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Top 5 Ingredients That Stimulate Natural Hair Growth

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    You might be looking for ways you can do to make your hair grow faster. Are there any natural remedies you can use? Perhaps there are vitamins you need to take? Are there specific ingredients you need to look for in your haircare products?

    In this blog, we will help answer those questions. First, we will look closely on how the hair grows and then list down the 5 best ingredients for hair growth. You will also get important tips and suggestions that will guide you in your hair growth journey.

    Natural ingredients for better hair growth

    How Does Hair Grow?

    Did you know that you were born with all the hair follicles you’ll ever have? That’s about 100,000 hair follicles right on your scalp. Hair grows from a root at the bottom of every hair follicle under the skin. The blood underneath your scalp flows through the hair follicle to supply oxygen and nutrients to the root, which enable hair to grow.

    Your hair grows thicker and fuller as more hair strands come out as you grow older. Hair pushes through your scalp and passes by an oil gland. Because of the oil from this gland, your hair grows shiny and soft.

    What Ingredients Can Help Your Hair Grow?

    It is true that genetics play a major role in keeping hair thick. However, several factors like the products you use also come into play. Although there is no overnight remedy that will result in instant growth, there are powerful ingredients you can find to help your hair grow faster and thicker.

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera, otherwise known as Aloe barbadensis, is a succulent type of plant with thick and fleshy leaves that are green to grey-green in color. It has a gel-like substance inside of them, which is very much adored in the skincare realm.

    Aloe vera has been used for centuries for its healing properties. It has a cooling and soothing effect when applied to the skin. That’s why it makes a perfect natural remedy used to treat sunburns and skin inflammations.

    Because of its soothing benefits, it is also used to treat dry scalp issues where it was found to stimulate growth of healthy hair. Most users scoop the gel out of leaves cut fresh from a live plant. The gel has a clear color and watery texture that helps hydrate the hair and scalp. Allowing it to penetrate your hair follicles helps condition and treat damaged hair.

    Aloe vera stimulates the scalp and moisturizes hair 

    Other Benefits of Aloe Vera:

    • Calms itchy scalp and irritated skin
    • Promotes healing
    • Leaves the hair soft, smooth, and shiny
    • Strengthens and repairs damaged strands

    Castor Oil

    Castor oil is a vegetable oil taken from the seeds of the Ricinus communis or castor plant. It has a pale-yellow color with a distinct nutty smell. The texture is very thick that’s why most users combine it with lighter oils like coconut oil when used.

    Castor oil has a high concentration of essential fatty acids. This oil is the unique source of ricinoleic acid, which constitutes up to 90% of the oil’s composition. It carries anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that promote healthy skin. When applied to the scalp, castor oil helps stimulate blood circulation that enables faster hair growth.

    The healthy fatty acids of castor oil have similar characteristics to the natural oil produced in the scalp. That’s why the moisture it carries is easily absorbed by the skin. Castor oil delivers other important nutrients such as vitamin E and protein too, making strands stronger and protected against damage.

    Other Benefits of Castor Oil:

    • Treatment for dry hair and split ends
    • Lengthens eyelashes and thickens eyebrows
    • Relieves inflamed skin and flaky scalp
    • Gets rid of stretch marks, acne, and blemishes when applied to skin

    Rosemary Oil

    Rosemary Oil is an aromatic liquid produced from the leaves of Rosmarinus officinalis or rosemary plant; a medicinal plant known for its culinary uses. Rosemary is best known as a food seasoning in various dishes.

    Rosemary oil has been used in traditional medicine for its therapeutic benefits. It is believed to help improve brain function, relieve pain, ease stress, and reduce joint inflammation. Rosemary oil also carries antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which make it a great alternative to chemical preservatives.

    Rosemary oil is considered a natural DHT blocker and can be found in anti-hair loss DHT-blocking shampoos and conditioners. When applied to hair, rosemary oil is believed to help with androgenetic alopecia, a type of hair loss better known as male pattern baldness, though it can affect both men and women.

    Rosemary oil is hailed as one of the 5 best ingredients for hair growth because it helps prevent hair loss while it stimulates better blood circulation. This allows the hair to grow faster, thicker, and fuller.

    Rosemary oil is a natural DHT blocker

    Other Benefits of Rosemary Oil:

    • Relieves stress and anxiety
    • Reduces pain and inflammation
    • Enhances memory and mental alertness
    • Promotes faster healing


    Biotin is also known as vitamin B7, which is one of the B complex vitamins. Its main function is to help the body convert food into energy. It plays an important role in maintaining the health of the skin, hair, and even nails.

    Deficiency in biotin have been associated to hair loss or scaly skin conditions. Biotin is believed to improve the structure of hair and skin. If you are experiencing thinning hair, biotin supplementation may help prevent hair loss and assist in regrowth.

    Biotin is available as the key ingredient in hair products like the Shiny Leaf Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner. This product cleanses the hair and scalp while giving the hair the nourishing benefits of biotin and other great ingredients included in the formula.

    Biotin can also be taken orally as supplements. Increased biotin intake helps stimulate keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of hair growth.

    Other Benefits of Biotin:

    • Thickens hair and improves elasticity for less breakage
    • Strengthens nails
    • Improves skin appearance
    • Keeps the liver and nervous system healthy

    Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is an edible oil made from pressing fresh or dried coconut meat. This hydrating oil is naturally rich in fatty acids, which support heathy hair and skin.

    Coconut meat is the source of coconut oil

    In the food industry, coconut oil is used as a healthier option for a cooking oil. It is believed to offer various health benefits including increasing good cholesterol, controlling blood sugar, and weight loss. It is often preferred by people who wish to boost heart health and manage their weight.

    The best type of coconut oil to use is fractionated coconut oil. Regular coconut oil is usually thick and turns solid at lower temperatures. Fractionated coconut oil does not solidify. It is easily absorbed to the skin and is less likely to clog pores. Because of this, fractionated coconut oil works perfectly for massage, skincare applications, and DIY hair treatments.

    Try mixing 2/3 cup of Shiny Leaf Fractionated Coconut Oil with 1 tablespoon of Shiny Leaf Castor Oil to create a DIY deep conditioning treatment. Coconut oil helps stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth while leaving long-lasting shine and smoothness to hair.

    Other Benefits of Coconut Oil:

    • Facial moisturizer and makeup remover
    • Hydrates hair and scalp for soft smooth hair
    • Great carrier oil for massage aromatherapy
    • Supports heart health and weight loss

    Top 5 Ingredients for Hair Growth Infographic

    Important Tips and Suggestions

    Remember that hair growth is a process and trying to make your hair grow faster won’t yield results overnight. What you need to understand is that a proper haircare routine combined with the right products makes a bigger possibility for success.

    So, if you’re ready to incorporate these 5 best ingredients for hair growth in your hair care routine, take these important tips to help you begin your hair growth journey on the right track.

    Natural hair treatment for hair growth

    1. Use ingredients as they are. You can use these ingredients in their natural and pure forms without alterations. Apply aloe vera gel, coconut oil, castor oil, or rosemary oil to the scalp while massaging with your fingers lightly in a circular motion.
    2. Create DIY recipes. You can combine these ingredients to make your own DIY hair treatments. This is perfect for weekend relaxation, but you can do it anytime, like when you need some personal pampering. Check out these DIY castor oil recipes you can try at home!
    3. Check the label of products. When purchasing haircare products, it’s worth taking time to look for these 5 best ingredients for hair growth on the ingredients list. We can say that 50% of the success of a haircare routine depends on the haircare products you use.
    4. Consume as food. Some natural oils are edible and can be consumed. Rosemary oil and coconut oil falls right in this category, since they can be used for food preparation. Just make sure the product you are using is labelled good for consumption.
    5. Take supplements. Biotin can be taken orally as a dietary supplement. When looking for an anti-hair loss supplement, it is good to pick a product that contains biotin, combined with other ingredients that help prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth. A great example you can try is the enHAIRgy Supplement.
    6. Lastly – stick to a proper haircare routine. Once you have figured out a routine that works well for you, stick to it religiously. Be patient. As we’ve said, nothing is instant and results don’t happen overnight. Give yourself at least 90 days of a healthy haircare routine supported by products that contain these 5 best ingredients for hair growth, then see results for yourself!
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