Essential Oil Diffuser


    An essential oil diffuser is small household appliance used in diffusing essential oils and other aromatherapy oils into the air. It often uses the process of evaporating the oils and other liquids to release its scent into the air together with the steam.

    Essential oil

    Benefits of Using an Essential Oil Diffuser

    Cleansing and Purifying Air

    Diffusing oil into the air may be able to help improve the quality of air inside a room. Diffusers help release microparticles of the oil into the air where they remain suspended for longer periods. This helps keep your space smelling fresh and clean for longer.

    Boost Immune System

    Essential oils may help strengthen your immune system. It may also provide benefits in the removal of harmful organisms inside a room. Inhaling oils using an essential oil diffuser can assist in stimulating your body to improve the production of immunity-boosting cells. Some oils may aid in flushing out toxins in the body. Oils may provide benefits in reducing stress. They may also help balance the hormones coming from the adrenal system. A balanced hormone means a stronger immune system.

    Improved Sleep

    If you are having trouble sleeping, using an oil diffuser might work for you. Some oils may help your mind and body become calmer and less stressed. Oils are also known for aiding in a more restful sleep.  Some oils may help with insomnia and restlessness. Diffusing oils such as lavender, for example, may help regulate your sleep routine. Some oils have light floral scents that are effective at creating a wonderful and inviting atmosphere inside your house.

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    Increases Energy

    Essential oils may be able to provide an added burst of energy if you are having a hard time focusing at work or while studying. You can simply pour oils such as lemon or peppermint on your diffuser to help stimulate your brain into focusing on the tasks that you need to do. Known as mood enhancers, some oils can help alter your mood from sluggish to lively. Other oils may help improve your energy levels by upping blood flow to your brain.

    Types of Essential Oil Diffuser

    Three of the most common oil diffusers are candle diffuser, electric heat diffuser and cooling and nebulizing diffusers.

    Candle Diffuser

    A candle diffuser has three main parts. First is the oil dish where you can place a few drops of oils. The candle chamber is where you place a tea light candle that will heat up the oil. The last part is the tea light candle itself.  Use the candle diffuser in meditation and in healing rituals. Massage therapists use this type of diffuser to create a relaxing mood inside the therapy room. The candle diffuser comes in all shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. It is inexpensive and does not require electricity in order to function.


    Electric Heat Diffuser

    This type of essential oil diffuser uses small absorbent pads placed inside its heating chamber. Electricity heats up the area around the pad to diffuse the oil into the air. The opening at the top of the diffuser spreads the fragrant fumes in the air. It is easy to use and can diffuse thicker type of oils.

    Cooling and Nebulizing Diffusers

    This essential oil diffuser uses pressure from a compressing unit to vaporize the oils. It has a nebulizing bulb and a condenser and it is effective for people with asthma and other lung conditions.

    Choose from the various types of diffusers suitable for your needs. You can use a personal diffuser too. It is very convenient since it is small enough to carry around. Find out more about personal diffuser and its benefits.

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