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    Essential oils are rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the body. The ingestion and application of essential oils for personal care is a practice that has roots in Ayurvedic medicine. Internal oils can nourish your body and provide therapeutic effects to heal it. Learn more from our guide to essential oil uses and benefits.

    There are various ways you can use internal oils. Cook using food-grade oils, mix them with drinks, take them directly, or put them in veggie capsules to get the healing benefits that they offer. Find out which oils are safe to ingest and how to use them. Here are information and tips on using internal oils to get their full benefits.

    Food-grade oil

    Understanding Internal Oils

    Internal oils are safe to ingest and drink. With proper use, you can take them directly without diluting them. Food-grade oils have uses in cooking too. Cooking oils have a distinct taste and smell that can enhance the flavor of a dish. Some internal oils that you use every day include olive oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, canola oil, and sunflower oil.

    Essential oils are commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine as well. The healing benefits of the oils can address and treat certain health concerns. While it is harmful to consume just any kind of essential oil, internal oils are safe to ingest. Food-grade oils have a high concentration of active compounds that are good for the body.

    The nutritional value of internal oils is beneficial for you and your pet as well. Internal oils work as a supplement for pets especially cats and dogs. Internal oils also help nourish your skin and hair from within. Use food-grade oils together with topical oils for better results. For more information about topical oils and their difference compared to internal oils, visit the page below.

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    Uses and Benefits of Internal Oils

    Internal oils promote healing and overall wellness from within the body. Adding them to food, drinks, and vitamins provide nourishment that no other medicine can provide. Here are the uses of internal oils and their benefits for your health.

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    Added Nourishment

    There are nutrients in internal oils that the body can’t produce. Taking internal oils provide the body with vitamins and minerals to regulate body functions. They are healthy substitutes for other kinds of oils used in cooking. Olive oil, for example, is better for the body compared to butter and margarine. You can add internal oils in drinks like shakes or juice to give them flavor and nourishment. Use internal oils along with a healthy diet and proper exercise for overall wellness.

    Supplement for Pets

    Supplements provide nutrients for pets that help keep them strong and nourished. Oils like Argan oil have benefits for keeping the fur and skin of pets healthy. You can add them in small amounts once a day to prevent hair loss or other skin concerns. Internal oils help regulate the metabolism of your pets too to avoid indigestion. Avoid using internal oils on cats since they can’t digest it. Add this to your dog’s diet to improve their coat or to make them more alert and active. Try tips from this blog on how you can safely use essential oils for pets.

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    Regulating Body Functions

    Internal oils are better for the body instead of chemical medications and treatments. The nutrients found in the oils work with the body and not against it. Taking internal oils benefit your body. Oils support the functions of the body including blood circulation and metabolism. Internal oils help balance hormones and heal the body from disturbed body functions.

    Natural Remedy

    Internal oils have therapeutic effects that are good for the body as they support its functions. These properties work as a natural remedy for health concerns. Using internal oils help promote wellness from within the body. Here are various ways to use internal oils as treatment:

    Seed essential oil

    • Cough - Essential oils that have camphorous or minty scents clear up congestion in your throat. They work for colds as well. Internal oils such as peppermint, cardamom, lemon, oregano, and rosemary can improve your respiratory system’s health. Add them in teas or other beverages to treat a cough.
    • Heartburn - Attacks of heartburn and acid reflux can happen instantly and painfully. If you’re not too keen on taking over-the-counter medications, you can use internal oils to alleviate the symptoms and prevent it from happening. Ginger and citrus internal oils detoxify the blood while aiding in the clear up of congestions that can lead to heartburn.
    • Stomach ache/Indigestion/Gas - Your metabolism can be disrupted by a lot of things including lack of sleep, skipping meals, or eating bad food. Common metabolism issues include stomach ache, indigestion, and gas. You can remedy these problems by using internal oils such as fennel and cinnamon oils. Remember to dilute them in beverages or warm water before drinking. Castor oil relieves upset stomach. A small amount of this oil helps with indigestion. Learn more about the benefits of using castor oil for body care.

    Other Concerns - Internal oils work with the body to improve its immune system. The antibacterial properties of essential oils reduce chances of encountering ailments. Using internal oils prevent vitamin and mineral deficiency that can lead to skin and hair concerns. Women also use internal oils to alleviate the pain caused by periods.

    Olive oil

    Effective Ways to Use Internal Oils

    Internal oils can be taken in various ways. Depending on the potency and the flavor of the oil, there are right ways to use internal oils. You can use only a specific oil or create a blend of internal oils. Here are the various ways of using internal oils effectively.

    Take Orally

    Food-grade oils can be taken orally. Dilute the thick oil with lighter oils before drinking directly. Thick oils might be hard to swallow, which is why it's important to dilute them. Another method of taking internal oils orally is to put a drop of oil under the tongue. The therapeutic effects and the scent of the oil can help ease a headache, treat colds, or refresh your breath.

    Mix with Drinks

    Some oils might be too harsh for your throat and digestive tract. To dilute their effects, mix them with water or other beverages. You can add internal oils to shakes, juice, or tea. This helps you ingest the oils with strong taste or smell.

    As a Complement to Food

    Food-grade oils such as Argan oil and olive oil are used as complements to food. They have a unique taste that adds flavor to any dish. Olive oil is commonly used in cooking food. Argan oil is used for bread and pasta and has a nutty flavor. It has a lot of health benefits for the body, which makes it a better choice for ingestion. Discover more benefits of Argan oil for your body. 

    Food-grade oil used for cooking


    Add a few drops of internal oils to warm water. Swish it around the mouth to kill bacteria and remove the bad odor. Using essential oils in mouthwash improves oral health and helps alleviate symptoms of bleeding gums and toothache. Internal oils with scents remove bad breath too.

    Other Uses

    There are other ways to use internal oils including its application to the areas near nose, mouth, and ears. Internal oils are safe to apply to skin. When you have a cold, you can use camphorous or minty internal oils and apply them at the edge of the nose, above the lips. When using internal oils on skin, be mindful of the potency of the oils.

    Safety Tips for Taking Internal Oils

    Food-grade oils are safe to consume, but there are precautions you need to take when taking them orally. Get the full benefits of internal oils with these tips in using them safely:

    • Consult Experts Before Using - Consult an expert if you have health concerns. This helps prevent allergic reactions. You can consult experts on what internal oils to take for a certain health concern.
    • Buy Only Food-Grade Oils - The only type of essential oil you can use for ingestion is food-grade internal oil. Other oils may be too harsh for your stomach and digestive tract. They are produced to contain all the nourishing substances that are good for the body while the harmful ingredients are removed.
    Improved metabolism
      • Use the Right Amount or Dosage - Be aware of the recommended dosage of internal oils. The amount of internal oils you should take vary depending on its use. The best practice for ingesting internal oils is to use the smallest dosage. Increase the amount as needed.
      • Check the Oil’s Purity and Quality - The purity of the oil means that it does not contain additives that can dilute its effects. Food-grade oils are produced to remove the harmful substances they contain while keeping the oil pure. Check for the color, texture, and scent of the oil. High-quality oils have natural scent and color.
      • Check the Oil’s Potency/Strength - When using internal oils, the stronger it is, the lower the dosage should be. Potent internal oils work even with a few drops. Too much internal oil can harm your digestive tract.
      • Dilute Oils - Unless recommended by an expert, dilute essential oils with food, drinks, or food-grade oils. Mix them with other ingredients to get their benefits to prevent any harsh reactions from the body.
      • Adhere to Recommended Ways of Using Oil - There are recommended ways of using internal oils. Avoid drinking them directly and in large amounts. While they are safe for internal use, you can get unpleasant side effects when you don’t use them properly.
      • Follow the Correct Frequency of Use - Remember to use oils regularly, by following the right frequency of use. This applies to using internal oils for pet’s food supplements as well. It helps give the body nourishment and health benefits without disturbing metabolism or any functions of the body.

      Every essential oil has uses for health and lifestyle. They are versatile and offers a wide range of benefits that promote overall wellness. Try these tips to get the health benefits of internal oils. Make sure to get natural oils to avoid the risks of ingesting toxic ingredients. Learn what makes natural oils safe and healthy for the body. 

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