Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil 1oz
Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil 1oz USDA and EcoCert
Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil 1oz 3 sides
Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Benefits
Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil
Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil
Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil
Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil
Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil

Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil

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Get silky smooth hair and youthful looking skin with the incredible nourishing properties of Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil.

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Get strong and long hair and radiant, youthful-looking skin with daily use of Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil. The argan oil’s unparalleled moisturizing powers make it an all-natural hair conditioner that you can use every day. It keeps hair color vibrant as it nourishes each strand. This oil is often found in hair loss shampoos like argan oil shampoos.

Shiny Leaf Argan Oil doubles as both a hair care and skin care product. Use this nutrient rich oil to give your skin the nourishment it needs to stay healthy, supple, and smooth. This natural skin care product absorbs quickly and targets dry, damaged skin directly to keep your complexion soft and blemish free. With continued use, you get beautiful, youthful-looking skin that glows.



Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil has incredible hair and skin nourishing abilities that helps simplify your beauty routine. Use the oil daily for best results. Other benefits of this remarkable oil include:

• Use on nails to encourage healthy nail growth. No broken, brittle nails with daily use of this rich oil.
• Use as a natural day and night moisturizer to keep skin moisturized. Can you say "ta-tah" fine lines and wrinkles?
• Keep hair frizz and split end free with the essential hair nutrients found in every drop of this moisture-rich oil.
• Give hair that brilliant shine no matter what hair color you are sporting.
• Use argan oil for hair by adding it to your regular shampoo and conditioner.

Directions to Use


Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil is safe to use for all skin and hair types. It can also be used in your face care routine in place of chemical based products.

To use on hair and scalp:
1. Place a few drops of oil on your palms and rub palms together to warm the oil.
2. Massage on hair and scalp. There’s no need to wash the oil after application.
3. You can also mix the oil with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

To use on skin:
1. Gently apply the oil on clean face and neckline using the lightest of touch.
2. Avoid rubbing skin forcefully especially around the eye area.
3. Use oil to massage the body using a gentle circular motion.


100% Organic Argan Oil (Argania spinosa)

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the argan oil’s color?

The Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Organic Argan Oil has a very pale yellow, almost clear color.

How does it smell?

It smells earthy and nutty but not overpowering. Shiny Leaf Argan Oil comes from the seeds of the Argan Trees and is cold pressed so you can be sure you are getting a pure and premium product.

Does it help with hair loss?

Argan Oil contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that keep hair healthy and strong. With consistent use, proper hair care, and a diet rich in protein, you can have better hair growth and strands that are more resilient against breakage and hair loss.

Does it come in a glass bottle?

Yes, it does. The Shiny Leaf 4 oz. Argan Oil comes in an amber colored glass bottle and a pump top for easy dispensing while the 1 oz. glass bottle comes with a glass dropper.

Can I apply it on scalp?

Yes, you can apply argan oil on scalp. Shiny Leaf Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It helps soothe your scalp to prevent hair loss. You should wash it off with cold water or shampoo after application.

Can I use it as leave-in conditioner?

Yes. Argan oil has great moisturizing properties. It conditions your hair so it stays smooth and soft all day long. The oil makes your hair more manageable too!

Can I apply the oil on skin?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Argan Oil helps moisturize your skin and prevents dryness. It absorbs quickly onto skin. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants that can fight free radicals and slow down skin aging.

Does the oil leave residue on skin?

No. The oil absorbs quickly into your skin and does not leave residue behind. You should leave the oil on skin for a few minutes. It allows the oil to absorb deeper on your skin.

Will the oil make my hair smell nutty?

No. Shiny Leaf Argan Oil has a mild nutty and earthy scent, but it does not make your hair smell. The smell goes away a few minutes after application.

Does it come with a glass dropper?

Yes, our Shiny Leaf Argan Oil comes with a glass dropper for ease of use. You can use the dropper for mess-free application.

Can I mix the oil in shampoos?

Yes, absolutely. Argan oil improves the nourishing properties of shampoos. You can mix it with our Argan Oil Shampoo or any other shampoo in our collection for best results.

Does the oil feel heavy on hair?

No. Argan oil has a thick consistency, but it absorbs quickly into hair. It does not make your hair feel heavy at all. You should only use a small amount of oil to moisturize your hair.

Can I use it to treat damaged hair?

Yes. Argan oil is rich in moisture and nutrients that helps make your hair softer and smoother. It repairs damaged strands as well. The oil strenghtens the strands to reduce breakage and hair damage.

When is the best time to apply the oil on skin? 

You can apply the oil any time of the day if your skin needs much-needed moisture. For best results, use the oil to moisturize your skin at night after bath. It helps condition your skin to prevent dryness.

Will this irritate my skin?

No. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is pure and does not contain additives that can irritate skin. The oil is very gentle on all skin types, even on sensitive skin. However, you might experience allergic reactions if you have nut allergy. You should also apply the oil properly to prevent irritation.

Where is it made?

In USA. All Shiny Leaf products are made and bottled in USA. This allows us to monitor the products' freshness and quality. It also prevents oil from oxidizing fast. We also package the products here at USA.

Is it refined?

No. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is pure cold-pressed oil. We do use chemicals or refine the oil in any way. This allows the oil to retain all its nourishing properties. Using fillers can cause skin irritation and other allergic reactions.

Can I apply it on my lips?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help plump up your lips. It helps prevent dryness and chapping as well. You can apply the oil directly on lips after shower. This will help hydrate the skin and keep it soft all day long.

Can I add it to food?

No. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is only recommended for topical application, There are two types of argan oil - cosmetic argan oil and culinary argan oil. Shiny Leaf Argan Oil is for cosmetic purposes. It does not have the strong nutty flavor of culinary oil.

Does it mix well with primers?

Yes. Argan oil has a light consistency and mixes well with your primer. You can even add it to liquid foundation. It makes skin smoother and helps the product glide over skin easily. Mixing the oil helps give your skin full coverage and prevents makeup from being cakey all throughout the day.

Does this oil contain fillers or solvent?

No. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is pure cold-pressed oil. It does not contain harmful chemicals or fillers that can dillute the oil. Cold-pressing argan oil also helps retain all its nutrients and essential fatty acids. Extracting the oils using solvent can remove nourishing compounds.

Is the oil cold-pressed?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is cold-pressed. This means that there are no heat involved when extracting the oil. Using heat can remove most of the oil's nutrients and essential fatty acids. Nourishing compounds are extremely volatile as well, meaning that they evaporate easily when exposed to heat.

How many drops should I use?

It depends on where you will use the oil and what for. To moisturize hair, we recommend using 5-10 drops. This is enough to cover entire hair. You can use more if you have longer hair. To moisturize face, 2-3 drops is enough.

Will this help make my hair fuller?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil helps make your hair smoother and fuller. It prevents frizziness while increasing hair's volume. The oil traps the moisture within the strands, which makes then thicker. This gives your hair thicker appearance.

Is this a hair treatment?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Argan Oil is full of essential fatty acids that help hydrate your hair from roots to tips. It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients as well. The oil helps improve your hair's ability to stay healthy and resilient. You can also use it to make strands grow thicker and longer.

Can I use it to moisturize dry and cracked heels?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is versatile and works in various ways. Due to its highly moisturizing and nourishing properties, it is the perfect product you can use on skin. It helps soften dry heels to prevent cracking and bleeding. The oil fortifies your skin's natural barrier as well to prevent dryness and damage.

Does it contain other oils?

No. This product is made of pure 100% organic argan oil. This does not contain other oils or fillers that can dilute the oil or its effects. We made sure to create pure organic argan oil to help users get stronger hair and softer skin.

Can I use it instead of my moisturizer?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is highly moisturizing and absorbs well into skin. It works for all skin types even sensitive skin. You can use it as a moisturizer. It helps your skin retain moisture all day long to prevent dryness. Argan Oil is rich in antioxidants that help prevent skin aging too.

Can I use it on my beard?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil moisturizes and nourishes hair. It also makes the strands softer and smoother, making your beard more manageable. This is a great product to use especially if you have itchy skin because of facial hair. It reduces the itchiness and irritation caused by beard.

Is it cruelty-free?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is cruelty-free. It does not contain ingredients derived from animals. The oil is not tested on animals as well. Shiny Leaf cares about the environment and quality of life for the animals.

Will this help improve my skin tone?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil has high amounts of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. These nutrients help make your skin softer, smoother, and brighter. Argan oil makes your skin appear more radiant and gives it an even skin tone.

Can this prevent hair loss?

Yes. Hair loss happens when the follicles shrink. Hair roots are cut off from the source of nourishment. This leads to hair fall. These follicles might not grow another strand again. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil can be used as a hair treatment. It stimulates the scalp to improve blood circulation. This ensures that the follicles are wide open and healthy. It delivers essential fatty acids and various nutrients that improve the growth of strands as well. 

Can I apply it on my face as moisturizer?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids. What's great about this oil is that it has the same properties as the natural oil produced by skin. This allows your skin to absorb the oil quickly and deeply. It doesn't clog up the pores. Argan oil also retains moisture on skin so it stays moisturized all day long.

Does it help prevent acne?

Yes. Once of the main factors why acne happens is the overproduction of oil on skin. Argan oil helps regulate sebum production. This prevents oil from clogging the pores. Using argan oil as moisturizer regularly can help reduce acne and prevent breakouts.

Will this soothe chapped lips?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help moisturize your lips. It has anti-inflammatory property that can soothe chapped lips. The oil coats your lips in moisture and helps strengthen the thin barrier that prevents chapping. You can use the oil any time of the day so your lips stay supple and soft too.

Can I apply it on my eyebrows?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Argan Oil also works for eyebrows and eyelashes. It can strengthen the strands to prevent breakage. Strands of brows can break when they become brittle after using too drying formulas such as cleansers and brow gels. Argan Oil helps moisturize the strands to improve their resilience. It also works as a primer that coats the strands in moisture to protect them from the drying effects of brow gels.

My eyelashes break often when I use mascaras. Can this make my lashes stronger?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil moisturizes individual strands so it stays thick and resilient. The oil protects the strands from brittleness as well. Using mascaras every day can make your eyelashes dry, which leaves the strands prone to breakage. You can apply argan oil on eyelashes as primer to protect the strands from dryness caused by mascaras and cleansers.

Can I use it for oil cleansing?

Yes, you can. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is extremely moisturizing. It is not as thick as other oils, but argan oil still helps draw out impurities from the pores. Argan oil is also rich in antioxidants, which help prevent signs of skin aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Is the oil easy to wash off from hair?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil absorbs into hair fast. It leaves your hair softer and smoother. The oil does not leave any sticky residue. You can wash it off easily and pat hair dry. Using the oil makes it easier to manage and style hair.

When does the oil expire?

Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil has a long shelf life. Pure cold-pressed argan oil can take 2 years before it expires. However, it is important to store them properly to prevent the oils from going bad. If you transfer the oil to another container, choose an amber-glass bottle as well. This prevents oxidation when the oil is exposed to sunlight.

Can I leave it on my face overnight?

Yes. The oil has benefits for your skin and does not leave any residue. You can use Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil as a moisturizer and anti-aging treatment at once. Apply it lightly on face and leave it overnight. The oil absorbs quick into skin, leaving it softer and suppler.

I have dread locks. Can I use it to moisturize my dreads?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil is rich in moisture that helps moisturize the strands so they don’t become too dry or brittle. They also retain your hair’s shine. The oil makes your hair softer and more manageable when you take out the dreadlocks.

Does this oil smell good?

Yes. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil has a subtle nutty scent that is not overpowering. In fact, the scent goes away a few minutes after application. The nutty scent may not smell appealing for other people. You can mix a few drops of mild essential oil to give it an appealing scent.

Can I use this to lighten underarms?

Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil moisturizes and nourishes skin. However, it cannot be used to lighten underarms. It might help improve your skin’s texture so your underarms become smoother. The oil is perfect for those who have chicken skin, or underarms with rough-feeling bumps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews Write a review

The Best

I buy only organic products for use on my skin. Shiny Leaf's Argan Oil is my preferred carrier oil for all of my essential oil mixtures. I like the customer service, the volume of product I receive and the speed at which I get my product.

I started using argan oil a few years ago

I started using argan oil a few years ago and I paying a much more. This a a lot of argan oil for the price. Yes, it does smell and you pump but it goes away right away, you will not stink. I do feel it is a little heavier to the touch. I use it as a face moisturizer and my hair.

Five Stars

Have been using for 3 years. Lovely Argan oil, keeps my skin looking young. Definately worth buying.

Four Stars

like the pump. non-greasy; light weight; great for my hair and skin

Will see if it helps

Pleasant smell. Will see if Castor oil is better than Argan oil for hair health.

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