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    If you brush your hair and see flakes falling – don’t panic. It’s normal to have dandruff, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not frustrating. This reversible scalp condition affects half of the population. You can get rid of it by using suitable shampoo and conditioner. Remember that a clean and healthy scalp grows strong and beautiful hair.

    It can be frustrating to have dandruff. Falling flakes also spell trouble if you are trying to maintain a thick and lustrous hair. However, there are dandruff shampoos that help get rid of the flakes. They contain ingredients that keep your hair and scalp clean while controlling dandruff. You can reduce the symptoms of dandruff such as itchiness and flaking by learning how dandruff shampoo works. Discover its benefits for your hair.

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    What is Dandruff Shampoo

    Dandruff is a widespread concern that can affect not only adults but children as well. Dandruff shampoos are designed to alleviate its symptoms and prevent it from getting worse. A dandruff shampoo maintains a healthy scalp that grows stronger hair.

    Over-the-counter dandruff shampoos and medicated formulas restore the health of your hair. For chronic conditions such as dermatitis, you might need to get prescribed shampoos to soothe your scalp. There are many causes of dandruff. You can treat it efficiently by addressing the root of the problem. Ingredients in dandruff shampoos do just that. They may have therapeutic effects that can reduce dandruff and its symptoms.

    Not all dandruff shampoos are the same. You have to find one that suits your hair type. There are ingredients you need to be careful of in order to prevent drying of hair. Here's a collection of the best shampoos that prevent hair and scalp concerns from happening. Find out what makes them effective in nourishing and treating your hair.

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    How Shampoo Helps Fight Dandruff

    Shampoos get rid of dirt, excess oil, and product residues that stick to your hair and scalp. They provide nourishment to stimulate the scalp for hair growth too. Your hair and scalp need a suitable shampoo in order to remain clean and healthy. To find out the best product, you need to consider your hair type and any concerns you might have. Here’s how dandruff happens and how your shampoo can stop it.

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    How Dandruff Happens

    While dry skin can cause dandruff, it is not the most common cause of this scalp condition. In fact, an oily scalp is more vulnerable to dandruff than a dry one. Dandruff happens when there’s a buildup of yeast on your scalp. This yeast-like fungus is called Malassezia globosa. It feeds off the sebum on scalp and produces by-products such as oleic acid. There are many people who are sensitive to the presence of oleic acid. What it does is speed up skin cell renewal, which creates layers of dead skin cells on scalp. They pile up until they form into visible flakes that become loose.

    Regular shampoos may remove some flakes on your scalp, but it does not treat dandruff. In fact, using regular shampoos might trigger the condition to get worse. Removing the oil from the scalp can trigger the overproduction of oils, giving the yeast-like fungus more to feed on. Using anti-bacterial and soothing shampoos can help reduce the activity of the fungus on scalp. They may stop dandruff altogether. However, you should continue to use dandruff shampoo at least once a week to prevent it from happening again.

    Symptoms of Dandruff

    Visible flakes are not the only symptoms of dandruff. Your scalp creates flakes in response to irritation. Which is why along with falling flakes, you can also experience the following if you have dandruff:

    • Inflamed and irritated scalp
    • Redness
    • Itchy scalp
    • Dry and scaly scalp

    Learn more about the causes and symptoms of dandruff by visiting the page below.

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      How Dandruff Shampoo Works

      Dandruff shampoo has therapeutic effects that soothe and nourish the scalp to keep it flake-free. It contains ingredients that help restore the health of your scalp. Dandruff shampoos reduce the irritation and inflammation of your scalp. They get rid of bacteria and other impurities that can trigger dandruff.

      Anti-fungal shampoos are good for fighting dandruff. They kill bacteria that may cause irritation on scalp. Some medicated shampoos may have drying effects so you need to find one suitable for your hair type. Dandruff shampoos help control the oil production on scalp too. This reduces the oiliness of the scalp to help control yeast that feeds on sebum. Many ingredients can help slow down the rate at which skin cells renew. Other ingredients help get rid of loose flakes to prevent scaling of scalp. Choose from a variety of dandruff shampoos that uses ingredients good for hair and scalp.

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      Shampoo Ingredients that Work Against Dandruff

      Dandruff is a scalp condition that can come back once you’ve treated it. The best way to keep your scalp clean and healthy is to invest in a suitable dandruff shampoo. Here are the ingredients that you need to look for when choosing a suitable shampoo:

      Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal treatment you’ll find in most hair products today. It can be used in shampoos. It reduces the itchy feeling on your scalp too. This ingredient in your hair product might save you from having a flaky scalp. Make sure to only use mild formulas that can strengthen your hair.  You should also find out the recommended amount of Ketoconazole in your hair product to avoid irritation or damage.
      Selenium Sulfide
      Selenium sulfide is an ingredient in shampoos and treatment products that help with dandruff. It can be used in seborrheic dermatitis too. This ingredient helps slow down the growth of yeast. It prevents infection and the development of scalp concerns. It can be used in shampoos as well, to help curb dandruff. To prevent any side effects or allergic reactions, make sure to follow the directions on how to use the product.
      Zinc Pyrithione
      Ingredients with therapeutic effects such as zinc pyrithione are commonly used for dandruff shampoos. It has notable antimicrobial properties that kill fungus and bacteria. It is safe to use shampoos that contain zinc pyrithione. However, it is also important to practice caution. Dandruff shampoos that contain zinc pyrithione are mostly used to treat seborrheic dermatitis.
      Sulfur is known for killing various organisms in your scalp that can cause dandruff. These organisms include yeast, bacteria, and fungi. It prevents infection as well as overproduction of oil on the scalp. This way, dandruff-causing organisms wouldn’t thrive on your scalp. Sulfur shampoos are safe to use especially for those who have dermatitis.
      Salicylic Acid
      Salicylic acid is a common ingredient in cleansers. It helps treat dandruff while reducing the flakiness of the scalp. Shampoos that contain salicylic acid lift up the layer of flakes from the scalp in order to keep it clean and healthy. As salicylic acid lifts up dead skin cells, it detoxifies your scalp as well to keep your hair gorgeous.


      Coal Tar
      Coal tar is one of the two ingredients considered by FDA as a treatment for psoriasis. It can be used to create over-the-counter hair formulas that treat dandruff too. Coal tar is created by distilling the ingredients at a high temperature. There is only a certain amount of coal tar that is safe to use for skin and scalp. A concentration of 0.5 to 5% are found to be quite effective in treating dandruff.
      Coal tar helps stop dandruff by slowing down the rate of skin cell renewal. It soothes inflammation and itching on the scalp too. Coal tar in shampoos reduces the scaling of your scalp so that you’re left with flake-free scalp.
      Castor Oil
      Castor oil, just like tea tree oil, is very effective against dandruff. Shampoos that contain castor oil are shown to reduce the flakiness of scalp. The antimicrobial properties of castor oil prevent fungus and yeast from damaging your scalp. It stimulates blood flow in scalp too, in order to ensure that your hair receives enough moisture and nourishment. Castor oil soothes your scalp to prevent itchiness and irritation as well.
      Tea Tree Oil
      Tea tree oil is a natural ingredient found in dandruff shampoos. It is a great alternative to chemicals that can damage both your hair and scalp. Tea tree oil has notable therapeutic properties that soothe the scalp to help treat dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Tea tree oil is rich in various vitamins and minerals that promote healthier hair and scalp as well. While tea tree oil on its own can be drying, there are other organic oils often used with the oil. Shampoos that contain tea tree oil and other carrier oils are not as drying as you think it would. 
      Check out this high-quality tea tree oil shampoo to find out its benefits for your hair and scalp.

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      How to Use Dandruff Shampoo

      Dandruff shampoos contain certain ingredients that are good for your scalp. However, some of these ingredients may prove to be too potent if not used properly. Even over-the-counter shampoos can cause allergic reactions. Whether you are using a medicated shampoo or a regular dandruff shampoo, make sure to read the label and follow directions properly.

      Healthy scalp and shiny hair

      Here are the general steps in using dandruff shampoo:

      1. Wet hair and scalp thoroughly.
      2. Take enough shampoo to cover the entire scalp. Massage it well into your scalp and comb through hair. Do this for 1 minute and leave it on for another 3-5 minutes. This allows the active ingredients to work on your scalp.
      3. Rinse using lukewarm or cold water. Avoid using hot water since it makes your hair and scalp drier.
      4. Repeat this every day until dandruff alleviates. You can switch to regular shampoos if flakiness and irritation are gone. However, it is important to use dandruff shampoo at least once a week to prevent dandruff from recurring.

      Falling flakes don’t have to ruin a perfectly good hair day. Make sure that you treat dandruff early to prevent it from getting worse. If you are looking for natural hair care products, try using oils or oil-infused shampoos. Various essential oils help your scalp recover from dandruff and its symptoms. Look for the perfect hair product that maintains a clean scalp and lustrous hair. To learn more about essential oils you can use for hair, visit the page below.

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