There is no substitute for clean, radiant skin. There’s nothing quite like feeling fresh and looking amazing even without makeup. To get glowing skin, you will need to find skin care products that will compliment your skin type and needs. The best skin care products can come from just about anywhere from drugstore finds to specialty products that you can only buy online. Find out more about great skin care tips from the Skin Care Guide and learn more about what it takes to get soft and smooth skin.Shiny Leaf - Products

    Basic Skin Care Products

    Skin care starts with a great skin care routine. A great routine will not be effective without skin care products that suit your skin type. Here you’ll find some of the most basic skin care products that you need to have.

    Facial Wash

    Facial washes are products that may help remove impurities, dirt, and oil from your skin. They come in the form of a gel, cream or foam. The best ones are not necessarily the most expensive ones. There are facial washes you can buy for less than $5. Avoid using bar soap to wash your face as these may contain ingredients that can dry your skin.


    After a good wash, you’ll need to moisturize your skin to keep it supple and smooth. A moisturizer that is perfect for your skin type will aid in keeping moisture locked in so that your skin will not look dry. If your skin feels oily, you might need to find an oil-free moisturizer that will hydrate your skin but will not add oil. Water-soluble moisturizers are your best bets for oily skin. Dry skin will benefit from using essential oils and cream based moisturizers.


    A toner is a skin care products that may help shrink pores and balances your skin’s pH levels. They also refresh skin and may aid preventing ingrown hairs from occurring. A toner usually contains alpha hydroxy acids that may help keep skin smooth.

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    Other Important Skin Care Products

    The three products above will take care of your basic skin care routine. Here you’ll find products that will help maintain your radiant skin beyond these basic skin care products. You will need these specialized skin care products if you have any skin conditions that basic products cannot handle.

    Retinol Cream

    Retinol is a type of vitamin A that helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Applying them to the fine lines on your face may help make them look less obvious. Many beauty products and moisturizers contain retinol as one of their active ingredients. Use retinol cream while you are still young and reap its benefits as you age.

    Eye Cream

    As people age, the skin’s elasticity becomes weakened. Laugh lines and crow’s feet sometimes appear in the eye and cheek area because of this. An eye cream may help reduce the appearance of fine lines around the delicate eye area. Eye creams are gentler and formulated especially for the thin area around the eyes. They usually do not have fragrance or chemicals that can irritate the delicate eye area. Just like retinol cream, you’re never too young to use an eye cream. Use it nightly while you sleep.

    A good skin care routine starts with great skincare products. Buy only the best products that are perfect for your skin type.

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