Hair Care Products


    Various hair products maintain and improve hair health. They provide moisture and nourishment that keep hair strong and silky. There are different types of hair products and each one has its uses in hair care. Know which products to use to treat and protect hair from damage. Here’s a guide to hair care products that provides information and tips on their uses and benefits.

    Girl with a shiny straight hair

    Why Use Hair Care Products

    Products have an important role in hair care. Since the body can’t get all the necessary nutrients for hair growth from the food that you eat, you can provide these by using hair products. There are nourishing substances in hair products that improve its health. Certain formulas are also made to address hair concerns and treat them.

    Some factors that cause hair damage are environmental factors. These are aspects that you can’t control. While you can include healthy food in your diet to get strong hair, you can’t prevent the rising humidity that makes hair go limp. However, you can protect it from pollution and from sun damage by using the right hair products.

    Certain hair products are also made to provide therapeutic effects that curb hair concerns. Hair loss, split ends, frizzy hair, and dandruff are common hair and scalp issues. Hair products contain ingredients that prevent hair damage while restoring the health and strength of the hair. There are tools and styling products used to manage hair as well. Learn more about various hair products and their uses.

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    Various Hair Care Products

    Hair care products improve the health and appearance of the hair. They can make hair shiny, soft, and smooth to the touch. Other products work to repair hair damage and make hair more manageable. Here are the different types of hair care products.

    Different types of hair products


    Get rid of the dirt, oil, and flakes on hair and scalp by using gentle cleansers. This product is made to clean the hair and leave you feeling fresh after. However, make sure to choose mild cleansers to prevent excessive dryness of hair and scalp. Moisture is still necessary to keep hair soft and smooth. Learn how these various cleansers work for your hair.


    A shampoo is the most common type of cleanser for hair and scalp. It often contains a conditioner as well to counter its drying effects. When choosing shampoos, you need to determine the suitable product for your hair type or hair concern.

    By Type

    Here are the types of shampoo for various hair types:

    • For Curly and Kinky Hair – Curly and kinky hair is drier than wavy and normal hair. They have less sheen as well. The suitable shampoo should be free from drying ingredients. Use shampoo that tames frizzy hair strands as well. Curly and kinky hair is prone to dryness and frizzing. Pick a formula that contains essential oils for deep hydration. Limit using the shampoo to prevent drying of hair.
    • For Wavy Hair – Keep your natural waves while cleansing hair by using hydrating shampoos. The formulas should not contain drying ingredients. Wavy hair can get dry and frizzy when there is not enough moisture. Some shampoos help define the curl as well. These formulas tame strands and prevent fly away.
    Women with straight and wavy hair
    • For Fine Hair – Fine hair has thin strands prone to breakage and split ends. Gentle and moisturizing shampoos are best used for this hair type. Co-washing is also another way to cleanse hair. It is a term used for washing the hair with a conditioner. This is suited for people who have curly, kinky, and fine hair. It moisturizes hair while improving texture and volume. Co-wash every other day to prevent breakage of fine hair.
    • For Coarse Hair – Coarse hair is dry and rough to the touch. Cuticles get damaged due to dryness. Dirt that clings to hair strands also affect hair health. Since coarse hair is dry enough, choose shampoos that are cleansing and moisturizing at the same time. Avoid detergents or alcohol in shampoos and choose hydrating cleansers to soften hair.
    • For Straight Hair – Keep your hair straight and shiny by using a shampoo that strengthens hair. For straight and fine hair, volumizing shampoo is great. Hair repair formulas are recommended as well. It prevents breakage while preventing hair damage.

    Each hair type needs suitable shampoos that will gently cleanse and nourish hair. Learn more about suitable shampoos for your hair type. Visit the page below.

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      Specially Designed Formulas

      Shampoos are also made to address certain concerns such as dandruff, hair loss, and damaged hair. If you have any hair concern, consult an expert on what shampoo type of shampoo to use. Here are some tips for shampoos used for certain hair concerns:

      • For Dry Hair – If you have dry hair, the best shampoo to use is one that has great moisturizing effects. A shampoo for dry hair does not contain sulfate, alcohol, and detergent. They also tend to use natural moisturizing ingredients like essential oils. A moisturizing shampoo can help clean hair without causing dryness. It leaves hair smooth and soft after use.
      Shampooing hair
      • For Oily Hair – Shampoo for oily hair does not contain drying ingredients. It helps control oil production on the scalp and keeps hair moisturized. A cleansing formula for oily hair does not cause drying. It leaves hair soft, smooth, and fresh afterward.
      • Treatment Shampoos – Treatment formulas often have ingredients that repair hair damage and promote healthy hair growth. They might contain organic ingredients that are highly nourishing and brings therapeutic effects to hair. Treatment shampoos cleanse and repair hair concerns. They are specially designed for issues such as dandruff, hair loss, brittle hair, or damaged hair. Shampoos that treat hair removes dirt, oil, and toxins to help nutrients absorb through the hair. For hair concerns such as falling hair, it's best to try shampoos that contain castor oil. Castor oil promotes healthy hair growth and prevents hair from getting damaged. Learn how castor oil shampoo makes hair more resilient.

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      • For Color-Treated Hair – Shampoo for color-treated hair do not contain drying or harmful chemicals that can fade the color of hair. Sulfate is quite damaging for color-treated hair since it has powerful cleansing properties. Choose a gentle shampoo that hydrates hair and improves hair color. Moisturizing shampoos protects hair from fading and dryness. They cleanse hair and scalp and leaves it soft to the touch.

      Dry Shampoo

      Dry shampoo is also called no-rinse shampoo. You don’t need to wet hair or rinse off foam from hair. This type of formula comes in powder or spray form. Dry shampoo gets rid of the dirt, oil, and flakes from scalp. It makes hair shiny, smooth, and silky after use. There are two types of dry shampoo and each one has benefits for hair.

      • Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo – Oil absorbing dry shampoo gets rid of the excess oil on hair. It delivers oil-absorbing ingredients such as alcohol and starch to the scalp. These ingredients soak the grease from the hair and leave hair and scalp fresh after. This type of dry shampoo is easy to use and is suitable for traveling.
      • Volumizing Dry Shampoo – A volumizing dry shampoo makes hair look thicker, shiny, and bouncy. Limp hair can be due to excess oil and dirt on hair. Limp hair also looks dull and rough to the touch. Dry shampoo restores the volume of hair. This type of dry shampoo improves the texture of hair as well.
      Cleansers for all hair types


        Conditioners restore the moisture and hydration to hair. The best conditioner prevents evaporation of moisture on hair to protect it from getting dry and brittle. It prevents hair damage by keeping the cuticles smooth and unbroken. Conditioner improves hair texture, shine, and volume. It has a thicker consistency than shampoo as well. Here are the various types of conditioner:

        • Regular Conditioners  Regular conditioners have a creamy consistency that leaves hair smooth and soft. It is used right after rinsing shampoo from hair. It helps soften hair and prevents dryness.
        • Leave-In Conditioners – A leave-in conditioner has a light consistency that moisturizes hair without weighing heavily on it. You can apply it to dry hair. This is used mainly to detangle hair and keep it smooth. It is suitable for kinky and curly hair. Leave-in conditioner is applied just like a hair oil. 
        • Deep Conditioners – Deep hair conditioners hydrate hair and scalp without leaving it oily. Deep conditioners are left longer on hair than regular conditioners. It depends on every product but you can leave it on for 10 to 30 minutes before rinsing hair. It allows for the penetration of moisture and nourishment to the deeper layers of hair and scalp.
        • Other Formulas – Other types of this product include pack conditioner, which is left on hair longer. It repairs hair damage by gluing back the cuticles of hair to prevent it from lifting up from the shaft. It has a very thick consistency. Hold conditioner is another example. It is used to style hair and hold it in shape. It has a gel-like consistency. Some conditioners also work as a sunscreen to protect hair from sun damage.
        Applying conditioner to hair

          Styling Agents

          Manage hair better or style it into any shape by using these styling agents. Most of these styling agents hold hair in place. Other formulas make hair softer and easier to handle. Find products to style hair with or treatment formulas to use for your hair.

          • Balm – A hair balm has a consistency similar to that of hardened oil. Most balms contain essential oils but come in a solid form. They help moisturize hair and make it more manageable. Balm tames frizzy hair and prevents flyaways. It can be applied to dry or damp hair. There are balms for beards as well.
          • Gel – Gels come in a clear and thick liquid used to style hair. The various types of gels differ in strength. Some gels are soft, and there are gels that are tough as well. When dry, they can make hair hard and rough, but other gels are used to hold hair in place without making it dry.
          • Pomade – Pomade has a waxy consistency applied to style hair. It improves the shine and texture of hair as well. Pomade makes hair look shiny and slick. It feels greasy but does not make hair oily.
          • Hair Spray – Hairspray holds hair in place and protects it from humidity and wind. It comes in an aerosol spray, which spreads the substance that dries to bind hair together. You can apply it to dry or damp hair after cleansing and conditioning. Most experts use hairspray to style it into any shape.
          • Curl Defining Products – Get defined waves or curls with this formula. Curl defining products can have various forms. It may come as a cream, gel, or even a serum. They lock in moisture to the strands of hair and helps define the shape of the strands. Some curl defining products also hold hair in place to prevent frizz.
          Hair spray and comb
          • Hair Protectants – Styling hair can cause damage due to the drying effects. Here are some products to keep hair healthy and smooth:
            • Hair Primer – Hair primer is best applied before using styling agents or styling tools. It conditions hair for long-lasting moisture and helps hold it in place. This protects the scalp from dirt and buildup of residues as well. Hair primers have a heat-protectant formula that prevents damage when using irons or blow dryers on hair. Apply to damp hair after shower and before blow drying. The primer comes in cream and sprays for hair.
            • Heat Protectant Spray – Heat protectant sprays reduce damage done to hair when exposed to high heat. Using tools that expose hair to high heat or staying under the sun for too long can make hair dry, weak, and brittle. Always apply to hair before using styling tools.
          • Chemical Treatments – Chemical treatments provide a way for you to achieve the desired hairstyle. You can choose hair coloring formulas or permanent hairstyle treatments. However, you need to ensure that the products you will use do not cause long-term damages to hair. These products contain chemicals to alter the physical appearance of hair. Learn how they affect your hair.
            • Hair Coloring Formulas – Hair coloring formula changes the pigmentation of your hair. It has substances that absorb through the hair shaft to alter its color. In the process, it causes drying. By using a color-treatment formula, you expose hair to dryness and brittleness. Avoid this by using high-quality products that contain few chemicals.
            • Hair Straightening Formulas – A hair straightening formula uses chemicals to straighten hair permanently. The chemicals work by disrupting the bonds of the hair. The formula gets rid of the shape of wavy, curly, or kinky hair. This results in straight and shiny hair. However,  it can lose its straight shape without proper care. Keep it straight and sleek by using straightening hair products.
            • Permanent Wave Formulas – The chemicals in permanent wave formula help shape hair to maintain the curls. Natural waves and curls are always in fashion. This is why a lot of straight-haired people use permanent wave formulas to get beautiful curls. Hair is wrapped around an accessory to define the size and shape of the curl and the formula is applied. Preserve the shape of hair by keeping it conditioned.
          Curling auburn-colored hair
          • Tools and Accessories – Aside from formulas, there are tools and accessories used for hair care as well. These products help provide the desired hairstyle. Some tools have everyday uses while other products are best used in intervals. Here are the common hair tools and accessories:
            • Blow Dryer – Men and women use a blow dryer to evaporate the water on hair faster. This is an important part of hair care. Going outside when hair is still damp causes dirt and toxins to cling to hair and scalp. This is a common cause of dandruff. It can weaken hair as well. By blow drying, you speed up the amount of time it takes to dry the hair. For curly, kinky, and wavy hair, use a diffuser and attach to the mouth of the tool. It helps spread the air and gives you wide coverage.
            • Straightening Iron –  Straightening irons use ceramic plates that heat the hair to make it straighter. The ceramic is safe to use on hair without causing brittleness. Use the right settings for a straightening iron to prevent overheating the hair and causing damage. It works for wavy hair to tame the waves and make it sleek.
            • Curling Iron – The curling iron temporarily alters the shape of the hair to achieve waves. It heats hair to make it easier to form into the curls. Use the right amount of heat for your hair type to prevent burning the strands or causing damage.
            • Hair Brush – Hairbrush removes knots in hair and makes it smoother after use. It combs through the strands and helps remove flakes as well. A hairbrush has many bristles that may come as hard or soft. Soft bristles are great for smoothing fine hair. Hard bristles with rounded tips are best for wavy or curly hairs.
            • Comb – A comb is a hair tool that has teeth instead of bristles. A wide-toothed comb is best used for wavy and curly hair while the fine-toothed comb suits straight and fine hair.
            • Razor – To remove unwanted hair in any body part, use a high-quality razor. It cuts off hair from the follicles without damaging the skin. The hair follicles are left unharmed as well.

          Hair brush in the counter

          Treatment Formulas

          Treat and repair hair damage by using formulas that nourish and hydrate hair. These products are designed to bring great effects when applied to hair:

          • Serum – Serums are fast-absorbing products that hydrate and nourish hair instantly. Most serums also target problems such as frizz and flyaway. The light formula of serum makes it perfect for hydrating hair and scalp. It improves the strength of the follicles and the hair strands. Some serums are used for styling while others are for treating specific hair concerns.
          • Hair Oils – Hair oils are rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair. When applied on the scalp, they stimulate healthy hair growth as well. Using hair oil leaves hair moisturized and provides hydration for the scalp. It helps speed up the blood flow on the scalp and improve hair strength. Essential oils have a lot of other uses in hair care. Since they are rich in nutrients and moisture, they work well for all hair types. Discover other benefits of using essential oils for hair.

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            • Hair Mask – By using a mask on hair and scalp, you’re removing any buildup of dirt, oil, toxins, and residues. However, the primary use of a hair mask is that it hydrates hair and scalp deeply. It also improves the shine and texture of the hair. This hair care product is used every week since it takes a lot of time to apply and rinse it off. You can get natural hair masks made from organic ingredients.


            Supplements are products taken orally to nourish the body and improve hair growth. Most supplements deliver vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth. They are often made into pills for easy ingestion. These supplements replenish the lack of nutrients in the body. Take supplements to prevent and treat hair concerns caused by deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.

            Shiny dirty blonde hair

            Natural Hair Care

            Since a lot of chemicals and artificial ingredients damage the hair, more people are opting for natural hair care. This is a practice of using natural methods and products that use ingredients good for the hair. Natural products like essential oils and homemade recipes have wide uses in hair care. Here are some products to know about for natural hair care:

            • Hair Rinse – Cleanse the hair without using a shampoo with a hair rinse. It is made from organic or natural ingredients that have tonic, antibacterial, and astringent properties. Apple cider vinegar is a common product used to rinse hair.
            • Natural Hair Butter – A hair butter contains natural ingredients that are hydrating and moisturizing. Shea butter and coconut oil are some of these ingredients. There are also organic oils that are great replacements for conditioners.
            • Homemade Recipes – Making your own hair care products help reduce damage and get results of healthy hair. Do-It-Yourself or DIY recipes are a hit amongst those who prefer safe and healthy hair products. Organic and natural ingredients are used in creating these recipes. Essential oils are often added to these formulas since they have versatile effects. Argan oil is a popular choice for hair care due to its highly moisturizing effects. Try making DIY recipes with argan oil and tweak them according to your preferences. 
              Natural hair care products

                To build the ultimate hair care routine, you need knowledge of the various products, their uses, and benefits. Each hair type is in need of suitable formulas that protect it from damages. Choose high-quality products that provide moisture and nourishment for all your hair needs. Get healthy, shiny, and beautiful hair easily!

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