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Herbal Essences Review: Natural Products for Healthy Hair

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    You can now find natural extracts and ingredients everywhere nowadays. They are present in shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and even in the moisturizer you use. Known to have great nourishing properties, it’s no wonder that there’s a high demand for extract-infused hair products.

    With a curly, frizzy hair like mine, changing hair products is a risk. But I’m willing to take it if that means I get to find hair products that can tame my wild curls. This is how I found Herbal Essences – a brand with the goal to create nutrient-rich hair products for all your hair care needs. The entirety of their product line consists of formulas that use natural extracts as main ingredients.

    I mean, you can never go wrong with natural extracts. Safe, nourishing, sustainable – what more could you ask for? Herbal Essences just took that one step further and created formulas that can address your hair concerns. Want to volumize thin hair? They’ve got something for you. Looking for ultra-hydrating conditioners for dry tresses? No worries, they’ve got that too.

    Whether you have dry hair, straight hair, or colored hair, there’s a product that can save you from your hair care woes.

    Why It’s Important to Choose A Good Brand

    Brands should not matter when choosing hair products, right? For conscious consumers, they should. Beyond the label, there are other factors you should consider. The brand of your shampoo does not affect how well it lathers. But the ingredients used in your shampoo – that is one thing that brands can affect.

    Good brands use quality ingredients. Ingredients that are both effective and safe for consumers. More than that, brands should be conscious of how they affect the environment too. And if you want to be a good human being, you should as well. But how can these brands contribute to having a good environment, you ask?

    It’s simple. Using sustainable raw materials for the packaging and product itself. Sustainable ingredients and materials are those that are used at an acceptable level, without causing natural resources to dwindle in the long run. Brands can also focus on changing how they package products to reduce their manufacturing waste.

    All of these and more are being done by Herbal Essences. That’s how dedicated the brand is towards helping the world heal. Of course, that doesn’t mean that their products fall short of expectations. In fact, their shampoos and conditioners are considered to have excellent effects on hair. Here’s a brief Herbal Essences review of their collections.

    Herbal Essences Review of Extract-Infused Hair Products

    Herbal Essences can offer you a variety of extract-infused hair products. Their formulas are created based on the strength of their main ingredients. You can find your personal favorites like argan oil and coconut milk collections. Each collection has shampoos and conditioners that work together to give hair what it needs the most.

    What really appealed to me is the vision of the brand – to create natural hair products that can make you feel naturally beautiful. It may sound cheesy, but I see how the brand strives to use only the best ingredients for their customers and for me, those are natural ingredients.

    We can’t really control external factors such as weather and pollution. The least we can do to maintain strong and lush hair is to choose the right products like Herbal Essences collection. I care what I put on my hair and my body. That’s why I only use products that I trust. And below are the hair care products that received two thumbs up from me.

    Argan Oil of Morocco Collection

    Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco

    If you don’t know what argan oil is, you’re missing out. This is an extract derived from argan seeds. The oil is rich in various nutrients and essential fatty acids that are good for your hair. These essential fatty acids can moisturize the strands and give your hair a lovely shine.

    What’s more, argan oil has antioxidants that can prevent damage so your hair stays strong and healthy. Both the shampoo and conditioner in this collection contain argan oil, aloe vera, and sea kelp. The combination of these three has amazing effects on your tresses. Using these products helped reduce hair fall, which is a serious concern of mine. I found out that the main ingredients in this collection can help stimulate hair growth and prevent hair fall.

    Both products in Argan Oil of Morocco collection have amazing smell. While the scent is not overpowering, it stayed on my hair all day long.

    Coconut Milk Collection

    Herbal Essences Coconut Milk

    Coconut milk is an ancient hair care secret. It is a staple in hair care on Asian countries because of its moisturizing properties. The milk is extracted through squeezing coconut fibers. It contains a lot of hair-nourishing substances like essential fatty acids, protein, and vitamin E.

    Herbal Essences Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner made it easier to get its benefits. It is extremely hydrating, which is good for dry and rough hair. The combination of aloe and sea kelp also boosts the effects of coconut milk. Both the shampoo and conditioner have a very mild scent – a blend of white florals, vanilla, and coconut milk.

    When I used the shampoo, I noticed that my curly hair became softer and easier to manage. The conditioner is very light, but still extremely hydrating.

    Micellar Water and Blue Ginger Collection

    Herbal Essences Micellar Water and Blue Ginger

    The Micellar Water and Blue Ginger collection is really unique because I thought at first that micellar water is for skin only. Apparently, it can be used on hair too. Moreover, using micellar water to cleanse hair from time to time is advised. Micellar water is very gentle, but effective when it comes to cleansing hair.

    It attracts dirt, oil, and residue from hair, making them easier to be washed off. A micellar shampoo is good for greasy hair because it can remove excess oil without causing dryness. When washing my hair with the shampoo, it didn’t create a thick lather like normal shampoos. But my hair and scalp felt fresh and clean afterward.

    During my experience of Herbal Essences product review, I appreciated how their products do more than cleanse and moisturize. You might notice an increase in strength and volume when you use their products. This collection, in particular, is designed for volumizing effects since the shampoo and conditioner lifts off excess oil that may be weighing your hair down. They have a clean, crisp scent of ginger and florals.

    Arabica Coffee Fruit Collection

    Herbal Essences Arabica Coffee

    The smell of coffee is divine. But did you know that caffeine has great benefits for your hair too? It is full of antioxidants that can prevent damage and keep your hair healthy. This special blend of shampoo contains aloe vera and sea kelp like the other collections of Herbal Essences.

    Arabica Coffee Fruit Shampoo can cleanse hair thoroughly and restore the pH balance of your tresses. I recommend this shampoo for color-treated hair. It is gentle enough that it won’t strip color and moisture from hair. The scent of the shampoo is so appealing too. It is a mix of berries, caramel latte, and patchouli.

    After using the shampoo for three days, I saw that my hair became really full. The formula has a volumizing effect that is good for curly hair and limp locks. When used with the light conditioner, the results were enhanced. The fresh scent lingers for a whole day and my curls became really defined.

    Cucumber and Green Tea Collection

    Herbal Essences Cucumber Green Tea

    I love everything green tea. It’s so healthy for the body and full of antioxidants that can help prevent aging. I also love it when my shampoo and conditioner have green tea, just like Herbal Essences’ Cucumber & Green Tea collection. The refreshing combo of cucumber and green tea helped restore the shine on my hair.

    There are other extracts that both the conditioner and shampoo contain. These include corn silk extract and orange flower extract. Their formulas are also rich in antioxidants. For me, the conditioner was a definite winner. It smelled refreshingly of clean amber, water lily, and green leaves.

    The shampoo does not contain paraben and colorants. I used a small amount but it lathered well. The formula felt smooth on my hair and it was easy to rinse off. The conditioner was not as heavy too. But it definitely moisturized my hair from roots to tips. I liked the feeling of the conditioner on my tresses. The conditioner reduced the frizziness of my hair and its rough texture as well.


    Upon trying the nourishing collections of Herbal Essences, I know for a fact that they do want you to feel naturally beautiful. The scent of their shampoos and conditioners can give you an energizing feeling. Plus, their wonderful effects on your hair will make you want to parade it off.

    But more than caring for their customers, we must acknowledge that any brand who is taking a step towards sustainability is worth the praise. Not many brands can sacrifice the convenience of plastic packaging and manufacturing wastes. But Herbal Essences understand that they have a role to play when it comes to saving your hair or our nature. Your choice can make a difference. Whether it’s on your hair or on our world. Choose quality, choose good brands.


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