The term “pure essential oils” seem to be on every oil manufacturer’s labels and advertisements. It can be confusing to especially for first-time oil buyers. To ensure that you will not be confused with some of the terms that you find on the different oil labels, here are some simple tips from the Essential Oils Guide that can help determine if the oil that you are buying are pure oils.

    Shiny Leaf - Pure Oils

    Pure Essential Oils Indicator: The Container

    Pure Essential oils need to be stored in glass containers, not plastic ones. The oils’ highly potent chemical composition may react and break down when stored in plastic containers. The plastic container’s own chemical composition may also alter or affect the oil’s contents. Glass containers, on the other hand, will not likely affect the potency and effectiveness of the oil.

    Another thing you need to check is the color of the container. It has to be amber or darker. Some bottles are colored a dark shade of blue. The reason behind using dark colored bottles is that it protects the pure essential oils from ultraviolet rays. The sun’s rays can affect the potency of the oil.

    Shiny Leaf pure essential oils come in dark amber glass bottles. It also comes with a high-quality glass dropper for easier transfer and use. Each bottle has a tamper free seal to ensure that the product you bought is pure. These simple packaging indicators assure you that you are getting quality products.

    Pure Essential Oils Indicator: The Oil Itself

    If you are given the chance to inspect the product, look closely at the oil itself. Check it for smell, feel and appearance. Some oils have yellowish to amber coloring. If it is not possible to inspect the product, do your research online to see what other people are saying about the oil’s appearance.

    Essential oils generally have an earthy and sometimes aromatic smell. Some people say that some oils are so aromatic that they can smell it from across the room. The flow of the oil is also a great indicator of its authenticity. Essential oils normally absorb well into the skin and they don’t feel greasy.

    Shiny Leaf essential oils are made of 100% pure plant oils. When you open a bottle of Rose Absolute Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil or Castor Oil you will know that you have good quality oil from the smells that they emit alone. The oils absorb easily into the skin and won’t leave any sticky residue behind.

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