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Wellness and Lifestyle Blogs We Love

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Lots of people see the web as a sunken ship with many hidden treasures. Plundering to its depths to find the most shining gems have become a habit for most of us. There are informational sites, entertainment pages, and even social blogs. And who doesn’t love a write-up that we can relate to? Surely, you’ve found one that truly captures your sentiments well.

But with the freedom that the internet comes with, weeding through the endless stuff on the web is a hassle. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a site of brilliance and magnificence. But most of the time, you see yourself trying to wade through loads of useless information. And so, we bring these five wellness and lifestyle blogs that educate and empower individuals to finally take the healthy road.

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#1 DIY Natural – Building a Natural Lifestyle Your Own Way

DIY of Do It Yourself approach is still growing and influencing a lot of people. Matt and Betsy started this movement that focuses on the natural way of life. Whether it’s information about household matters, your beauty recipes, and even your food, you’ll find tips and healthy hacks on their website.

And the best thing about visiting their page? You get to do and create these things yourself – at home! You’ll be surprised at the range of information you can get from just taking a peek at their site. Once you’ve started, you’ll have a hard time closing the pages. Learn more about healthy living and doing things your own way with their simple and helpful guides.

DIY Natural

#2 Organic Authority – Your Bible to a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle

Redefine your perspective of a clean living with Organic Authority. This digital publication helps individuals find the answer to their dilemmas – bringing the latest updates, guides, recipes, and even brands and products to try out for certain needs. Find your way through the dark with this site that sheds light on the truth behind anything commercial. From products, brands and even the processes of producing goods.

Seek the truth and evaluate your products from food, beauty, home and even the most basic items like your drinks. Do they pass the standards for healthy and clean living? Restore vitality to your life together with Organic Authority!

Organic Authority

#3 Holistic Squid – Overall Wellness for Everyone

Beginners looking for a relatable guide to lead them towards a satisfactory healthy living find the answer with this guide. Holistic Squid takes a page in the book of a personal and professional life that focuses on everything natural towards overall wellness. From yoga, cooking, travel, acupuncture, and even delving into topics of family and raising children in a healthy way.

What sets this blog apart from others is that it truly expresses a life that revolves around family and healthy living, including home remedies for conditions of the body. If you’re a mother you’re going to learn a lot from this blog. Learn about mouthwatering recipes you can try at home that even children will love!
Holistic Squid

#4 Thank Your Body – An Easy Guilt-Free Guide to A Happy You

People sometimes deprive themselves of their simple guilty pleasures in exchange for getting fit and healthy. Some sacrifices satisfaction and happiness just to get that dream body. But it often comes tumbling back, causing distress to any adventurer that dares try to take the stressful road of fitness. Thank Your Body introduces guilt-free ways that do not only transform your body but also your mental and emotional wellness.

Use this site to jumpstart your transition and you’ll never feel anxious or stressed as you’re changing your lifestyle. From foods to daily living, beauty products, and even your home – this blog got it all for you! Easy and fun tips that make getting fit and healthy enjoyable!

Thank Your Body

#5 Heavenly Homemakers – Your Guide to A Comfy and Blissful Home

What truly makes a home comfortable and somewhere to go back to? Is it the fresh scent of linens? Perhaps the soft bed waiting for you to flop on it? Or maybe, it’s a home cooked meal that satisfies both the palate and your stomach? Whatever it is, you’ll find tips and tricks that make any home better with Heavenly Homemakers!

If you’re looking for a healthy recipe that kids will want to eat or you need some grocery shopping hacks, then you’ve come to the right page. Land yourself in this gold mine of fun, delicious, and definitely budget-friendly recipes to make for your family. Have all types of food to keep your family’s diet balanced and complete! Veggies, meats, fruits, and even sweets. Be ready to get assaulted with a mountain of flavors!

Heavenly Homemakers

These are just some of the blogs that captured our hearts and even our respect. It’s never too late for anyone to make a change in their lifestyle. And these experts make the transition so much fun and worth the energy! Take a leap of faith and we assure you that it’s going to be a fun ride.

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