The right tools and the right kind of products can give your great looking hair in a flash. The right kind of hair care products are those that are made specifically for your hair type. If you have fine straight hair, for example, products that add volume are ideal. If your hair is thick and kinky, your best bets are products that are made specifically for enhancing these curls. Look through the hair care guide for other information on different types of hair and hair products.

    Shiny Leaf - Hair Care Products

    Hair Care Products That Every Hair Needs

    While there are hair products that work for specific hair types, there are products that everyone, no matter what hair texture they have, will always need. Here are a few of them.

    A good shampoo – It does not matter if the shampoo is a drugstore find or an extremely expensive shampoo from a specialty store. You should buy it for as long as it works on your hair. Buy a shampoo that matches your hair type to get the best hair care.

    A deep conditioner – Deep conditioners, unlike regular conditioners, are used less often. You only apply these to your hair once or twice a week. These kinds of conditioners have more concentrated ingredients. They are richer and thicker than regular conditioners. Repair hair, condition and make them soft and smooth with deep conditioners at least once a week. Deep conditioners can come in cream or oil form. Use Shiny Leaf Castor Oil as a deep conditioner to add shine and vibrancy to your hair.

    A heat-protection spray – High heat from hand-held dryers and flat irons can make hair look fabulous after a blow dry or flat ironing but the long-term effects of too much heat are not as favorable. Use an effective heat –protection spray on your hair to protect your hair from too much heat. The silicone in the spray coats hair to keep it from being burned.

    A good brush – find a rubber paddle brush that’s made of smooth bristles with its ends covered in tiny ball cushions. These brushes are better than metal brushes that get heated up too fast when used under the hair dryer.

    Shiny Leaf - Hair Care Products

    Hair Care Products for Specific Hair Types

    Different types of hair require hair care products that target the various kinds of hair issues. Here are some of the best hair care products for specific types of hair and hair issues:

    1. A shampoo that helps add volume to hair – Make your hair look thicker and more voluminous with a volumizing shampoo. The ingredients in a volumizing shampoo boost hair to give it more body.
    2. Dry Shampoo – For days when showering is not an option, use a dry shampoo is a good thing to have. Dry Shampoo helps make hair clean and less oily. It refreshes tired hair even without a bath.
    3. A shampoo that enhances curls – curly hair can easily become dry and frizzy. You can tame wild hair and make it more manageable with a good curl enhancing shampoo.
    4. A shampoo for color treated hair – color treated hair are more vulnerable to breakage. This is because they have been through a chemical treatment process that adds color to hair. Use a good shampoo made specifically for color-treated hair to protect hair from breakage and make it stronger.

    Your hair is your crowning glory. Take good care of it by using only the appropriate hair care products and tools. Use this guide to help you find the right hair care products for your hair.

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