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Pomegranate Seed Oil Skin Care Recipes

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Essential oils are not only highly nourishing but they are also very versatile. There are blends of various oils in the market, made to address certain skin care concerns. But if you’re not satisfied with these products, why not create your own blend of essential oils?

Pomegranate seed oil has positive reviews from users and experts alike. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and highly abundant in antioxidant which makes it really effective for skin care. Mixing it with other natural oils is a trending practice in the field of beauty. Learn about these DIY recipes that you can do at the comfort of your own home to use on your skin care routines.

Pomegranate seed

Moisturizing Blend

If you need a recipe for simple skin hydration, mix pomegranate seed extract with any carrier oil like coconut oil. It depends on you how much amount you need to blend together. This works well in providing moisture on the skin and is safe to use on morning or night routines.

Face Oil for Everyday Use

This blend is not only great for moisturizing. The perks of this recipe is that it is effective for oily skin.

  • 1 tablespoon Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • 1-2 tablespoon Sunflower Oil
  • 1 tablespoon Argan Oil

Mix these essential oils together and put in a small bottle for storage. Shake gently and apply 2-3 drops of this mixture daily on the skin for face care.

Anti-Aging Recipe

Pomegranate seed oil is naturally abundant in antioxidants and minerals. You can further boost its effects by mixing it with other extracts. Here’s a simple recipe for this anti-aging serum:

Pomegranate oil

  • ¼ oz. Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • ¼ oz. Jojoba Oil
  • ¼ oz. Rosehip Seed Oil
  • 5-10 drops of Carrot Seed Oil
  • 10-20 drops of Lavender Oil or Frankincense Oil

Gently combine all these oils and put in a small bottle. Apply on the face and all over the body daily.

Skin Treatment Blend for Night Routine

This recipe is almost similar to the mixture indicated above. The difference is that it has an additional vitamin E oil for boosted skin repair overnight. To create this recipe, mix these ingredients:

  • 1/3 tablespoon Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • 2/3 tablespoon Rosehip Seed Oil
  • 2/3 tablespoon Jojoba Oil
  • 1/3 tablespoon Vitamin E Oil
  • 5 drops of Lavender Oil
  • 2 drops of Geranium Oil

Mix in a bottle and gently shake before using. To use on night routines, take 5-7 drops and apply on skin after cleansing.

Skin care products with pomegranate seed oil

Soothing Blend of Natural Ingredients

This recipe is for those who are suffering from irritation or any condition linked to sensitive skin. If you are looking for a soothing blend to moisturize the skin, here’s an all-natural formula you can do at home.

  • 1 tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel
  • 2/3 tablespoon Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • 3 tablespoon Shea Butter
  • 2/3 tablespoon Rose Water

For this mixture, it is best to use a blender to mix these ingredients to get a rich and smooth consistency. Store in a clean bottle or any container. Apply a small amount on face after cleansing for hydration.

There are other undiscovered blends that are effective in addressing your skin care concerns. What matters is achieving the desired scent, consistency, and the results.

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