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Great product

This product is great. Soft, shiney and makes my hair feel fuller.

Regular user

I use twice a week and find a do not lose hair as I did with regular shampoos...

The best shampoo & Conditioner ever

Very Happy with this purchase my hair is so soft like it never was before will definitely purchase again


Love it! Makes my hair shiny and soft.

Wonderful product

I feel the difference in my hair already

Works well and smells good

It helps to keep my hair from shedding so bad

Definitely softer and slightly thicker hair!

I bought this product because my hair is very thin and dry and I wanted to have thicker, less transparent hair. The very first time I used this product I noticed that my hair was a lot softer. After using it for a little while now I can say that I do see a little difference in the thickness of my hair but it isn't a big difference. It may be because I need to use the product more to see further results but I definitely notice a difference in softness and a slight difference in thickness. It smells great and as long as it continues to work, it's worth the value.

Gently cleanser leaves hair soft and full!

I wanted to try this product to help with dry thinning hair. It’s a wonderful product! My hair feels so much softer, healthier and shinny! I love that it gently cleanses. I’m so glad I found this product! My whole family uses it as well! My daughter has super curly hair . It’s sometimes hard to find a product that can condition through all the curls and this product works great on her hair.

Not loosing any hair

I'm 68 and found this combination of shampoo and condition strengthens my hair. It makes it thicker and more manageable. Definitely will reorder.

Caída de cabello y muy fino

Nunca había sentido tan suave mi cabello.

Lo más importante es que ayuda a qué no se caiga el pelo

Me agrado y lo utilizo para la caída del cabello

Good product

I have red hair so its dry anyway and because of health issues I'm losing my hair so I decided to try this product. I'm glad I did I can see new growth in my hair plus it looks like baby hair trying to grow in the softness is great.

Good Product

Just received both shampoo & conditioner. So far have only used the conditioner. After drying, my hair was shinier and very soft. Actually bought the product for my husband to help with hair loss. He hasn't used either yet as he is finishing up another product he purchased first. He wanted to compare the two. I do like the scent it leaves on my hair.

Excelente envío llego antes fecha dicha

Me encanto deja el pelo brilloso y sedoso

Great for folks with allergies to preservatives in products!

This is my second shipment. Love this shampoo and conditioner!

I've tried many biotin shampoos and this one seems to work the best

Does what it says right away. My hair stopped shedding and thicken right away. I myself i like the smell and i'm on my second purchase. I highly recommended this product.

So much hair!

My thinning fine hair has body and looks very full! I’ve used it for a month and switched back to a different product and saw an immediate difference in body and softness. Shiny Leaf has a very light scent, and does great things for my thinning hair. Wish they also made a styling gel.

I hope my hair will stop the damage

I like it

Awesome product's

I love this product. It makes your hair soft and fuller. I have a low thyroid and this is helping build my hair up because it so thin. Also helps with stress bumps I get on my scalp.


Great product. Smell is not flowery and that’s great as it’s awful to walk into the office and smell the heavy perfumes or that man deodorant. Ack it’s awful.

Wonderful product. High quality and works wonders.

Both my hair and my husband’s hair feels and looks thicker, smoother, softer, and healthier after just two week’s of using this product. And I love the way the shampoo smells. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to see the same results.

It works!!

Great shampoo, even better with the conditioner. I have prefer 3x and after each bottle my hair is stronger, softer, and thicker. There are no more shedding of hair and the hair I have is strong and looks great.

Smells incredible

Not sure of the long term benefit but for right now...i use it daily. Love the smell and the feel of my hair.

Wonderful Fragrance and Soft Hair

I love the fragrance of this product!! My hair is very soft after using the shampoo and conditioner. I purchased this product for hair loss. But I have only used it for a week so far. I will update when I have used it longer.

Better than a lot of shampoo and conditioner sets I've tried before.

I initially bought this to lessen hair fall from my head and I can say that this combination does help with the high amount of saw palmento and other various ingredients that help with thin hair and hair fall. I even used a scalp massager to see if any hair ended up on it after a scrub and it was free of hair which is a great feeling. My only gripe is that I wish the conditioner was a bit more moisturizing on the hair follicles but I'm glad it contains keratin.

Great product!

So I purchased this product for 2 main reasons...1. I was looking for something without all the crazy chemicals and 2. For hair loss due to graves disease/hyperthyroidism. I will have to update my review after using this for a while. I received my order today and immediately went ahead and gave it a try. So firstly I'd like to say a little goes a long way, you really don't need to use much which is great. Secondly, it's very light weight and has a lovely mild scent. And lastly omg after one use my hair looks and feels so much healthier (which wasn't even something I was expecting right away), I can't even imagine after using this on a regular basis what my hair will be like. So far I'm extremely pleased with this product and will for sure purchase this again! As stated above I will have to update my review when I notice a difference in the hair around my hairline (which is the area where there's thinning and loss) but I do believe this will help.

Really does work!

Awesome product! Reduced hair loss by 90% in the first month!

This product not only grew my hair but I have 75% less hair loss.

This product delivered and did exactly what it said it would do, re grow hair and prevent hair loss. Only one flaw that I noticed was my hair could be softer. My hair is extra extremely dry so it may be I have to much dryness to soften. I love that this product doesn't test on animals. I also love that it is made in America and is a privately owned small business. Added bonuses are no pump so you can get every single drop and you get to pick a free gift each time you purchase. If your reading this have a blessed day. :-)

Leaves my hair feeling very soft & shiny

This stuff is great so far, every time I’ve used it my hair is really soft & shiny after. I’ve only had it a few weeks so I can’t quite tell about helping with hair loss but I do believe it’s helping.

As Advertised and Smells Nice

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for about a month now, and I am very pleased with it. I have spent hundreds of dollars on name brand products trying to find something that actually does what it's advertised to do. After using this shampoo and conditioner for a month, I've noticed my hair starting to thicken and it definitely looks fuller. It's still soft, but not too soft that it looks oily or stringy like other products have done to my hair. I have noticed that the amount of hair that normally falls out during my showers has lessened a little bit, but not a whole lot yet. I really enjoy the fact that I can go a day without washing now because there's no residue from the product to make it look or feel oily after one day of not washing. I am pleased with the scent, personally. I was nervous about that aspect after reading a few reviews stating that the scent wasn't nice. It smells citrusy and clean. I do wish the shampoo would have more suds when lathering, but I later realized that you do need to use on damp hair (like the label says) rather than soaking wet hair. I would recommend this shampoo and conditioner to anybody who has thinning hair or hair that looks thin, but it's not seeming to make a HUGE difference with my hair loss in the shower, but still more than other products have done for my hair. I'm still very pleased with it overall!

First time user

I recently purchased this and used it once so far. It leaves my hair feeling silky right away. I like the smell of the shampoo but the conditioner is just ok.

So far so good!

I just started using the product so I will give another review after longer use. So far I like it. Smells good and feels good on my hair. Not sure if helps with thinning yet.

After a week of using this ShinyLeaf Products , it’s working nicely!

Yes it Works I Love it!

Love it!

It smells great and made my hair shiny!

Super Soft

Just started using, so no real result of regrowth. Hair feels super soft and could skip a day between washes!


Realy good product my hair was noticeably softer after first use

Great for natural hair

I use this for thicker hair growth & it definitely does the job for me, I'm not to keen on the scent of the conditioner but the shampoo smells better, more of a citrus scent


I love the clean scent it has. Lathers nicely and makes my hair feel nice & clean. I will update review after I've used consistently for 1-2 weeks. Will also be trying the Castor Oil as well!!

Good Product

This seems to be good shampoo/conditioner. Time will tell if it stimulates hair growth.

Smells great

I enjoyed the fact that it was very nice smelling, shampoo and conditioner. I was very disappointed the shampoo did not lather up very well. It did leave my hair very soft.

Great description

I love how my hair feels and it smells great!

Just received 1 1/2 weeks ago

So far so good. Shampoo is good, Not sure about the conditioner as I am using a lot and towards the ends it seems dry and frizzy. I will use the bottles up and then make my final decision.

Absolutely love it

Works for me!!!

No Complaints but will need to research more

Bought these on a whim, I do need volume in my hair. I feel like I noticed my hair get thicker but honestly, not really sure. It does make my hair soft and feel nice however I'm not the biggest fan of the smell. It smells lemony/citrusy and not used to that scent for hair but to each their own and the smell isnt horrible. My only complaint would be the thickness and consistency of the shampoo and conditioner since it leaves a residue in the tub/shower and drain which you need to rub away

Makes me nauseous

This shampoo and conditioner stinks to me. The citrus scent makes me very nauseated. Andit does does not make it easy to brush through at all. I wish they you had a money back guarantee. How very I think the Biotin does work.

Works for me

I read the reviews and wondered if it was worth the price, but for me it works better than I expected.

Wash my hair

Wash my hair

I like!

I think I’m really going to like it !



Good product

Haven't seen any difference in my hair yet but all else is fine. Smells good washes good, can't complain.


great set!

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