Topical oils are any kind of oil that you apply to different parts of the body via rubbing, stroking, kneading or massaging. These oils may also be mixed with other beauty products such as creams, gels, lotions, foams or ointment. Most essential oils fall under the topical oil classification especially if they provide benefits in massage therapy and similar practices. Refer to the Shiny Leaf Essential Oils Guide below for more amazing facts about these amazing oils!

    Uses of Topical Oils

    How the oils will apply in topical uses will vary from one oil type to the other. Some oils do not require dilution while others need mixes with carrier oil before they can be safe for application on your skin. Other common uses of topical oils are as follows:

    Add it to warm baths – add topical oils such as Rose absolute oil to a warm bath water for a relaxing feel. You may also try combining essential oils, bath salts, and milk together for a pleasurable bathing experience. These ingredients can make the skin smooth and supple. It may also provide relaxing benefits that may uplift the mood of the person bathing in this luxurious bath.Shiny Leaf - Topical Oils

    Mix it with your favorite creams – add topical oils in creams to get the benefit of both the oil and the cream on your skin. This solution is thicker than water and contains moisturizing properties. Some creams may help whiten the skin and make it a pimple free.

    Add a few drops of oil on lotions – add a fragrant skin oil such as Rose Absolute oil in an unscented lotion to give your skin the smell of fresh roses. Shake the mixture of lotion and oil before using it on the skin. Massage it on the driest parts of the body and get favorable results.

    Mix it with shampoos and conditioners – Adding a hair oil to your shampoo and conditioner can give your hair the bounce and vibrancy that it is missing. The fragrance of some essential oils can also make your hair smell fresh and clean all day.

    Use it in a relaxing massage – use topical essential oils in massage therapy to get relief from tired muscles and pains. Massage therapists sometimes add a slight force or weight to t their massage process to help get rid of knotted muscles.

    Shiny Leaf - Topical Oils

    Use it in place of ointments – An ointment has a thicker consistency than creams and serums. It can be used to help heal cuts, wounds, burns and other breaks on the skin. Ointments serve as protective barriers for the skin and sometimes keep it from becoming infected. Use oils in place of ointments or mix them with ointments for added protection.

    Diluting Topical Oils

    Some oils are very potent and can cause irritation on the skin. This is why it is important to make sure that you dilute these types of essential oils with carrier oils or water. Some examples of oils that require dilution before use are cinnamon, clove, and thyme. Dilute them with carrier oils such as coconut oil or sweet almond oil.

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