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8 Small Changes for A Healthier Lifestyle

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    Some resolutions fade away so quickly, you didn't even go halfway through it. As 2018 arrives, you’d want to make the best out of it. Resolutions give you motivation to look forward to a fruitful year. But having unrealistic goals would just be another way of setting yourself to fail. If you’re looking into achieving great lifestyle changes, always look at the big picture but start with small steps. Target goals that will have a much bigger impact on your health and life.

    Here are eight goals that are easy to achieve. These are small steps that can jumpstart your lifestyle change. They are just minor improvements that you can develop over time as a habit. Achieve the results you're gunning for this 2018. Know what these goals are and how they benefit you.

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    1. Clean Eating

    Having a balanced diet is not only about eating a variety of foods that have all kinds of nutrients. If you want to live healthy this year, start by eating clean. This means that you should look into the kind of foods you’ve been eating. Make sure that there are minimal chemicals used in these foods. Sugar, preservatives, excessive sodium, and processed foods are just some of the things to avoid.

    Organic foods are great for the body. They do not contain any chemicals and has retained all the nourishing substances. You should include whole foods that can provide more protein and essential fatty acids such as vegetables and fruits in your diet. You can improve your health by doing this.

    Even small changes such as avoiding sugar can help improve your energy level and your focus. Some foods that can help you eat clean for the year are unprocessed meat, food-grade essential oils, whole grains, and organic greens. Never skip meals and make sure to feel satisfied at the end of the day.

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    2. Knowing How to Prioritize

    Whether you’re a busy person or not, you should value your time greatly. There’s so much you can do with your time and sometimes it would seem lacking. Organizing your time helps you complete more tasks, feel satisfied, and avoid stress. When you can get jobs done, you feel a sense of fulfillment that you know you’ve been productive with your time.

    When you feel stressed, it’s important to wind down and refresh the mind. Ensure your mental and emotional health by knowing how to prioritize and organize your time. This is also another way to take some time for yourself. Indulge in your favorite activities!

    Go see the movies, read your favorite book, travel somewhere, or just enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Treat yourself to small things that can make you feel a bit happier or calmer. Remember that emotional and mental wellness are important aspects of your life.

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    3. Keeping Hydrated

    You might be used to drinking just a few glasses a day just to quench your thirst. This year, make it your goal to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. It does not only keep you hydrated and feeling full, it will help with your metabolism as well.

    Your skin and hair can benefit from drinking lots of water too. The water that you drink affects your skin tone and its suppleness. It also improves the shine of your hair. Dehydration slows down functions of the skin and scalp, which can lead to dull and dry skin. By keeping yourself hydrated, you’re ensuring that the body is healthy and can function well.

    4. Finding Time to Relax

    Being too stressed out can give you wrinkles! Seeing wrinkles on your will further stress you out. You can avoid this common sign of skin aging by finding time to relax. Stress can also trigger the overproduction of oils, which can cause breakouts. Stress hormones can also make the skin lose its volume and elasticity. Because the skin loses its firmness, you can form wrinkles.

    Avoid stress and develop a mental and emotional balance. By having a healthy mind and spirit, you can commit to your goals easier. Taking some time off from your busy schedule makes you happier and more attuned to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit.

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    5. Walking for 30 Minutes a Day

    If you’re not ready for a regular exercise, you can just do a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood. It’s best to do it in the mornings when the sun has just risen. If you have somewhere to go to and it’s just 2-3 kilometers away, walk instead of taking a cab. Every step counts in ensuring that your body is fit and healthy. You can break it down into two sessions a day or just do it all in one go.

    By going for a healthy walk, you’re helping the body pump the blood and therefore, improving the blood flow. It has a lot of benefits for the body. You can get an even and clear skin tone and it could improve your metabolism as well. Take your dog outside, or go to the nearest coffee shop by walking. It’s a simple change in your routine that can make your lifestyle healthier.

    6. Consulting Experts

    Not all the things that you can find on google are true and accurate. If you have any health concerns, it’s best to consult a doctor. You should not consider your research on the internet as a professional opinion. You should get advice from experts to know about any improvement in skin or hair care, as well.

    Make sure to visit doctors from time to time. Remember that there could be developments in your body or health that could grow into worse conditions. By visiting the doctor or a professional, you can find out early if you need to change some things in your lifestyle or in your diet. This applies if you’re getting a haircut or if you want to try out a skin care product too.

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    7. Regulating Sleep

    Sleeping for 7-8 hours every night is important. The body enters a state of rest where its functions speed up double time. This is when the body heals and repairs itself. When you sleep, you wake up feeling refreshed. Sleep is important in order to ensure that the body is healthy and well. It affects the ability of your body to heal wounds. On top of those, it helps blood flow better, which gives you a fresh and clear complexion.

    Sleep helps ward off illnesses and conditions such as hypertension, insomnia, and heart disease. You can benefit from having enough sleep since it also keeps any mental and emotional stress at bay. To improve your sleep schedule, make sure to always follow a regular time for the body to sleep and wake up.

    A neat little trick to regulate your sleep is to go to bed only when you’re about to sleep. Get your body used to the idea that bed equals sleep. By doing this, you can avoid sleepless nights.

    8. Unplugging from Social Media

    With technology taking so much of your time nowadays, having time off from your phone is healthy. Take this time to indulge in other activities or hobbies, or you could reach out to friends and family to have some real face-to-face interactions. To unplug means to put down your phone and get in touch with yourself or nature. Taking a break from social media is hard. However, there are things out there that are much more interesting.


    Use this time to write down your thoughts instead of typing them. You can even finish the book that you’ve been putting off for a long time. There are so many things to discover in the real world. Do it at least an hour a day. You can do it before bed, or after waking up, and even at the middle of the day. That hour is very precious for your self-being. You can develop a sense of calm and disassociation with your phone.

    Remember that these are resolutions. You can start with the easiest and smallest change in your habits but make sure to stick to them. Strive for a healthy lifestyle and look at the benefits you can get – whether it’s short-term or long-term. Get fit, end your year with a sound mind, or develop your sense of being. Accomplish all these and feel a sense of satisfaction. The important thing is to spend your 2018 feeling healthy and happy!

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    • Nice tips for those 2019 goals I already follow some of these tips already.

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