Nothing beats having thick and bold brows that define your eyes. Brows enhance the way your eyes look and can change how you appear to people. Healthy eyebrows improve your appeal, making you look more confident. Pick up helpful hair care tips that can give you the natural arches that you want.

    Eyebrow trends are the obsession of the decade. The term “fleek” was coined in 2014 to describe perfect stylish brows. New eyebrow shapes and styles were invented since then. Read on to find out everything about eyebrows – from grooming and growth products to tips on how to get bolder brows.

    Woman with full and bold eyebrows

    Understanding How Eyebrows Grow

    Eyebrows grow just like any other hair all over your body. The growth cycle has three phases – growing, resting, and shedding. These phases also apply to hair in your head and your eyelashes. There are follicles on the skin just above the eye socket. These follicles grow hair even when they are plucked out. However, when follicles are damaged, they may never grow hair back.

    Using the wrong growth products frequently can increase the shedding phase of eyebrows too. This can cause the thin volume of brows. Stunted growth of the brows can be treated through natural ways. For example, stimulating the follicles to grow strands of hair is possible. You just need the right nutrients to promote hair growth. The trick in getting and keeping thick and bold eyebrows is to take care of the follicles.

    Taking care of eyebrows is a part of face care. Using the right products on the face helps protect your brows from damage. Experts recommend applying eye creams from the brows and going around the eye area. This helps ensure that your brows and your skin are healthy. For more face care tips, visit the page.

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    Importance of Having Healthy Eyebrows

    Eyebrows have functions for physical and psychological aspects. They help protect eyes from damage, convey emotions, or establish your identity. Find out more about the importance of having healthy brows:

    Smiling girl

    Physical Functions

    The main function of your eyebrows is to prevent moisture, debris, and flakes from falling down and coming into contact with your eyes. It also works like eyelashes where these small strands of hair increase your sensitivity to foreign objects near your eyes.

    Eyebrows grow in the area where the ridge of the eye socket starts. This helps block too much light that can hinder a person’s vision. People who have darker and thicker brows are said to see better during daylight. The muscles of the face where eyebrows grow are very flexible and move according to one’s emotions, thoughts, or moods. Any movements of your brows can signal a shift in someone’s feelings. You can read a person’s moods based on the movement or look of their eyebrows.


    Just as discussed in the physical functions of brows, your eyebrows can communicate how you are feeling. Strong emotions such as surprise, anger, and worry are most evident when looking at brows. However, the shape, arch and the direction of your eyebrows can also fake how you’re really feeling. This is because brows can change the appearance of your eyes.

    People register small changes or movements in the eyebrows and associate them with certain feelings. It’s also why bolder brows make a person look more confident. The thickness and intensity of your eyebrows suggest assertiveness.

    Long lashes and bold eyebrows


    Eyebrows are important for identification. No matter what shape or volume the eyebrows are, they can change how a person looks. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) published a study where they asked subjects to identify famous personalities through two sets of images. One image shows the celebrity with their eyes edited and the other one shows the same person with their brows altered. Fewer subjects were able to identify the person in the image where eyebrows are edited compared to the one where eyes are edited. This means that your eyebrows are an important feature of your established identity.

    Thick brows do not necessarily mean that they are healthy. What makes brows healthy is their resilience against damage. Standard growth cycles for hair strands indicate that your eyebrows are healthy too. You can get strong and thick eyebrows by letting the body grow and repair itself. Organic body care helps regulate the functions of the body including hair growth. Organic face products help restore the health of your eyebrows. Discover more benefits of organic body care here.

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    Eyebrow Products You Can Use

    Making eyebrows look thicker or fuller is possible with grooming products. You can also alter its shape and color. If you want darker, thicker, and healthier brows, there are hair growth products you can use too. Keep your eyebrows looking fab with these products:

    Mascara wand or spoolie

    Grooming Products

    Grooming products for eyebrows help alter its color, shape, and volume temporarily. Most of them are cosmetics used in the everyday makeup look. Need an instant fix to thinning eyebrows? Try these grooming products:

    • Brow Liners/Pencils – Fill the gaps that show on eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. It makes eyebrows look fuller. Choose a shade darker than your hair color to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows.
    • Eyebrow Gel – Brush your brows to make them look longer and thicker and set the strands in place using an eyebrow gel. Gels make eyebrows look shinier as well.
    • Eyebrow Shades – Aside from pencils and liners, there are eyebrow shades that you can apply to eyebrows to give them a particular shade. For a natural look, choose a lighter shade of your hair color to fill in the gaps in your eyebrows.
    • Primer – Primers help make eyebrows look thicker before you apply a gel or a mascara. They coat the strands in a moisturizing liquid that thickens eyebrows. It protects hair from dryness too.

    Growth Products

    For a semi-permanent or permanent eyebrow fix, growth products are useful. Try these two products to get the eyebrows that you want:

    Thick and dark eyebrows

    • Serums – Serums are lightweight products that absorb quickly and deeply into skin and hair. It has a high concentration of active ingredients that stimulate hair growth. These active ingredients reach the follicles to promote the thick growth of eyelashes. Serums do not leave an oily residue after application.
    • Essential Oils – Essential oils have therapeutic effects that provide soothing benefits for skin and hair. For example, castor oil is great for eyebrows and lashes due to its anti-inflammatory property. It fortifies hair follicles to make them more resilient against damage. This oil provides protein and other nutrients that are necessary for hair growth as well.

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      Eyebrows in Fashion

      Eyebrows have become a big part of fashion trends. Nowadays, you can see various eyebrow shapes that bloggers are trying to copy. Even eyebrow modification became a common practice for men and women. Find out what the various types of eyebrow modification are and what eyebrow shapes became popular recently.

      Eyebrow Modification

      Eyebrow modification is any process that can change the appearance of your eyebrows whether it’s shape, volume, curve, color, or position. Here are the common ways to modify eyebrows and their advantages:

      • Plucking – Tweezers are convenient tools used to remove stray strands of eyebrows. Tweezers can cause pain or discomfort when hair strands are plucked. Doing it often and excessively can damage the hair follicles permanently. Plucking is the cheapest and easiest way to keep eyebrows neat.
      Plucking eyebrows
      • Shaving – This is the fastest way to alter the shape of your brows. By shaving the edges, it gives your brows new shape and curve.
      • Waxing – Waxing is recommended for those who want to remove chunks of eyebrows. It pulls out multiple strands of hair at the same time, which works if you need to remove hair that grows in the area between eyebrows.
      • Microblading – Microblading is another term for tattooing fake eyebrow strands. It uses dark pigments that are tattooed in a shape of small strands of hair to create a natural look. Microblading is used for shading the skin beneath eyebrows to give it a fuller look.
      • Color-Treatment – Color-treatment for eyebrows is mostly used when you change your hair color. If you have dark hair and wants to go blonde or the opposite, make sure to change the color of your eyebrows as well. However, if you’re down for an edgy look, keep your eyebrow’s natural color.

      Eyebrow Shapes

      Eyebrow trends change constantly. There are always new shapes and curves to try. Eyebrows come in various curves and shapes. Not all eyebrow shapes might work for you. However, experts say that bold brows work for anyone. If all else fails, try to go for thick and bold brows. Find which of these brow shapes is best for you:

      • Slim – Slim eyebrows do not have much thickness or volume. The thinness of your eyebrows depends affect the darkness or intensity of your brows. Slim eyebrows are best for flat shapes that do not have noticeable arches. This prevents your eyebrows from looking heavy while still making your face look proportional.
      Woman with flat and bold eyebrows
      • Thick – Thick and bold brows are the rage nowadays. It works for almost anyone. It is easy to achieve as well. Thick brows make the face look more fresh and confident.
      • Soft Arch – Soft arches curve softly, giving your eyes a gentler look. It is great for slim eyebrows. Curves can be found in the middle or the tip of the eyebrows. Soft arches can have rounded shapes, tapered tails, and barely noticeable curves.
      • High Arch – High arches symbolizes power and confidence. It has a dramatic effect, which defines eye makeup better. The curve of this eyebrow is typically found past the brow bone.
      • Flat – Flat or straight eyebrows look great on anyone. If you want to give it a better look, use a spoolie to give your eyebrows some texture. Hold the texture using an eyebrow gel.
      • Bold – Bold eyebrows can be in any shape or arch. It works well with any eyebrow style. What makes this appealing is that it changes how you look and at the same, can have different effects on your appearance. Flat and bold brows make you look fresh while bold brows with high arches are for confident looks.

      Other eyebrow shapes include barbed brows, feathered brows, and squiggly brows, which recently became popular for their unique shapes. To maintain the shape of your eyebrows, try using organic oils. Essential oils are great for eyebrows due to their therapeutic effects. They moisturize, nourish, and strengthen the strands to keep your eyebrows looking healthy. Find more benefits of using essential oils for hair care here.

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      Thick eyebrows with a soft arch

      How to Get Bolder Brows

      You don’t have to spend money to get naturally bold brows. It is easy to achieve and all you need is patience to wait for the results. If you are experiencing thinning or falling hair, try these tips that can enhance the volume of your eyebrows:

      • Eat hair-nourishing food. Hair needs certain nutrients to ensure their growth. Strands of hair are made up of protein, which makes it an essential part of your diet. Lack of proteins in the body can cause breakage and hair fall. To grow thick strands of eyebrows, eat food that has plenty of nutrients.
      • Avoid plucking eyebrows, waxing, and threading. Pulling hair out can damage the follicles. Damaged follicles may take a long time to grow to strands of eyebrows. In some cases, it loses the ability to grow hair.
      • Wait for hair to grow out. Be patient with growing out your eyebrows. Do not pluck or trim eyebrows. Let it grow to its full volume before you remove stray strands. Make sure to trim only the edges of strands to retain a natural look.
      • Apply primers or essential oils before using mascara on eyebrows. Primers moisturize strands of eyebrows to make them look thicker. You can use essential oils instead of a primer. They work better in nourishing the strands of hair. Argan oil is a great primer that makes eyebrows thicker and stronger. It provides vitamin E and proteins that stimulate the stronger growth of eyebrow hair strands. Visit the page to see more benefits of using Argan oil.
        Woman with thin eyebrows
        • Use organic nourishing extract such aloe vera. Other extracts such as aloe vera and coconut oil promote the healthy growth of eyebrows. They contain vitamins, minerals, and moisture that maintain the thick volume of eyebrows. They are gentler on skin and hair follicles too.

        Brows come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The best eyebrows you can get are natural ones that can make you look fresh, confident, and camera-ready. Bold and well-defined brows make you look fresh, confident, and camera-ready with minimal effort!

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