Natural Skin Care


    Everything you need for a healthy and glowing skin is in natural skin care. Your routine is more than just cleansing or conditioning the skin. Take a good look at the products you use to ensure that they are safe for skin. With the best guide to skin care, learn all about natural personal care and holistic ways to keep skin healthy and young.

    Discover what makes products safe and nourishing and find out some great alternatives for regular commercial products. Here are some information and tips on what the best products and methods are. Pick the products that work best for your skin care!

    Natural products for skin care

    What is Natural Skin Care

    Natural skin care is made up of a routine that focuses on using products and methods safe for the skin. Most products used for skin and hair care often contain chemicals that are foreign to the body. Your body absorbs the formula and substances found in the products you use. With natural skin care, the goal is to minimize the use of products and methods with chemicals or refined ingredients.

    Natural Skin Care Products

    Natural skin care products have formulas that contain natural and organic ingredients. You can substitute these products for commercial formulas you use every day. There is little to no refined ingredient in this type of product.

    A natural product is safer and healthier for skin. It provides the same effects compared to a normal product, if not more. Ingredients used in natural or organic products are derived from plants or botanical sources. They contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that improve skin health and appearance. Natural products also prevent skin damage and slow down skin aging.

    Green Cosmetics

    Green cosmetics use natural ingredients that make the products safe for skin. It is a new line that introduces makeup made from high-quality raw natural materials for skin-deep beauty. Some chemicals found in cosmetics can cause concerns such as dryness and irritation. They can speed up skin aging as well. Green cosmetics are efficient and healthy for skin care.

    Organic cosmetics help reduce the use of chemicals and other materials that can be harmful to the environment and users. There are standards in organic body products in order to ensure that the products are safe to use. There are many benefits of using organic body care products. See these benefits here:

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    Natural cosmetics

    Superfood for Skin

    One of the aspects of natural skin care is a healthy and balanced diet. Food is the main source of nourishment for the body. To shift into natural skin care, include superfood in your diet. Superfood contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals good for skin. Processed foods lose the nutrients that make skin look young and healthy. For example, food high in sugar and fat can make skin look dry and trigger issues such as breakouts and oiliness. Here is some food you can eat for clear and young skin:

    • Lean Protein Food - Protein is necessary for repairing skin damage and maintaining its elasticity. Lean meat, chicken, and eggs are some good sources of protein. Legumes and fish have an abundance of proteins as well. One serving a day can help maintain the production of collagen, which is important for the firmness of skin.
    • High-Fiber Food - Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables have high contents of fiber. They hydrate the body and keep skin radiant. Fiber helps preserve the elasticity of the skin. Brown rice, avocado, oatmeal, beans, and broccoli are some examples of high-fiber food.
    • Healthy Fatty Acids - Essential fatty acids are good for the skin. These are substances not produced by the body. You can get them from food such as fish, grain, and food-grade oils. Salmon, sardines, tuna, soy, walnuts, and culinary essential oils are great sources of essential fatty acids and other nourishing substances.
    Healthy food for skin
      • Therapeutic Spices - Spices have therapeutic effects for the skin. You can add them to homemade recipes or use for culinary purposes to nourish the skin from within. Cinnamon has high amounts of antioxidant, chamomile has anti-inflammatory effects, and ginger helps slow down skin aging. These three are just some of the great spices that help clear the skin. Nutmeg and turmeric are healthy for skin too.
      • Vitamin C Food Sources - Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant aside from vitamin E. You can get it from fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, orange, sweet potato, papaya, guava, and broccoli. They help skin look radiant and promote faster healing of skin issues.

      Recyclable Packaging

      With a focus on healthy and safe skin nourishment, natural skin care also considers the packaging and container of the products. Using recyclable materials reduce the number of chemicals and plastics used in the production of the products. These materials are safer for the environment and for the body. Eco-friendly packaging uses natural and recyclable materials from the containers to the ink used in labels. Sustainable packaging is one way to cut out chemicals from your skin care.

      5 Benefits of Natural Skin Care

      Natural products that contain minimally processed or refined ingredients are safer and healthier for the body. Most products you can buy in stores nowadays have artificial ingredients that the body can absorb. They can clog your pores, trigger skin concerns, or speed up skin aging. All skin types, especially sensitive skin, benefit from using natural products due to their mild formulas. Here are five benefits of choosing natural skin care over a normal routine:

      Healthy skin

      1. Healthy - Natural skin care products are rich in vitamins and minerals that are healthy for the skin. They deliver nourishment and moisture to the deeper layers of skin to improve its health and appearance. They have the same effects as commercial products without the health concerns.

      2. Safe - A natural product protects the skin and body from the harmful effects of toxic ingredients. They are free from chemicals that can irritate or cause skin damage. A natural product is not only safe for skin but for the environment as well. These are eco-friendly formulas and packaging that ensures your safety from skin damage.

      3. Gentle - Using natural ingredients in a product can reduce the sensitive reactions of the skin. Even normal skin can get sensitive due to chemicals found in a product. Gentle skin care products work on the skin with long-term positive effects. They are used for cleansing and nourishing skin.

      4. Healing - Most ingredients in natural products bring therapeutic effects such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging. They help speed up repair and treatment of skin concerns. These products make for a stable source of nourishment that clears up the skin from irritation, sensitivity, and blemishes.

      5. Effective - Natural ingredients in skin care products are being used even before. This is due to their high contents of nourishing substances. With natural skin care, the skin receives nourishment from high-quality natural ingredients.

      Natural Skin Care Methods

      Products are not all there is to natural skin care. There are methods you can do for skin care too. These methods use natural products and take into account the needs of the skin. Discover how to do them here.

      Natural products and tools for skin care

      Skin Repair and Treatment

      Repair or treatment of skin starts with proper nourishment. A natural skin mask helps provide these nutrients. Some skin care mask provides a difference in texture and temperature to stimulate skin repair. Here are some ways to nourish and treat the skin:

      • Use A Skin Care Mask - An all-natural skin care mask like Dead Sea mud mask can nourish skin and help it recover from dryness and dullness. It provides gentle exfoliation as well but its primary effect is to nourish skin to prevent skin aging.
      • Homemade Recipe Treatment - A benefit of making your own homemade recipe is that you can create it to address skin concerns. There are various types of a homemade recipe for nourishment, repair, and to remedy skin issues

      Skin Detoxification

      To detoxify the skin means to get rid of the impurities from the surface and the deeper layers. There are oil, dirt, and toxins from deep within that can cause skin damage and aging. Did you know that sweating by exercising or going to the sauna can help remove these impurities? Here are other natural ways to detoxify your skin.

      • Dry Brushing - Dry brushing helps remove dead skin cells and other impurities from the surface of the skin. However, the main purpose of dry brushing is to stimulate blood flow and promote skin cell renewal. It improves skin tone and texture as well. It makes use of a brush with soft bristles to protect skin from irritation.
      Salt for exfoliation
        • Exfoliation - Exfoliate the skin to improve skin tone and texture. It uses exfoliating products such as natural body scrubs or tools like a glove. It unclogs the pores to prevent skin concerns. Exfoliation leaves skin radiant and smooth after.

        Skin Hydration

        Dehydration of skin is different from dryness. Lack of hydration results to sagging, dull, and tired skin prone to skin concerns. Here are some easy and stress-free ways of keeping the skin firm, young, and healthy:

        • Apply Nourishing Oils - Essential oils have high levels of essential fatty acids that absorb through the skin instantly. They resemble the natural moisture produced by the body, which helps with easy absorption. These nourishing oils reach the deeper layers of skin to provide the necessary water content.
        • Drink A Lot of Water - Drink a lot of water to keep skin healthy and hydrated. A few glasses a day makes a difference in the texture and tone of the skin. Water helps flush out toxin and other impurities from the skin and blood as well. It clears up the skin and gives you a glowing look.

        Best Ingredients for Natural Skin Care

        Natural skin care relies on the use of high-quality ingredients derived from organic or botanical sources. Make sure to avoid synthetic ingredients and look for some organic or natural ones. Here are some of the best ingredients often used to create skin care products.

        Essential oil and other natural ingredients

        Essential Oils

        Essential oils are extracted from plants and other botanical sources. They bring therapeutic effects to heal and nourish skin. Other than their moisturizing properties, you can also use essential oils to treat skin concerns. There’s a variety of essential oils that can improve skin care. Essential oils are versatile and have wide uses in skin care. When mixed with other natural ingredients, it helps boost their effects to make them more effective and nourishing. Here are some great ways to use essential oils in skin care:

        • Treatment Oil - Aside from bringing nourishment to skin, the therapeutic effects of essential oils help treat skin issues. Some essential oils have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that treat acne and pimples. These oils soothe skin conditions to reduce their symptoms.
        • Cleanser - Light essential oils are good for cleansing the skin. These oils do not build up on the surface of the skin. Instead, they dissolve impurities clogged in the pores and lift them off the skin. They have antibacterial properties that prevent skin care concerns from happening.
        • Moisturizer - Essential oils moisturize and hydrate the skin. These oils are made up of a large percent of essential fatty acids, which have a close resemblance to sebum, the natural oil that the body produces. This is why the skin absorbs essential oils easily.
        Aloe vera


          Natural extracts are derived from organic sources. They may come in the form of certain substances or ingredients that serve a purpose in making the products. To avoid using chemical preservatives, you can look for natural preservatives such as coconut oil that helps extend the shelf life of products. Shea butter, beeswax, and almond butter are natural extracts as well and highly moisturizing for skin and body. Aloe Vera is another extract you can use. It has soothing and moisturizing effects for skin.

          Natural Deposits

          Natural deposits can range from minerals, mud, salt, and other ingredients that are raw. They didn’t go through any processes such as refinement or extraction. These ingredients often come from earth’s natural resources. Deposits such as these are used to create skin care products that deliver therapeutic effects to skin.


          Your pantry contains all the ingredients and products you need to keep your skin young and healthy. Aside from ingesting them, they can be used to make products and homemade recipes for skin care. Discover the best natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

          Raw Honey - Honey is rich in substances that are good for skin. The antioxidants in honey helps slow down skin aging. It also repairs damage by providing vitamins and minerals. Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties prevent infection while healing minor skin concerns such as cuts, acne, pimples, and burns.
          Salt - There are various types of salt and depending on the source, they may differ in composition. Normal sea salt is good for detoxifying skin. Salt derived from certain sources such as Himalayan mountains and Dead Sea have more benefits for skin. The type of salt you use can make a difference in the effects of using them in skin care. Salt has an abrasive texture that helps lift off dead skin cells and other impurities that can clog the pores. Salt in homemade recipes help balance oil production and keep the skin hydrated.
          Sugar - Sugar is a humectant that helps moisturize the skin by drawing water from the deeper layers of skin or from the humid environment. The smaller particles of sugar are gentler on skin than salt. Mix with homemade recipes to create a natural scrub that leaves skin smooth and soft after.
          Apple Cider Vinegar - Apple cider vinegar is often used as a toner. Its astringent property helps minimize the appearance of pores and reduce the appearance of signs of skin aging with regular use. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well that prevent acne and pimples from happening. Use it after cleansing face to remove stubborn dirt, oil, and toxins. It leaves skin clear and glowing after use.
          Food - Diet can affect skin health. The food that you eat provides vitamins and minerals necessary for keeping the skin young and healthy. They are great ingredients in homemade recipes and provide nourishing effects for skin.


            1. Egg is often added to skin masks due to its astringent properties. It tightens the skin to minimize pores and fade fine lines. The abundance of protein in egg whites slows down skin aging as well.
            2. Avocado is another favorite in natural skin care. There are plenty of vitamins found in avocado including vitamins A, B, and E. These nutrients improve skin tone, elasticity, and texture. Avocado contains minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium, and potassium too. They keep the skin nourished and hydrated.
            3. Yogurt has lactic acid that helps dissolve dead skin cells to give way to firm and smooth skin. It tightens pores and leaves the skin feeling smooth to the touch.
            4. Banana restores the moisture on the skin and provides vitamins such as vitamin E and C. These vitamins improve the radiance of the skin, leaving it bright and clear.
            5. Oatmeal is a fulfilling breakfast for the body and a cleansing product for skin. It is one of the surprising ingredients used in many skin care products. It cleanses the skin, moisturizes, and prevents skin aging.

          What to Look for in Choosing Natural Skin Care Products

          Natural skin care focuses on improving both the appearance and health of the skin. Compared to using commercial formulas, a routine that uses natural skin care products does not compromise the health of the skin.

          When shifting to natural skin care, the first step is to make your routine simple and essential. Remember that you don’t need tons of products to keep your skin healthy. List down the essential products that make up the whole routine and stick to that. The basics include a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, creams, and sunscreen. You can include other products to nourish your lips, hands, feet, and nails too.

          Moisturizing bath with flowers

          Brands and their philosophy also play a role when you’re choosing the right product for your skin. The best brands ensure that their products are high-quality and made with fresh and premium ingredients. The values of a company are reflected in their products and processes. Look for brands that promise beauty by using natural and organic ingredients.

          If you can’t find the right product for your skin, make your own! It is simple and safe to do. Essential oils are very handy when making your homemade recipe. They are versatile and affordable. Get high-quality essential oils from top brands to produce an effective natural skin care product.

          Natural skin care is not only for the appearance of the skin but also for the overall health of the body. It helps improve your natural beauty while making you feel good. With all these tips and information, natural skin care is easier and more fun. Know the needs of your skin and find a product that works for you.

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