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Argan Oil Shampoo

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Product Description

Your hair is your crowning glory. It is one of the first things that people see when they meet you. A great looking and neatly styled hair ensure a great first impression.

To keep hair beautiful and easy to style it should be healthy and manageable. You need a shampoo that cleans your hair while keeping it soft and smooth so it easily follows your every move. The one shampoo that can do all this is the Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Shampoo.

Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Shampoo is the answer to your hair cleaning needs. It removes the dirt and grime that has accumulated on your hair throughout the day. Dirt can take the shine out of your hair and make hair look dull. It can also cause hair to become dry and flaky.

Want long, lustrous hair?

Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Shampoo contains Argan Oil, Sunflower oil and other ingredients that help keep hair’s natural beauty and protect it from further damage. It contains hair-nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E that helps give hair that satin, smooth finish.

Look your best and feel clean all day with the Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Shampoo.

Buy the Argan Oil Shampoo to get that healthy, shiny, and flip-worthy hair.



Get the most out of the Shiny Leaf Healthy Hair Argan Oil Shampoo by using it with Shiny Leaf Moisturizing Argan Oil Conditioner and Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil.

  1. Massage the Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Shampoo gently into your hair and scalp.
  2. Use enough shampoo to cover your hair fully from scalp to ends.
  3. Leave shampoo on hair for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Rinse off with water.
  5. Repeat as needed.


Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Shampoo has many benefits in hair that no other shampoo provides. Some of its known benefits include:

  • Argan Oil Shampoo provides benefits in keeping hair soft and manageable.
  • It promotes healthy hair growth.
  • It prevents further dryness and damage to hair by keeping it moisturized.
  • The shampoo is made with premium, high-quality ingredients.
  • Refreshing scent keeps hair smelling fresh and clean.
  • It is safe for all hair types and hair color.

Reviews (171)

  • 5 out of 5

    Tracy Haines

    October 16, 2017 - 3:01 am

    Saved my hair!!

    This shampoo is amazing! I will be honest, it took about a month before I actually fell in love with it but here’s why. I bought it because I was pulling huge handfuls of hair out every time I took a shower. It was getting so bad I could see my scalp and tell that my hair was thinning to the point I was starting to panic! Within a week of using this shampoo the amount of hair, I would pull out of my head in the shower was reduced significantly. However, I didn’t like how dry my hair seemed to be. I decided to keep using it because the hair loss was way more of a concern to me than having dry hair. Fast forward a month and a half and my hair are actually super soft and shiny! It’s no longer dry at all! I think it just took some time for it to actually improve the health of my hair and one of the best parts….my scalp is no longer as oily as it was before I started using this shampoo. I had to wash my hair every day and could not even attempt to go longer or my hair was a grease pit! Now….I can actually go two days between shampoos. Not only did this stop my hair from falling out but it improved the quality and health of my hair and the helped the oil production on my scalp. Win Win!!!

  • 5 out of 5


    October 8, 2017 - 11:18 pm

    Smells great. Seems to help.

    Love it. Smells great. I think my hair is healthier, but difficult to attribute purely to shampoo because I’m also taking MaxiHair vitamins. Seems to help though. Certainly, isn’t hurting. I’ve been using this a little over a month and it’s my favorite of any shampoo. Plus, it’s vegan!

  • 5 out of 5


    October 2, 2017 - 5:16 am

    Five Stars

    It’s my favorite shampoo! My hair is so silky and smooth after use that!

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