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Tame Wild Hair with These 5 Products Found in Your Home

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    Women and even men pay special attention to their locks. Having a good hair care routine is not only part of hygiene but also a beauty regimen that keeps your locks looking healthy and shiny. You invest both money and time in finding great hair care products that will not only bring the luster back into your tresses but also protect it from damages.

    It can be taxing to find a product that works great for your hair. But the universe truly works in mysterious ways. You’d be surprised to discover that these common household items hold some secrets that can level up your hair care routines. Here are 5 amazing products you can easily find in your home that will bring help you tame those wild, frizzy locks!

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    Wonders of Oils for Hair

    Cooking oils, aromatherapy oils, and skin oils also have other uses for the hair. Oils have natural properties that moisturize the hair deeply. Hair products that are oil-based works great for dry and frizzy strands. They have greater abilities in moisturizing hair strands. There are essential oils considered to be hair oils. But there are also oils commonly found in your home that you can use. Olive oil and coconut oil are some of them.

    To use on hair, take ½ cup of olive oil. Warm it up but be careful not to boil it. Massage into scalp and comb through the hair. Cover with a plastic bag or shower cap and wrap a towel around the hair. Let it rest for 45 minutes. Shampoo and cleanse thoroughly after the time period is up. It will not only moisturize your locks but also bring back its healthy shine.

    Moisturizing Properties of Honey

    One of the natural characteristics of honey that works great for hair is it, being a natural humectant. It does not only make your hair softer but it is also effective in keeping moisture on the strands all day long. It also does not leave your tresses sticky or feeling greasy.

    For hair, create a blend of ½ cup honey and 1-2 tablespoon of olive oil. Wet hair before applying this mixture. Massage onto hair mainly focusing on the middle part up to the tips. This is because this honey blend works better in preventing dry and frizzy ends. Rinse thoroughly after letting it rest for 20 minutes.


    Banana Hair Mask for Moisture and Shine

    An abundance of vitamins and nutrients found in bananas are great for your health. But there also bring more wonders when used on hair. Banana contains potassium and natural oils which aid in softening the hair. It is effective in improving hair for better manageability and also brings it a healthy shine.

    There are various blends of banana hair mask and all used for different purposes. There’s a mixture that uses avocado and coconut milk which is made to soften the hair. A blend of banana, ¼ cup olive oil, and egg white, on the other hand, works well to bring shine back to your hair.

    To prevent and stop hair loss, mixing ripe banana puree with yogurt is a great hair mask. There are also banana hair mask blends for dry and damaged hair which is mixed with either honey or almond oil.

    Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

    Mayonnaise is one of the more popular household item used for hair treatments. It is rich in amino acid which helps condition hair. Since it is oil-based, it moisturizes the hair greatly. Another benefit of applying mayonnaise on hair is that it helps control and tame frizzy hair. It has vinegar which is effective in tightening hair follicles. This keeps moisture from getting into your hair shaft. This ability is the key to keeping the strands smooth and soft.

    To use on hair, mix a cup of mayonnaise with a teaspoon of vanilla extract or other fragrant essential oils. It helps reduce the scent of mayonnaise which might smell unpleasant for others.

    Apple cider vinegar

    Smoothening Apple Cider Vinegar

    Using apple cider vinegar for hair does not only tame wild tresses. It also works to improve its texture. Hair often gets damaged due to chemicals used in hair products. They strip hair off of moisture. Apple cider vinegar’s acidity, on the other hand, is effective in helping balance the hair and scalp’s pH level. Another benefit of using it is because it can effortlessly detangle hair knots.

    Applying apple cider vinegar mixed with water leaves hair softer, smoother, and shinier. It is best used as a rinse right after showering. Massage it into scalp and let it rest before rinsing thoroughly with water.

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