Caring for your hair isn’t just about using a good shampoo or getting a great haircut. There’s more to hair care than that. Great hair starts with a good hair care routine that includes, among others, deep conditioning treatments and the right hair products. These easy hair care tips will take you through some great ideas on how to keep hair soft and smooth.

    These simple hair tips are easy to follow. There’s no need for special tools or expensive hair products in order to get great hair. These tips may help you achieve healthy hair with continued use.  Find other hair care tips in the Shiny Leaf Hair Care Guide.

    Shiny Leaf - Hair Care Tips

    Hair Care Tips for Oily Hair

    Oily hair happens when the scalp produces more oil than the hair can handle. This zaps the bounce and movement away from hair. One of the best hair care tips to bring back the vibrancy of your hair is to use products that can help slow down the production of sebum. Pomegranate Seed Oil may help balance the scalp’s natural pH levels, which may neutralize excessive oil production.

    Another way to manage of oily hair is to get rid of buildup monthly. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove extra buildup caused by hair products such as hairsprays, gels and hair wax. Buildup makes shampoos and other hair care products less effective at cleaning hair. A clarifying shampoo may aid in breaking down these build-ups and help your favorite hair care products work better at cleaning hair and removing excess oils.

    Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

    Use Pomegranate Seed Oil to provide benefits in moisturizing and treating dry and frizzy hair. Apply it from roots to tips to help bring moisture back to dry hair. The vitamin C in Pomegranate Seed Oil may provide nourishment to hair to help it grow healthy and strong. You can also use hair serums to keep hair from becoming frizzy.

    Once a week, apply a hair treatment such as hot oil treatment or deep conditioning treatment. Use a conditioner regularly. Focus on conditioning the ends rather than the roots, as these portions of hair need the moisture the most.

    In the summer, the heat can make hair dry and frizzy. Tame unruly hair with a hair serum or a leave in conditioner as needed. Take time to condition hair by letting the conditioner sit in hair a moment longer. This helps the hair absorb as much moisture as it can.

    Shiny Leaf - Hair Care Tips

    Hair Care Tips for Thinning Hair

    Thinning hair can affect both men and women. Using Castor Oil may help make hair thicker. Apply it on the scalp in a relaxing head massage. Castor oil may help stimulate hair follicles into growing stronger and thicker hair.

    Brush hair carefully using a wide toothed comb. Comb hair gently. Pulling and tugging at hair can make it break easily. If hair is hard to comb through, use a detangling spray or an essential oil to help the comb glide smoothly.

    Avoid using hair ties and hair ornaments that tie the hair up too tightly. These can cause hair to break. Eat food rich in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. These may help make hair grow stronger and longer.

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