Best Essential Oils


    Heal the body, mind, and spirit with the best essential oils you can find. Whether it’s for skin, hair, or for aromatherapy, there’s an essential oil for your needs. Essential oils have healing properties that can improve your health. Learn which products you can use from our guide to top essential oils.

    The best essential oils pack therapeutic effects that you can use to treat, heal, and prevent body concerns from happening. The various types of oils can have a wide range of uses that make them valuable in personal care. Find the best essential oils that can deliver the results you’re looking for. Get to know organic oils and where they work best.

    Essential oil

    Benefits of Using the Best Essential Oils

    Essential oils have been used since long ago. Aside from being a well-known Ayurvedic medicine, oils are important in the culinary field as well. Organic oils are extracts of various parts of a plant or botanical source. These essences can come from the root, leaves, flower, and even the seeds of a plant. They pack nutrients and moisture that the body can digest. Here are some of the uses and advantages of using the best essential oils.

    Rose essential oil

    The best essential oils are affordable, you can even buy some of them at a cheap price. The ingredients for these oils are readily available. Many suppliers harvest and package these oils from around the world. However, cheap oils are not necessarily diluted or ineffective. Since there is very little process used in producing these oils, you can get them for a low price.
    Safe to Use
    Organic body care is the rave nowadays. Essential oils made the transition to organic body care easier. Knowing what you apply and introduce to the body is important. The simplicity yet the effectiveness of essential oils make them perfect for organic or natural body care. Essential oils are simple in a sense that the body can understand what these substances are. This helps the body digest the nutrients found in the best essential oils.
    Alternative Medicine
    You can use many oils as an alternative to medicines and products. Oils provide therapeutic effects that can soothe skin or scalp conditions. They are more affordable than medicines too. For example, you can use anti-inflammatory oils such as castor oil instead of a cream laced with chemicals that are foreign to the body. There are other properties that castor oil can provide to improve skin and hair. For more information about castor oil, visit this page.

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    Top 5 Essential Oils for Your Needs

    All essential oils have uses for personal care, aromatherapy, and for culinary purposes. However, there are oils that are listed on the top for having the most benefits over other oils. Here, we list the top five essential oils for topical use, aromatherapy, and for culinary purposes. Read about their benefits and why they are the best essential oils for you.

    Topical Oils

    Topical oils have various uses for skin and hair. These oils are safe to apply to the body from head to toe. With safe and potent effects, there’s no wonder why these five oils landed on the top spot. Discover what these oils have to offer:

    Argan oil

    • Castor Oil – Castor oil is a unique source of ricinoleic acid, a substance that provides therapeutic effects good for the skin and scalp. This oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can curb hair loss. Castor oil promotes healthy growth of hair as well. This is why it is an ingredient in Hair Growth Shampoo products. What’s more, as one of the best essential oils, you can use castor oil to get longer lashes and thicker eyebrows!
    • Argan Oil – Argan oil is good for skin and hair due to its abundance of essential fatty acids and vitamins. It is also rich in antioxidants that prevent skin aging and damage to hair. Essential fatty acids are not only good for moisturization and hydration. These healthy fats provide therapeutic effects as well. When used as an ingredient in Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner products, it restores the luster of your hair and the softness of your skin.
    • Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils you can use for skin and hair care. Its antiseptic property is a notable characteristic of the oil because of its ability to get rid of various strains caused by bacteria, virus, and fungi. It has anti-inflammatories as well, which helps soothe cuts, wounds, infections, and other skin concerns.
        • Jojoba Oil – Jojoba oil is a common ingredient in many skin and hair products. It is an emollient that provides moisture and prevents damaged follicles preventing the development of acne and hair loss. Jojoba oil has healing properties that help soothe skin and hair concerns. Its waxy consistency is like the natural oil produced by the skin and scalp that it is readily absorbed by the body.
        • Sweet Almond Oil – Sweet almond oil is a gentle nourishing oil that is good for sensitive skin, even for babies! It is hypoallergenic and has large amounts of antioxidants. Other than preventing skin damage, it provides protection against UV radiation damage. Various vitamins and minerals found in sweet almond oil restore skin and hair health as well.

          Aromatherapy Oils

          The best essential oils with distinct scents can be used for aromatherapy. These oils are the top oils that have various uses and benefits. Find out where you can use these oils and the advantage of using them:

          Peppermint oil

          • Rose Essential Oil – Rose oil is considered as a luxurious oil that is more expensive than other oils. However, every drop of rose oil is worth its price. The soothing fragrance of rose oil helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, and loneliness. It is a common scent used in therapies due to its positive effects on the mind and emotions. Discover more uses and benefits of using rose oil by visiting this page.
          • Lavender Oil – Lavender oil has a calming scent that eases a person’s mind. This fragrant oil helps you sleep better and reduces symptoms of insomnia. It is good for treating headaches and nervousness too. If you’re feeling restless and having a hard time falling asleep, try diffusing lavender oil.
          • Peppermint Oil – The minty scent of peppermint oil is soothing for the mind and body. It has a refreshing fragrance that helps release tension from the muscles and relieves headaches. You can use it to treat colds and other respiratory concerns. It works well in improving your focus too.
          • Lemon Essential Oil – Lemon essential oil has a citrus scent that is said to enhance neurological activity. A whiff of lemon essential oil improves your mood and prevents depression. It helps with nausea and vomiting as well.
          • Sandalwood Oil – Sandalwood oil has a woody scent that is very deep and rich. It also has traces of sweetness that is quite calming for the mind. It improves focus and helps balance emotions and mental activity. Using sandalwood for aromatherapy provides a moment of peace.

            Food-Grade Oils

            Food-grade oils have distinct flavors that enhance the taste of food. They bring nourishment to the body as well. These top five food-grade oils are commonly used for culinary purposes. Learn about the benefits of using these oils:

            Olive oil

            • Olive Oil – Olive oil is one of the healthiest food-grade oils available. Its distinct flavor pairs well with various types of food. You can use it as a dressing or as for cooking. Olive oil is good for the body, especially for the heart. It helps lower bad cholesterols while increasing the good cholesterol. It protects body from free radicals as well. The taste of olive oil depends on its type, freshness, and how it is processed.
            • Avocado Oil – Avocado oil is a healthy food-grade oil due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It nourishes the body and protects the heart from concerns. There are also high levels of vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Using it for food instead of other options for food-grade oils reduces risks of getting complications or diseases. If you’re trying to build a healthy diet, try avocado oil.
            • Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is edible and can be used in a variety of ways, – from baking, frying, and even for roasting. It is abundant in essential fatty acids that do not harm the body. Its flavor is very distinct yet it complements different types of food so well.
            • Thyme Oil – Thyme oil has a savory flavor that goes well with meat, soups, stews, and other savory food. As an herbal oil, it gives a distinct taste to food. It has calming properties when ingested. It supports the various body systems. What’s more, you can use a thyme oil regularly in food to help balance hormone levels.
            • Marjoram Oil – Marjoram oil has a lot of benefits when applied topically. However, its notable characteristics shine the most when ingested or used for cooking. Marjoram oil helps regulate metabolism to treat indigestion. The oil helps keep the brain healthy by preventing the onset of conditions such as dementia.

            Most food-grade oils have a unique taste used to flavor all kinds of food. Ingesting oils can provide nourishment and healing for the body as well. To learn more about internal oils, visit the page below.

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              What to Look for in the Best Essential Oils

              When choosing which oil to use, make sure that it is of high quality. The brand of the oil and the source where you bought it are factors to consider as well. Learn about the following aspects of the best essential oils:

              Essential oil in amber glass with a glass dropper


              When you know where to get the best essential oils, you can feel assured that the product you’re using is safe and effective. Before you buy a product, make sure that you are getting it from credible sources. Buy it from the brand’s website or from credited third-party sellers.


              The brand of the product also plays a role in the quality of the best essential oils. Brands determine the processes used in producing the oil, its purity, the ingredients used, and the container. Brands should practice ethical and cruelty-free manufacturing.


              Essential oils can be photosensitive. This means that the oils may react when they are exposed to sunlight. For these oils, you need dark-colored containers to prevent damage to the oil’s composition. The material of the oils itself can alter its composition. Always opt for glass bottles that protect the oil from sensitive reactions.


              The best essential oils are made from pure organic oils. Make sure that there are no chemical fillers used. It can affect the quality of the oil if there are preservatives in it as well. Since essential oils essentially have a long shelf life, pure oils can last up to three years. Storing essential oils properly help keep their purity. Pure oils last for a long time while still having safe effects. You can store them for a period of time and use them the next month or year. Check out which essential oils you can use for every season.


              Essential oil prices may vary from brand to brand or according to which type of oil you are using. Buying expensive oils does not guarantee that you’re getting the best results. However, look for brands that offer the best essential oils at a reasonable price. Do your research on the online market and find the price range for the oils.


              Texture, color, scent, and flavor are characteristics of an essential oil you need to test before buying. When looking for the best essential oils, make sure that it has the right characteristics of the pure oil. Having added or removed color, scent, or flavor means that it is refined.


              The quality of oil depends on the ingredient used and the processes of manufacturing. High-quality oils are made from the finest and freshest ingredients. They also work well without providing risks for the user. Essential oils have quality standards that every brand must meet.

              High-quality essential oils are generally safe to use for personal care. You can take them as supplements or apply them topically to your body. You can use the best essential oils in organic body care to replace normal products with essential oils. They are safer and healthier for the body. Check out the page below to see more benefits of using essential oils for body care.

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              How to Keep Essential Oils in Their Best Condition

              Essential oils are volatile and have a long shelf life. However, its quality can decline over time. Various factors can affect the quality of oils including the place of storage, the temperature, and the container. Maintain the quality and purity of the best essential oils with these tips:

              Coconut oil in glass jar

              • Keep oils in a cool and dry place. This prevents disturbance in the composition of the oil. You can store them in the refrigerator.
              • Store essential oils in a place away from sunlight to prevent photosensitive reactions.
              • Avoid dipping dirty droppers, brushes, and applicators on the oil to make it last.
              • Keep caps tightly closed. Oxidation can affect the quality of the oil.
              • Transfer oils to amber glass or any glass containers that are either color blue or amber.
              • Avoid using caps with rubber lids since they can disintegrate over time especially if the oil is too potent. Choose solid caps that are durable.

              Make sure that you’re getting the best results worth your money by choosing only the best essential oils. High-quality oils have a long shelf life and are safe to use. Visit the page to learn all about the best essential oils for your needs.

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