Organic Essential Oils


    Just like food, essential oils need sufficient proof as certified organic before the makers of said oils may add the words ‘organic’ to its labels and ads. Oils are only either organic or not. There is no in between. Organic essential oils are highly in demand and often cost more than regular oils. Several essential oils guide recommend the use of organic oils for overall wellness.

    One of the reasons that contribute to organic oil’s popularity and high demand are the different myths and belief that have been circulating about these types of oils. Some of them are completely made up and some of them are true. Here are some of the most well-known myths about organic oils and the truths behind them.

    Leaf essential oil

    Myth: Organic essential oils are better than non-organic oils.

    Truth: It is true that the methods of growing the plants where essential oils come from are important. However, what makes an essential oil better than others has to do with its purity, grade, and quality. Other factors that affect the oil’s quality include environmental factors, handling, and storage.

    You might grow roses organically which makes the oil that you produce from these roses organic, but if the flowers were affected by drought or freezing cold, the oils that it will produce will be of less quality than those grown in optimal weather conditions. Rose oil is a very expensive due to the number of ingredients needed to produce a small amount of it. The process of extracting the oil is very delicate too. This is because rose petals are vulnerable to external factors such as high heat. However, pure rose oil has an amazing scent and effects for skin care. Find out the benefits of using rose essential here.

    Myth: Different methods are used to extract oils from organically grown plants. This makes them better than non-organic based oils.

    Truth: There are no special methods of handling and extracting oils from organic and non-organically grown plants. The different extraction process will depend on the kind of plant, plant part or plant product it is. If the oils come from the seeds, for example, cold pressing them may be better than distillation. If oils come from barks of trees or stems of plants, using another kind of oil extraction process may yield more oil.

    The extraction methods are important in producing the best essential oil you can use for skin, hair, or for ingestion. High-quality essential oils do not always need to be expensive or organic. Natural oils have the same effects and benefits for the body. They can be extracted from the finest ingredients as well. Check out this collection to find the best oil that you need. 

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    Essential oil in amber glass container

    Myth: Organic essential oils will last forever.

    Truth: Organic essential oils or oils grown using organic methods may last a long time but they will still go bad after a while. A natural process called oxidation makes the oils less potent and lose freshness. It does not matter if it is organic or not. It will still go bad if left for long. Citrus-based oils, for example, have a high concentration of limonene, which is an ingredient that easily oxidizes. You’ll notice that they lose that citrus smell after some time.

    Oils made from high-quality ingredients will retain their nourishing compounds for a long time. However, it is important to store them properly to preserve their purity. Here are tips on how to properly store essential oils to maintain their quality. 

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