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With Natural Ingredients
With Natural Ingredients
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Small and Easy To Swallow
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Digests Fast

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ActivHair Advanced Formula
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ActivHair with Biotin for Hair Growth

ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement with Biotin for Hair Growth

Thicker, more luscious hair looks good on you. Pop a couple of these vegetarian capsules a day to help boost your hair growth and stop signs of hair loss. This biotin-infused food supplement contains powerful DHT-blocking ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Bark, and Green Tea Leaf.

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ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement with Biotin for Hair Growth DescriptionDescription

Grow your tresses to an enviable thickness and volume with ActivHair Advanced Formula Supplement by Shiny Leaf Wellness. It contains natural anti-hair loss ingredients and hair growth enhancers that stimulate the follicles.

Each capsule is 100% vegetarian, easy to swallow, and easily digests in the stomach. ActivHair is packed with hair-loving vitamins and plant extracts to help keep your scalp comfy.

This dietary supplement is great for men and women who wish to thicken their locks and stop signs of hair loss including: hair shedding, receding hair line, and weaker strands.

ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement with Biotin for Hair Growth BenefitsBenefits

  • Revitalizes hair and scalp to encourage hair growth and regrowth
  • Increases the vitality and strength of hair follicles
  • Reduces hair fall and breakage and protects strands from damage
  • Supports and improves prostate health among male users
  • Prevents DHT sensitivity, a primary cause of hair loss for men and women

ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement with Biotin for Hair Growth What's InsideWhat's Inside

ActivHair Ingredients

Saw Palmetto - a natural treatment that helps stabilize testosterone levels to slow down the hair loss process and help with symptoms of enlarged prostate

Stinging Nettle Root Extract - a natural remedy for hair loss, which helps to reduce scalp inflammation and block DHT topically and internally

Pygeum Bark Powder - extract from the bark of the African plum tree known for its anti-hair loss properties

Horsetail Extract - contains silica and other minerals essential for giving hair strength, vitality, and shine

Vitamin A - helps the scalp produce a healthy sebum to nourish and protect the hair follicles

Biotin - also known as vitamin B7, it helps maintain elasticity of hair to reduce breakage, minimize damage, while boosting hair growth

See full list of ingredients

Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene), Vitamin B7 (Biotin), Zinc (as Oxide), Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto) Berry Powder, Urtica dioica (Stinging Nettle) Root Extract, Beta Sitosterol, Polygonum multiflorum (Fo-Ti) Root Powder, Prunus Africana (Pygeum) Bark Powder, Horsetail Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Vegetable Cellulose Capsule, Microcrystalline Cellulose

ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement with Biotin for Hair Growth How To UseHow To Use

Achieve your mile-long hair goals with the help of our ActivHair Supplement. Take 2 capsules with food daily, ideally after breakfast and before going to bed.

Activhair should be taken for at least 90 days to see significant growth of hair and reduction of hair loss.

This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For internal supplementation only.

For best results, use in combination with the DHT Blocker Shampoo and Conditioner Set for your regular hair care routine.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement with Biotin for Hair Growth FAQsFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Is it a pill, capsule, or tablet?

ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement comes in a capsule form. The capsule itself is 100% vegetarian made with vegetable cellulose capsule, which the stomach can easily digest.

How big are the capsules?

Each capsule is less than an inch so it’s very small and easy to swallow.

Will Shiny Leaf ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement work for me?

Yes, it will work for you – both men and women with hair loss problems – characterized by hair thinning and shedding. ActivHair is filled with natural ingredients found to be effective for preventing hair loss and helping to stimulate growth and regrowth of new hair.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Some results may be seen as early as 3 months with twice a day use. But results may vary depending on your personal hair care routine and exposure damaging factors such as chemical-based treatment products and heat-styling tools.

How will I know new hair is growing?

You will see growth of fine, soft hair that increase in thickness and volume with continued use. Hair feels thicker and fuller.

How long do I have to use it?

Take ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement daily with food, ideally one capsule after breakfast and another one before going to bed. To ensure hair growth, use it continuously for at least one year. If you are prone to DHT sensitivity, use it regularly for years to prevent hair loss.

What if I discontinue use after growing back my hair?

If you stop taking the supplement, majority of your hair will continue growing in its natural genetic trend. Hereditary type of hair loss is preconditioned to produce smaller and shorter hair strands which may appear as thinning hair. Since it is hereditary, if you discontinue use, hair loss will remain. ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement will help you regrow thicker and longer hair. You will maintain healthy hair growth when used regularly.

When is the best time to take ActivHair?

The best time to take ActivHair is after meals. You need to take 2 capsules daily, one in the morning after breakfast and one in the evening after dinner or before going to bed.

Will it work faster or better if I take more than twice a day?

No. Taking ActivHair more than twice a day will not speed up hair growth. It is best to follow the recommended dosage for best results.

What kind of Shampoo should I use with it?

Use a mild shampoo. We recommend Shiny Leaf DHT Blocker Shampoo and Conditioner for maximum results. These hair care products are made with natural ingredients scientifically known to help with hair loss. They are also paraben-free, sulfate-free, and silicone-free so your hair stays strong and healthy as it grows thicker and longer.

Does it cause unwanted hair growth?

There are rare cases that hair growth supplements cause unwanted hair growth on areas like the face and other body parts.

Can you use this product with other products such as Minoxidil or biotin shampoo?

Yes. You may take the capsules while using other hair growth products like Minoxidil or biotin shampoo. The supplement itself contains biotin. But, if you prefer to use a biotin shampoo with it, we recommend Shiny Leaf Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner for best results.

Will this help grow longer thicker hair?

Yes. The ActivHair Supplement is enriched with biotin, a hair growth vitamin also known as vitamin B7. This vitamin is medically found to help boost hair growth and used as treatment for thinning hair.

Can I have my hair colored, permed or relaxed while using it?

If you have just seen soft hair starting to grow, we advise to avoid any chemical processing done to your hair. The chemicals used in these hair treatments are usually very damaging to the hair shaft, the follicles, and even the scalp. We recommend to let your hair grow thicker and stronger before having any chemical-based hair treatment.

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ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement with Biotin for Hair Growth

ActivHair DHT Blocker Supplement with Biotin for Hair Growth

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