Shiny Leaf Customer Support Gets a Whopping 8.92 Stars Shiny Leaf

Shiny Leaf Customer Support Gets a Whopping 8.92 Stars

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    We conducted a survey among buyers of Shiny Leaf products and the result is an astonishing rating of 8.92 out of 10. In this recent survey, which was done on April 2021, respondents received a questionnaire to evaluate our customer support performance. The average rating of nearly 90% is a sincere testament to Shiny Leaf’s customer satisfaction guarantee.

    In this blog, we will give you the important “Ts” on how exactly our customer support process goes. Take this as an exclusive scoop straight from us. This is to help you understand what happens “BTS” (behind-the-scene) when you, our dear customer, has a concern you need our help with.

    Shiny Leaf Support representative handling clients

    Our Support Process

    We want to ensure that our customers always have a good experience with us – not only from using our products but from having that special relationship with us, where there is trust and confidence. That’s why, as part of our Happiness Guarantee, we give you top-of-the-line customer support wherever you are.

    Let’s break down our support process into four steps. Every step is important, so that our team can come up with the best solution for any customer concern in the shortest possible time. With each of these steps taken into account meticulously, we promise that every customer gets the after sales service they deserve. Here we go.

    Customers Contact Us

    The Shiny Leaf Customer Support process begins from the moment we receive a message from our customer. Whether it’s a delivery issue, a product inquiry, or order assistance, we are always ready to help you. When you contact us, make sure to include details about your concern such as order number, the products you brought, where you bought the products, or any other important information that can help us assess your concern immediately.

    There are 4 different ways to contact us, which shall be discussed individually in more detail in the succeeding section below. But first, step 2.

    We Acknowledge Your Concern

    The Shiny Leaf Customer Support will acknowledge your concern as soon as your message is received. You may expect a reply from us within 12 hours. With this reply, we may ask you for some details we need if you haven’t provided them in your initial message yet.

    The basic information we may ask are your order number, email address, and the store you bought the products from. But that may vary depending on your query. Either way, you’ll hear from us within the 12-hour time frame.

    Support Representative Creates a Report

    For our record purposes, the designated support representative creates a report about your concern especially if it’s a delivery issue or an order issue. Details about the complaint will be noted. Photos may sometimes be required from customers as proofs and shall be attached with the report for reference. We always want to solve every issue with an open heart and objective mind. A comprehensive report is an important part in coming up with our final solution.

    Report Submitted to Manager

    The report about your concern will be forwarded to our manager who gets to decide on the next steps. Our manager makes the assessment of the matter based on the information contained within the report. The manager will then respond to the customer support representative with a final decision on how to resolve your concern.

    Resolution in 24 Hours

    Once the Shiny Leaf Customer Support representative receives the decision, it will immediately be forwarded to you, the customer. Expect the reply from us within 24 hours from your first message.

    In some cases, 24 hours may be exceeded before a resolution is finally made. This happens when the concern needs more clarifications from either the customer or Shiny Leaf’s end. But don’t worry, we won’t let you down unless we make everything right for you.

    5-Step Customer Support Process Infographic

    How to Contact Shiny Leaf Support

    For faster and easier communication, we made various ways to reach us available for all. This way, customers can choose which method is more convenient for them.

    Chat Via Social Media

    Shiny Leaf has a presence in major social media channels available now. You can say hello through the chat box of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Send us a direct message about your concern and our social media managers will respond to you the soonest.

    Submit Contact Form

    Your second option is to fill-up the contact form, which you can access on the contact page on our website or via the Shiny Leaf mobile app. All you need to do is log in, type your message, and click submit. We will receive your message right away!

    Leave Voice Message

    If you prefer to say it than write it, let us know your concern by leaving us a voice message at 1-888-882-2041. When you record your message, make sure to mention the products that your bought, store you purchased from, date of purchase, and an active email address where we can contact you immediately.

    Send Email

    Lastly, a rather formal way to contact Shiny Leaf Customer Support is by sending an email to Write down in your email the complete details of your concern, so we can do necessary actions immediately.

    For a more thorough discussion on how to contact Shiny Leaf Support and the important information you need to remember when contacting us, check out our blog about the 4 ways to easily contact Shiny Leaf Support.

    Shiny Leaf Support Team working together to resolve customer concerns

    We Care for Our Customers

    The bottom line in everything we do is to make our customers really satisfied, not only with the products they bought, but the experience with Shiny Leaf as a whole. This is the sole reason why our Happiness Guarantee was developed. It’s our humble way of showing how much we care for you.

    Do you have any concerns? Questions? Suggestions? Don’t hesitate to ping us. You are always welcome to contact the customer support team 24/7. It’s always nice to hear from you!

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