Shiny Leaf is inviting all influencers to become a part of its growing community of brand ambassadors. If you have active social media accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and a huge following of people who are just as engaging and as enthusiastic about skin & hair care, essential oils, and body care products as you are, we would love to work with you! We’re looking for someone who loves beauty products and talking about various new beauty brands on their influencer space.

Shiny Leaf is a US based company that creates incredible beauty products and solutions that are both effective and affordable. Some of our amazing products include the best-selling Organic Castor Oil and Argan Oil. We offer beauty products that contain natural and organic ingredients that work great with all skin and hair types. As one of Amazon’s top beauty brands, we make sure our products are made using the best manufacturing process and the highest quality raw materials and ingredients. We are committed to ensuring that all our products are safe to use and are cruelty free.

As a Shiny Leaf Influencer, you get to be an ambassador for beauty products that make a difference. Our wide range and variety of products are created to delight our customers. We create products that care for all skin and hair types. Even people with sensitive skin can benefit from using any of our skin care, body care, and essential oil products. Love hair care products that contain natural ingredients that help your hair grow healthy and shiny? We have those too! Our influencers will represent all the Shiny Leaf product lovers in the world and show the world what a great brand Shiny Leaf truly is.

Contact our marketing team at to inquire about joining our Influencer program. We can’t wait for you to become part of our community!


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