Castor Oil for Body


    Many say that castor oil is a holistic beauty treatment with wonderful uses for the entire body – from the tips of your hair, to the tips of your nails! Get the most out of this essential oil and learn what it can do for the rest of your well-being.

    This part is your guide on the other surprising benefits castor oil has to offer. Here, you will discover what castor oil does for the body. You will learn why it works and how to use it in different ways.

    You are encouraged to run a patch test before doing any of the methods described in this guide. Visit the Precautions and Side Effects section for further instructions on how to properly perform patch testing.

    Make every inch of your body healthy.

    castor oil for body

    Benefits of Castor Oil for Body

    Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory agent uniquely found in castor oil. Because of this, castor oil is effective in relieving pain and promoting healing. It also contains protein which is the building block of nails.

    Here’s your guide to the benefits of castor oil for the body and how to use it properly for best results.

    Relieves Body Pains and Arthritis

    Castor oil helps relax tight muscles and relieves joint pains associated with arthritis.

    Why It Works

    Castor oil is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. It helps alleviate joint pains, which is a common symptom of arthritis.

    If you suffer from arthritis, you may experience severe pain in the joint areas along with swelling and stiffness. Using this oil may lessen these discomforting conditions. It helps strengthen and stimulate the immune system to reduce the swelling. As the skin absorbs the oil, topical application helps soothe sore muscles and inflamed nerves.

    Using it for body massage also helps boost blood circulation, which improves overall wellness.

    How to Use It

    The most common ways of using castor oil to relieve body pains and arthritis are topical application and with a castor oil pack. Using it for body massage also helps boost blood circulation, which improves overall wellness.

    Castor oil for arthritis pain

    For Topical Application

    1. To use it topically, first you need to warm the castor oil. You may warm the oil by placing the container over a large bowl with hot water. Make sure the oil is not too hot to avoid burning the skin.
    2. You may add a few drops of other lighter oil such as almond oil and grape seed oil to improve its and add benefits.
    3. Apply castor oil to affected areas with your hands. Then take time to massage the aching joints and muscles for more comforting experience.
    4. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes to soothe and relax muscles and reduce pain. Usually those who suffer from joint pains in their hands adopt this method.
    5. Do this gentle massage every night before bedtime. Leave the oil on your skin overnight to allow for proper absorption. This may also maximize its healing benefits.

    For Castor Oil Pack

    1. To use for castor oil pack, take a cotton fabric or flannel and fold it multiple times until thick to make the pack.
    2. Soak the fabric in castor oil and squeeze out excess oil. You want the fabric to be saturated but not dripping with oil. An easy way to soak the fabric is by putting it in a jar. Then add castor oil about a tablespoon at a time to give it a moment to saturate.
    3. You may gently shake the jar to let oil reach deeply. Ideally, this process should be done a day before to allow the oil to soak evenly.
    4. Place it on the affected area. Most people use this method for knees and ankles.
    5. Cover with a plastic wrap to protect clothes and furniture from oil stains. This also helps in holding cloth in place.
    6. Place a heating pad or a hot water bottle on it. Heat helps the inflamed tissue of the joints absorb the nutrients from the oil effectively. You may add another layer of towel to insulate heat source.
    7. Leave for about 45 to 60 minutes.
    8. Repeat the process for four consecutive days.
    9. Take one day off then repeat another four-day cycle. You may reuse the pack several times. Add more oil each time as needed to keep the pack saturated.
    10. Place the pack in a zip-lock bag or plastic container and store in a dry cool location. You can also use the jar instead. Replace the pack when discoloration starts to occur.

    Grows Strong and Healthy Nails

    When applied on nails, castor oil acts as great nail treatment. It gives you clean and healthy nails that won’t break easily.

    Why It Works

    This essential oil works in dual action formula. It acts directly on the nails itself as well as the surrounding skin or cuticles. Using castor oil helps soothe the pain of torn cuticles and heal cracked nails.

    The ricinoleic acid found in castor oil helps repair broken nails and skin. This improves brittle nail plates and cuticle texture for optimized growth. It aids growth of new and healthier nails due to presence of vitamins and minerals in the oil. It hardens the nail plate, which provides protection of the nail bed.

    Due to its antifungal property, castor oil may also help reduce toenail and fingernail fungus. Applying it helps get rid of impurities to prevent development of nail infections.

    Castor oil’s moisture-rich property hydrates the nails. It keeps them smooth and shiny!

    Strong nails

    How to Use It

    You may use castor oil for the nails in two different ways. Here are the suggested methods that most users do.

    For Nail Treatment

    To use as nail treatment, do this once a week to keep nails healthy.

    1. Pour warm water into a bowl and add a few drops of castor oil.
    2. Then, soak the fingernails for about 10 to 15 minutes. For the toenails, soak for around 30 minutes.
    3. Remove the nails from the solution and pat dry.

    For Nail Massage

    To use for nail massage, your nails must be clean first. Follow these steps every night before bedtime for nails that are pretty, yet tough.

    1. Ensure that there are no traces of nail polish on your nails. You may use your favorite nail polish remover if necessary.
    2. Then, apply castor oil on nails thoroughly using a dropper.
    3. Spread to thoroughly including the corners and cuticles, and massage nails gently.

    Body benefits of castor oil

    A striking personal presentation is important regardless of what we do in life. It makes us feel more self-confident, ready, and determined to make each day a great one. It gives us a positive outlook, which results to accomplishments that make life more meaningful.

    As you apply castor oil to your body, did you know that it also nourishes your skin? There are so many surprising uses and benefits of castor oil for skin. It soothes inflammation and promotes acne-free complexion.

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