Hair Treatment


    Hair care routines maintain the health of the hair while protecting it from damage. Keep hair healthy and strong by using products that treat hair damage. Read about the symptoms of hair damage and the best ways to treat them with tips from our guide to proper hair care. Learn all about hair treatments and its various types here.

    Restore the healthy shine of the hair with treatment products and natural remedies. Read on to find out more methods of treating and preventing hair damage!

    Color-treated hair

    What is Hair Treatment

    Hair damage happens due to lack of moisture and nourishment. External factors such as humidity, pollution, and weather can affect the health of your hair too. Hair treatments provide a way to restore the healthy state of the hair. There are various types of hair treatment. It depends on your hair damage and what it needs best.

    Here are three types of hair treatments and how they affect hair.

    Protein Treatment

    Hair is made up of proteins, mainly, keratin amino acids. It is essential in its growth and maintaining the resilience of hair. A protein treatment is used when hair is prone to breakage, brittle, and has high porosity. This kind of treatment delivers the protein that strengthens the strands and fills in the gap in the cuticle layers. The protein treatment is also called keratin treatment.

    Protein treatments help hair recover from damage such as split-ends, frizziness, and breakage. These symptoms happen due to the lack of protein on hair that fills in the gaps and keeps the cuticles of hair intact. Here are the symptoms of damaged hair that needs a protein treatment:

    • Frizzy hair
    • Split ends
    • Fading hair color
    • Loses the natural curl or shape of the hair
    • Stringy or static hair
    • Thinning hair
    Color-treated hair

      Moisture Treatment

      Moisture is essential in keeping hair shiny, soft, and silky smooth. It plays a vital role in giving hair volume as well. Moisture affects the texture, volume, elasticity, and the vibrancy of hair color. Moisture treatments deliver moisture to where hair needs it most – to hair shaft. Normal conditioners can’t penetrate the strands of hair to provide this moisture.

      Moisture treatment products are designed to seal in the water on the hair shaft and keep it thick and elastic. Dry and rough hair is prone to breakage. Lack of moisture can make hair lose its volume. Damaged hair tends to be hard to manage. With moisture treatment, hair gets softer, smoother, and shinier. Most hair products designed for moisture treatment use essential oils such as Argan oil. This oil is highly moisturizing and it provides additional nourishment for hair. It helps treat signs of damaged hair.  Here are some symptoms of hair that badly needs moisture treatment:

      • The rough texture of hair
      • Dry and dull hair
      • Flat and limp hair
      • Loss of hair volume

      There are various types of moisture treatment depending on hair type too. The curlier and drier the hair gets, the more intense moisture treatments should be. Products that contain Argan oil, such as hair loss shampoo and conditioner, are good for dry hair since they replenish not only moisture but also nourishment. See more of its benefits here.

      Dry and brittle hair

      Natural Hair Treatments

      When hair damage gets to a point that it breaks and falls easily, the best solution is to turn to natural hair treatments. Most commercial products contain chemicals and other toxic ingredients that can otherwise damage hair. Instead of introducing more of these harsh chemicals, limit the advanced formula and stick to natural remedies.

      Natural hair treatments help curly and kinky hair get shinier, softer, and more manageable. Products and remedies range from natural hair butter, essential oils, and food that you can find in your kitchen. The goal of natural hair treatments is to help hair recover from damage while introducing more nutrients that can promote its healthy growth.

      Who Needs A Hair Treatment

      Straight hair might be the shiniest and softest hair type in the spectrum but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe from damage. Every hair type can experience different types of hair damage. It might be caused by the lack of nourishment in the body or by the use of harsh products. Overuse of styling tools and chemical treatments are other factors to consider.

      If you have these symptoms, know that it’s time to invest in some hair treatment.

      Dry and Damaged Hair

      The most common sign of a damaged hair is dryness. Split ends, frizziness, and falling hair are usual effects of a weak and damaged hair. Damage to hair happens when the layers of the hair cuticle lift up from the shaft. This allows moisture to escape from the strand of hair and make it dry and brittle. The causes that can lead to dry and damaged hair include overuse of heating tools such as styling irons and hairdryer. Exposure to harmful UV rays is a common factor too.

      Kinky hair

      Chemical-Treated Hair

      Your hair has its natural form and shape. Changing that shape calls for the use of chemical treatments. There are permanent wave formulas and straightening formulas. These formulas work by breaking the bonds or links of hair that form its shapes. By shaping or straightening hair during the process, the formulas redesign the shape of the hair.

      This can damage the hair since it also affects the cuticles. This is why chemical treatments tend to leave hair dry and damaged. For this hair type, the best treatment is to use special products that provide moisture and protein while protecting the shape of the hair.

      Color-Treated Hair

      Coloring hair works by destroying the pigmentation of hair and introducing a new one. It does not only coat the outside of the strands. It penetrates the shaft as well. This creates the gaps in hair strands, which make hair prone to damage. Different types of hair oils can help repair hair damage to make it smooth and soft again. To discover the benefits of using hair oils, check this page.

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      Thinning Hair

      If hair is shiny, elastic, and resilient against damage, but has very thin volume, it is a sign that you need a hair treatment. Thinning hair can happen due to the loss of protein in strands. Thin hair can fall easily and can get dry over time. What thin hair needs are protein and moisturize treatment to restore its volume. If you're experiencing hair loss, visit this page to learn more ways on how to treat it.

      Man with long hair

      Best Hair Treatment for You

      Using the right formula for your hair concern is important. You need the right ingredients and proper methods of application. Here are various hair treatments for your hair concern. These treatments may range from a product, a method, or a homemade formula. Learn about them here:

      Flat and Limp Hair

      Flat and limp hair is due to the lack of moisture on hair. A moisture treatment is best used to restore the volume of hair. There are various types of moisture treatment. There are simple deep conditioning treatments to intense restorative products. These types of products or formulas depend on what hair needs most. For straight hair, once a week of deep conditioning is enough. For kinky hair, using an intense restorative formula every other day is a standard.

      Brittle Hair and Split Ends

      Brittle hair that is prone to breakage needs a protein treatment and a moisture treatment. For worst cases of very weak hair, natural treatment is advised. Before using a moisture treatment, you need to fill in the gaps in the hair. Protein treatments do the job while promoting thick and healthy hair growth. Natural treatments introduce nutrients that improve hair from inside and out.

      Hair Loss

      Hair loss can be triggered by genetics, nutrient deficiency, and scalp conditions. Nourishing protein treatments help control hair loss. By providing protein and other nutrients that scalp needs, this kind of treatment can stimulate the growth of hair. You can use shampoos or hair products infused with castor oil too. Castor oil is a well-known effective remedy that can prevent hair loss. A shampoo containing castor oil provides moisture and nutrients that keep hair resilient. Find out how it works against hair loss.

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      Styling hair

      Color Fade

      Fading hair color or the dullness of hair happens when the pigmentation is disturbed. A protein treatment does not restore hair color but helps give it strength and necessary shine. It makes hair more resilient against damaging elements as well. Fading hair color is a natural occurrence when you’ve been in a pool with chlorine water or on the beach too much. Saltwater increases the porosity of hair, which can affect its color. The same happens when you let hair get dry after swimming in a pool with chlorine water. After taking a dip, remember to wash hair with protein treatment products.

      Thin and Weak Hair

      Thin and weak hair may have various symptoms such as breakage, loss of elasticity, limp hair, and even frizziness. Weak hair can break easily even when you’re just finger combing. To prevent this, stick to natural hair treatments. They limit the exposure of hair to chemicals while ensuring that you can get a lot of nutrients that repair hair damage.

      Other Places to Get a Hair Treatment

      If you don’t have any idea what type of hair treatment you should use, here are some other places you can get a hair treatment.

      Visit a Professional Salon

      Pro hairstylists and hairdressers know a lot about hair, including the best products and the best hair care routine you need. Having a trim or a haircut might help as well. You can ask advice on what products you can use, or what methods work best to take care of your hair. You can even get tips on how to style your hair without damaging it!

      Professional treatment for hair

      Buy Hair Treatment Products

      Hair treatment is not only about chemicals and advanced formulas. You can look for hair products that address certain issues. There are hair treatment products that can address specific hair concerns or symptoms. Using them on hair might alleviate symptoms of hair damage.

      Essential oils are effective remedies for hair and scalp concerns. Castor oil and argan oil are two examples of natural hair treatments. Castor oil helps promote healthy hair growth to bring back the luster and shine of hair. Tea tree oil, on the other hand, is popular due to its cleansing properties that can control dandruff and itchiness. It is a common ingredient in shampoos and conditioners. To see more benefits of using tea tree oil hair products, visit the page below.

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      Consult Hair Experts

      For a healthier hair, consult experts. Trichologists specialize in hair and scalp conditions. They diagnose and help treat concerns ranging from simple breakage to diseases of the scalp. They can give you tips on what practices help treat hair damage. These specialists help you create a diet that focuses on restoring the health of hair as well.

      Homemade Hair Treatments

      Not all nourishing hair treatments contain chemicals. You can make homemade hair treatments that provide what hair needs most. Homemade hair treatments often use food and other organic ingredients that improve hair texture, shine, and volume. 

      Homemade recipe to treat hair

      Hair masks, DIY deep conditioners, and homemade hair cleansers are some types of treatments that are easy to make. When creating your own formula, you can choose which ingredients to include. You can even follow your preferences in color, scent, and texture. Essential oils are common ingredients in homemade formulas due to their versatility. They are rich in nutrients and moisture that restores hair health.  Find out which oils are suitable for your hair type here.

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      Tips for Easy Hair Treatments

      Treating hair does not happen with one wash. The process of treating damaged hair is comprised of using the right products and methods over time until hair gets its healthy shine back. Here are some methods and products that make the process easier:

      • Essential Oils – Essential oils are high in nutrients that nourish hair. You can get various vitamins and minerals that fortify hair. They deliver moisture that penetrates through the hair shaft easily as well. Using essential oils as leave-in conditioners are good for damaged hair. Find the right essential oil that restores the health of your hair. Here's a guide to various essential oils and their uses.
      • Regulated Use of Shampoo – Cleansing can remove the necessary moisture from hair. Instead of shampooing hair every day, you can regulate the use of cleansers and instead do it four times a week at most.
      A girl combing her shiny hair
        • Sunscreen for Hair – SPF does not only protect the skin. There are hair formulas that have SPF, which prevents hair damage. Antioxidants in hair products protect hair from the harms caused by prolonged sun exposure too.
        • Applying Heat Protectant Formulas – A common mistake that leads to damaged hair is to style hair without using a heat protectant formula. Even with the application of a conditioner, it’s important to coat the strands in a formula that keeps it soft, smooth and moisturized. This reinforces hair strands and makes them manageable yet resilient against heat.
        • Conditioning Serums for Hair – Serums are good frizz-fighters that condition hair for long-lasting moisture and shine.
        • Healthy Diet – Primary hair nourishment is derived from the food that you eat. The nutrients that the body receives keep hair healthy and lustrous! Make sure to include citrus fruits, leafy greens, and healthy fatty fish in your diet.

        Remember to pair up these tips with the best hair treatment there is – gentleness. Practice gentleness in handling and managing your hair soft, shiny, and bouncy. Check this collection of hair products you can use to prevent hair concerns. They contain natural ingredients that nourish and protect hair from damage.

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