Hair Care Tips


    Taking care of your hair is important. But between responsibilities and household chores, you might not have enough time to invest in some luxurious hair care routine. However, remember that great hair starts with an effective routine. These easy hair care tips will take you through some great ideas on how to keep hair healthy and strong.

    Follow our guide to healthy hair care to learn about easy tips you can do at home. Skip on expensive salon fees by keeping your hair healthy and manageable. Find the best products and routine for your hair type. Learn all about it here.

    Girl with shiny wavy hair

    Basic Tips to Build an Effective Routine  

    The best way to keep hair healthy is to pick the right products and use proper methods suitable for your hair type. Sticking to an effective routine prevents hair damage while maintaining hair health. Follow these tips for an effective routine suitable for your hair type.

    Know Your Hair Type

    Before you buy hair products, make sure that they are suitable for your hair type first. Each hair type needs different kinds of products to ensure that their needs are met. You should not use shampoo for oily hair on dry hair and vice versa, or it can cause damage. The best way to keep your hair healthy and strong is to know your hair type and what it needs the most.

    Girl with straight hair and another girl with wavy hair

    Straight Hair

    Straight hair is the shiniest and softest hair type. It is easy to manage since there are little to no tangles. The basic shampoo and conditioner work for straight hair. Hair concerns such split ends, and other kinds of damage can affect straight hair too. It is hard to curl due to the lack of kinks in hair. For best results, you can use hot oil treatments to restore the health of your hair.

    Wavy Hair

    Wavy hair has soft curls that are often more evident at the tips of hair. It is the hair type between straight and curly. You can easily style wavy hair. Straighten it or curl it even more. However, this hair type has less shine and softness compared to straight hair. This is why you will need a heavier conditioner or a styling product that provides extra moisture.

    Curly Hair

    Curly hair has defined curls that can be big or small. They often start at the crown of the head. Curly hair has kinks that make it harder for moisture to travel down the rest of the strand, making it drier and less shiny compared to wavy hair. Curly hair has gorgeous coils that are very hard to straighten. For curly hair, you can try using oils as leave-in conditioners. Limit the use of cleansers as well to reduce the drying effects of washing hair.

    Kinky Hair

    Kinky hair is the curliest and driest hair type. It has gorgeous coils that are considered as a unique hairstyle. However, it is brittle and prone to breakage. If you have kinky hair, never use normal shampoos. Instead, try cowashing. This is a method where you use a conditioner to wash hair. It removes dirt, flakes, and other impurities without drying hair. Find out the benefits of cowashing for your hair. Visit the blog below to learn more tips on how to handle kinky hair.

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    Use the Right Products

    Hair needs cleansing, moisturizing, nourishment, and protection. You can get these from using the right products for your hair. Here are the basic products you need to include in your hair care routine and some tips on how to choose the right one for you.

    Various hair products


    Cleansers such as shampoo and hair rinse, remove dirt, oil, and flakes from the scalp while providing nourishment. Shampoos help stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth. Most shampoos contain nourishing ingredients that keep hair healthy and strong. When looking for a cleanser, make sure that the formula is gentle enough for your hair type.

    Look for sulfate-free shampoos as much as possible. They are less drying for hair. Use products that contain various extracts and other natural ingredients for maximum nourishment. They will heal the scalp and prevent scalp conditions. Find out more about hair products that contain organic ingredients and how they help improve hair health.

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    Conditioners provide long-lasting moisture to hair. But that’s not all that it does. Using a conditioner seals the moisture to strands to prevent them from escaping. This product helps prevent breakage and other hair damage too. Breakage happens when the layers of cuticles lift up from the body of a hair strand. Using drying cleansers can widen the gap and allow moisture to escape. This leads to brittleness and breakage. To prevent this, conditioners fill the gap between cuticle layers and prevent them from lifting away from the shaft. The curlier your hair is, the heavier the conditioner you should use.

    Styling Product

    Styling products do not only make hair easier to handle. They provide protection as well to prevent damage caused by high heat or sun exposure. Most styling products shield hair from sun damage. They also strengthen hair to reduce the chances of damage caused by styling. 

    3 Tips for Repairing Hair Damage Easily

    Hair damage is unavoidable. Every hair type is prone to dryness and breakage. Changing hair products will not repair hair damage. What you can do is to follow these tips to restore hair to its former glory.

    Girl with shiny and short wavy hair

    Try Using Hair Masks

    Hair masks hydrate hair and make it softer. They might contain nourishing ingredients too. Hair masks improve the appearance and texture of hair in a few minutes. They coat each strand in moisture and nourishing ingredients to make them more resilient against damage. You can try using homemade hair masks. They are budget-friendly and easy to do. You can get great benefits just like with salon treatments.

    Get a Haircut

    A haircut does not treat hair damage, but it helps control the spread of damage to hair strands. You can get a haircut every quarter to remove the damaged tips of hair. This prevents the damage from spreading to the roots of hair.

    Apply Oil Treatment to Hair

    One common reason for hair damage is that your hair does not get enough moisture and nourishment. Oils help provide moisture to hair while sealing the cuticles together to prevent dryness. Using oil treatments regularly reduces the symptoms of hair damage. As they provide much-needed nourishment to hair, you will be able to feel your hair get smoother and softer after every treatment.

    Extracts or essential oils such as argan oil are rich in hair-repairing compounds that improve hair strength and shine. It has a high amount of essential fatty acids that prevent dryness of hair. Argan oil delivers vitamin E as well, a substance that fortifies hair to prevent breakage. Discover more benefits of using Argan oil by visiting the page below.

    Learn How to Manage Hair Easily

    It is possible to have great hair as luscious looking as Rapunzel’s. The secret lies in how you manage your hair. Do you cleanse it using harsh shampoos? Do you dry your hair by wringing it? Each step in your hair care routine can affect the overall health and appearance of your hair. Here are some easy ways you can manage your hair without causing damage.

    Woman with red hair

    Wash Your Hair Thoroughly

    Washing your hair can remove the necessary moisture that makes hair soft and smooth. For best results, try these easy tips for washing hair:

    • Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo. Make sure that it is not too drying or it can make hair brittle.
    • When shampooing hair, focus on the scalp. You don’t need to spread the formula to the tips of hair since they are very dry.
    • It is also important that you wash off all the soapy residue and dirt on scalp. This will prevent concerns such as dandruff.
    • For wavy and curly hair, limit your usage of shampoo. Every other day or three days a week is enough to get rid of all the dirt on scalp. Overuse of shampoo can dry your hair further and make it more brittle.
    • Use lukewarm or cold water when washing hair. Hot water tends to remove the necessary moisture from hair while damaging the strands.
    • Apply conditioners only at the tips of your hair. Using conditioners on scalp can create a buildup of chemical residue and flakes that may result to dandruff.
    • Massage your scalp when shampooing or rinsing hair. It stimulates the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

    Dry Your Hair Gently

    Did you know that drying your hair by using combs, hair dryers, or towels could damage it? Even strong hair can’t withstand high heat or a great force that removes tangles. Rubbing your hair with towel can cause the cuticles to lift up, which is a major factor in every hair damage. Try these tips for drying your hair:

    A tied hair

    • Use soft face towels to dry hair. Instead of using normal towels, use soft ones that will not prevent frizziness. Using soft face towels help reduce hair breakage too.
    • Dry your hair with your head down, so you can dry your hair faster usign less heat. Collecting your hair in one place helps dry your hair from the tips to the midlengths. It spreads the hot air evenly as to avoid the concentration of heat on one part of your hair only.
    • Avoid using combs when drying hair or removing tangles. They can increase the brittleness of hair and often causes breakage. Instead, you can use combs while in shower. Do it right after you apply a conditioner. The conditioner protects hair from breakage.

    Style Your Hair with Ease

    Styling your hair using heating tools such as irons or hairdryers increases the porosity of hair strands. Porous hair may experience split ends not only on the tips but also to midlengths. It is more prone to hair fall too. Try these steps to style hair easily:

    • Never use rubber hair ties. Rubber hair ties create friction with hair strands and make them break. Use hair ties made of soft cloth to prevent breakage.
    • Avoid using too much styling products that can dry hair. Gels and hairsprays hold hair by clumping them together with a formula that leaves flakes on scalp. They are very damaging to hair too since they remove the moisture from hair, making them feel rough and stiff.
    • Apply oils to hair before styling. An oil such as castor oil and argan oil dries quickly on hair. By applying oils to hair, a few minutes before styling, it provides extra moisture and protection that reduces damage caused by using hair irons or hair dryers. Oils nourish hair instantly with proteins that make it tough and strong. Check out this collection of natural oils to see which oil protects your hair the best:

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    Easy Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

    Your hair gets nourishment primarily from the food that you eat. The products that you use everyday play a vital role in keeping your hair healthy. However, there are things that you can do to improve hair health further. Discover the benefits of trying these easy tips for maintaining the health and appearance of your hair:

    Happy girl with shiny blonde hair

    • Choose natural and organic products over chemical-infused formulas. They are healthier and safer to use for hair care.
    • Use heat-protectant products that can shield your hair from damage caused by prolonged sun exposure.
    • Invest in high-quality products and don’t let your hair suffer from using drying formulas.
    • Avoid tying hair too tightly as much as possible. Wear your hair down, let it flow, let it go.
    • Drink lots of water to keep your scalp and hair moisturized. Dehydration causes the body to slow down when producing sebum, which can dry the hair and scalp.
    • Eat your way to healthy hair. The food that you eat provides various nutrients such as iron and protein that can help stimulate healthy hair growth.

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    Achieve the great hair that you deserve with these easy hair care tips. These tips don’t cost much. All you need are effort and time to invest in a healthy hair care routine. Ditch your weekly salon treatments and do these easy steps instead! Do these regularly to make your hair softer, smoother, and shinier.

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