rose absolute oil has an aroma that can help calm down and relax the senses. Other oils can be used to help a person focus especially if he has so many tasks that he needs to do.

    Shiny Leaf - Natural Oils

    Natural Essential Oils Uses in Healing Different Skin Conditions

    Essential oils may help provide moisture to skin and hair. Use Rose Absolute oil, for example, to help skin feel soft and smooth. It goes deep into the different layers of the skin to hydrate skin from within. Castor oil may help in making hair grow faster and stronger. This essential oil has properties that may help make eyelashes look thicker and fuller.

    The uses of natural oils abound in many different ways. Use it as a stand-alone oil or mix it with another essential oil to create a combination of oil that has different therapeutic uses from the original oils. Some especially strong essential oils require mixing with carrier oils before applying on the body.

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