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    Essential oils used for skin care have benefits that help nourish and protect skin from damage. There are various types of essential oils that can improve the health and appearance of skin. Learn all about the different types of topical oils that give you a smooth and soft skin.

    Skin oils are rich in nutrients good for the skin. They are generally safe to apply directly to skin as well. Skin oils contain nourishing ingredients, fatty acids, and antioxidants to protect and keep the skin youthful. These oils replenish moisture and nourishment to maintain the softness and suppleness of skin. Find out how you can use essential oils for skin care.

    Sage oil

    Uses of Skin Oils

    Essential oils can be used for daily skin care or as a treatment oil. Some oils are safe to apply directly to skin while there are essential oils you need to dilute before using for skin care. The versatility of essential oils makes them useful for your skin care routine. Use skin oil on your face, body, hands, feet and everywhere else that needs special attention. Here are some of the most common uses of skin oils:

    As a Foot Soak

    Your feet are some of the hardest working parts of the body. They literally carry all your weight. They suffer from too tight shoes, cold weather conditions, and so many other factors. It is no wonder that the soles of the feet have the toughest skin. To help smooth calluses, add a few drops of skin oil on warm water placed in a basin. Soak your feet for a few minutes and pat dry with a clean towel. You may use a gentle foot scrub to get rid of the skin that has hardened or cracked. Smooth a hydrating lotion after scrubbing.

    As a Body Scrub

    Spas and health clubs offer salt scrubs and other forms of scrubs to help slough off the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the skin. These dead skin cells could make your skin look dull and rough. It’s a great idea to go to a spa but not if it will cause a hole in your wallet. Make your own personal spa at home by combining some sugar and skin oils. These are less expensive but just as effective.

    As a Facial Moisturizer

    Skin oils are packed with good vitamins and nutrients that provide benefits in hydrating the skin and protecting it from free radical damage. If you find yourself without a moisturizer, you can apply skin oils to your face. Essential oils are good moisturizers for the face due to their small particles. They penetrate the surface of the skin to deliver hydration to the deeper layers. This helps improve the volume and elasticity of your skin. It helps control oil production too to prevent breakouts.

    As a Massage Oil

    The body suffers from stress and fatigue that you can relieve with a good massage. Use skin oils with a soothing fragrance. These oils will chase away the stress from your body and help you relax. Most oils have moisturizing properties as well, that will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother after. Discover more oils you can use for skin care here.

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    Massage oil

    Best Oils for Your Skin

    Essential oils work well for the skin, providing nourishment and protection. There are only oils that are safe to apply to the body. For face care, it is important that you choose a gentle oil that will not give you damage or cause allergic reactions. Here are some of the best oils you can use for skin care.

    Almond Oil

    Almond oil is a lightweight oil that provides moisture and nourishment for skin. It is a good carrier oil that mixes well with other types of oils. Almond oil is a good choice for skin cleansing. It reaches deep into the pores to remove dirt and other impurities. The oil is rich in vitamin A too, which helps prevent acne from happening. Almond oil is gentle for all skin types including sensitive skin.

    Uses of Almond Oil:

    • Use almond oil for skin cleansing. It will detoxify skin and leave it clearer.
    • Apply almond oil to affected areas of the body to reduce the size of acne and pimples.
    • Use the oil to moisturize dry skin and alleviate symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.

    Lavender Oil

    Lavender oil has soothing properties that can be used for treating sunburn and other minor wounds. It has notable anti-inflammatory effects that can help improve the healing processes of skin. Lavender oil helps get rid of pimples and other skin concerns. Applying the oil to face aids in controlling breakouts. 

    Uses of Lavender Oil:

    • Apply the oil to small cuts or wounds to speed up healing.
    • Reduces the size of acne and pimples.
    • Treats burns, cuts, and sunburn.
    Lavender oil

      Pomegranate Seed Oil

      Pomegranate seed oil is not only highly moisturizing. It is rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients that protect the skin from aging. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties that keep the skin smooth and free from pimples and acne. Pomegranate seed oil shields the skin from sun damage too. 

      Uses of Pomegranate Seed Oil:

      • Moisturizes skin to prevent dryness.
      • Add a few drops of pomegranate seed oil to face care products to help fade the signs of skin aging.
      • Use for face care to protect skin from damage.

      Argan Oil

      Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids that can provide moisture to the skin. It replenishes moisture that helps skin maintain its suppleness. Argan oil contains nutrients such as vitamin E as well. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that can protect skin from sun damage. It slows down skin aging as well by preventing free radicals from causing damage to skin.

      Uses of Argan Oil:

      • Use as massage oil to soothe muscles and joints.
      • Apply to face as anti-aging oil.
      • Mix with skin care products to give them extra moisturizing effects.

      Castor Oil

      Castor oil is a versatile product that you can use for cleansing, moisturizing, and to treat skin concerns such as acne and pimples. It is a fast-absorbing oil that does not leave any oily residue. Castor oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Applying it to acne will reduce its size and redness with regular use. 

      Uses of Castor Oil:

      • Use castor oil as a treatment for skin concerns such as acne and pimples.
      • Cleanse skin with castor oil to remove traces of impurities.
      • Works as a good moisturizer for all skin types especially oily skin. Applying the oil to skin helps control oil production.

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          What are the Cosmetic Benefits of Skin Oils?

          Many cosmetics products now contain skin oils as some of their most common ingredients. This is because cosmetics manufacturers are now realizing that these oils provide many benefits that synthetic formulas do not. Here are the benefits of using essential oils for skin care:

          Putting essential oil on hands

          • Skin oils are gentler compared to normal skin care products.
          • Skin oils do not contain harmful chemicals that can damage the skin.
          • There are less risks of having allergic reactions when using skin oils.
          • Skin oils are safe to apply to skin and do not cause increased sensitivity.
          • Essential oils used for skin care are rich in moisture and nutrients that are good for skin.
          • Skin oils are versatile and may be used in various ways.
          • Most skin oils are safe to apply to all skin types.

          Skin oils are packed with vitamins and minerals that help improve skin health and appearance. They provide therapeutic effects that can reduce symptoms of skin concerns such as acne and pimples. Essential oils rejuvenate the skin for a clearer and softer skin. Check out this collection of high-quality natural oils to find which one works best for your skin.

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