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Easy and Efficient Ways of Storing Essential Oils

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    With an all-around use for essential oils, having them at hand is truly convenient. These oils just might save your day when it comes to hair or skin care troubles. Aside from this, they also have other uses for household and personal care. Owning a few bottles of various oils make your life easier and more enjoyable.

    Lavender essential oil

    Practical Container Sizes

    Pure essential oils often come in small or large bottles. Putting them in amber glasses extends their shelf life. But when you’re a person who travels a lot or is mostly out of home, having your favorite oils at reach is surely a wonderful experience.

    When you’re at home, there’s no trouble having oils stored in their normal containers. But when you’re out and about, opening bottles and mixing them takes a lot of time and effort. Preparing blended or diluted oils beforehand and carrying them with you wherever you go is very convenient. Know how to efficiently store your oils in a way that fits your lifestyle.

    Travel-Sized Essential Oils

    Putting large bottles of oils in your luggage does not only consume space. There are also chances that it might spill. This is a tragedy that results from carrying personal care products in containers that are not fit for travel. When you’re traveling, it is best to pack oils in smaller bottles with tight caps. Make sure that when you’re using glass bottles, that they are not placed in areas of your bag where they might break or get damaged.

    For aromatherapy oils, choose small bottles the size of your thumb or smaller. You can put them in front pockets and take them out when you need to get a whiff of their soothing scent.

    Small bottle of essential oil

    Easy-to-Carry Pump Bottles

    When it comes to quick moisturizing for skin and hair, pump bottles are your best choice. It works even when you’re away from home, outdoors, or in your office. This makes it easier to dispense your choice of natural essential oils blend. It saves you from the woes of dry skin or frizzy hair. Putting them in your bag with a cap on will prevent any spillage.

    This is also a good option if you’re a traveler. Want to relax and feel at home with a soothing bath? Place a few drops of natural oil in body care products or in your bath.

    Spout Containers for Household Uses

    While spray bottles are good containers, they are not suitable for thicker oils. Storing oils in normal capped bottles for household chores is also tiresome. To use for your domestic chores, containers with a spout is your best choice.

    Various types and sizes of containers containing essential oils

    Accessories to Use with Essential Oils

    There are different types of accessories you can use for your essential oils. There are extracts that are great for hair care. Tools such as lash wands, combs, and brushes work great when paired with these oils. Aside from these, there are also products such as droppers that make it easier for you to take the desired amount of oil without wasting any. Every drop is precious as it contains the wonders that nature can give you.

    Essential Oils

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