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TRESemme Review: Professional Products for Stylish Hair

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    Dry, rough, brittle – these sound like normal hair problems, but they are more than that. These are signs that there’s something wrong with your hair. The smallest things can affect the way your hair looks and feels. For curly hair like mine, humidity is the enemy.

    Some hair types can be high maintenance compared to others. But that just makes it all the more important to only use good hair products. Not all shampoos are made equally. The quality of the formulas can affect how they work on your hair.

    Did you know that all hair strands on your head are dead? The only living part of your hair is the one that is still inside the follicles. That’s why shampoos are the most important hair product you need. They can help your hair grow stronger and healthier strands. So if you only trust professionals to handle your hair, shouldn’t you trust them to grow your hair too?

    TRESemme is a brand of professional hair products that brought salon-grade formulas into the market. They opened a whole new world for the industry of hair care.

    TRESemme, Professional Hair Care Brand

    TRESemme is a brand founded on the belief that all women should feel fabulous with great hair. But with most modern women who barely have time for themselves, the founder of TRESemme knows that we can’t afford to go to salons every day. That’s why they introduced quality products in the market for prices that we can afford.

    The variety of hair care and styling products TRESemme offer target specific hairstyles and concerns. The brand made sure to cater to different hair types. What’s great about their collection is that they only use quality ingredients that can replenish both moisture and nutrients to hair.

    TRESemme products can give you hair that looks styled by professionals. Overcome the challenge of breakage, frizziness, dryness, and dullness with products that are made for your hair.

    TRESemme Review of 5 Professional Collections

    I do love exploring different types of hair products just to see if they are suitable for my hair. And if there’s a brand I was so excited to explore, that would be TRESemme. There is so much promise in their products. They even have formulas that are safe to use on color-treated hair. Let’s learn more about these collections and how they can help your hair with this TRESemme review.

    Repair and Protect 7

    Tresemme Repair and Protect 7

    Does your hair easily break and fall off? You might have weak and brittle hair. There are lots of reasons that can cause weakening hair. Using harsh hair products and everyday styling can cause them to become more brittle, therefore, prone to breakage. Good for you, TRESemme created the Repair and Protect 7 collection.

    This collection features formulas that can help fortify your hair so it doesn’t break easily. It consists of a shampoo, conditioner, styling product, and hair mask that can restore the strength to your locks. This collection is suitable for weak and brittle hair. With its powerful effects, you can get rid of 7 kinds of damage including dryness, brittleness, and breakage.

    You can now enjoy soft, silky tresses with a set of products that protect and reverse damage done to hair with everyday styling. They contain Biotin powder, which reconstructs hair fiber from the inside. This leaves your locks more resilient against drying products, high heat, and pulling.

    I stick to using the shampoo, conditioner, and pre-styling spray every day for a week. I noticed a huge difference in how my hair looks and feels. First of all, my hair is noticeably smoother, shinier, and easier to manage. I also experienced less frizziness, which is quite normal for my curly hair. I apply the pre-styling spray before and after I use a hairdryer. This made my hair increadibly soft. I also continued using the hair mask every week. This prevented any permanent damage to my hair.

    Keratin Smooth

    Tresemme Keratin Smooth

    Who doesn’t hate frizzy hair? With curls that are prone to frizziness, I’ve been too familiar with smoothening products and moisturizers. But these products can make my hair look limp and heavy too. That’s why I switch to products like the Keratin Smooth collection.

    This collection helps cleanse and moisturize my hair. The conditioner was a life-saver as it helped me detangle my hair easily all throughout the day. It made my hair so soft, smooth, and manageable that it made me wonder if it has magic infused. What’s great about this shampoo and conditioner pair is that they contain keratin, which is an essential protein for hair strength.

    Your hair is made up of proteins, keratin, to be exact. Frizziness, a condition that happens when hair cuticles lift up from the hair roots, allowing hair to expand the strand. To solve frizziness, you need a keratin-infused hair product that can smooth down these cuticles. This collection is the perfect products for the job.

    Products for Silky Hair

    Tresemme Products for Silky Hair

    Have you noticed that your hair becomes really dull, rough, and frizzy over time? Daily cleansing and styling can leave your hair with less than desirable texture. As moisture is robbed from the strands, they become more prone to frizziness, split ends, and breakage. The loss of moisture is one of the main catalysts why your hair becomes frizzy and unruly.

    With the combination of Smoothing Shampoo for Shiny Hair and Smooth & Silky Conditioner, you can restore the moisture to strands. These two delivers intense moisture that leaves your hair smooth, soft, and silky. No more frizziness and rough texture with this collection of products for silky hair.

    Both the shampoo and conditioner help restore the moisture to hair for great manage frizzy and messy hair. These two products are suitable for curly hair like mine. They leave the curls shiny and silky smooth. I also used the Smooth & Silky Anti-Frizz Secret Smoothing Crème after washing my hair. It helped my curls stay fab all day long, without having to apply hair serums.

    Between Washes Collection

    Tresemme Between Wash

    If you ask me for a hair product that can freshen up your hair without the hassle, I’d recommend all the products in TRESemme Between Washes collection. Perfect for the modern women – you can save time (and water!) with the shampoos and styling products in this collection. You can choose from a variety of dry shampoos and styling products.

    The no-rinse shampoos can also be used in between washes. This can help retain the strength and flexibility of the strands. Frequent shampooing and washing can wear down your hair, making it prone to damage, dryness, and breakage. With these dry shampoos, you get fresh, clean, shiny, and smooth hair without the hassle.

    If you are busy and have hardly any time to properly take care of your hair, on-the-go products like a dry shampoo can be your best friend. Other than the convenience of dry shampoos, they also help maintain the strength and shine of your hair. Daily washing can remove moisture and shine from hair, leaving it dry and damaged. That’s why TRESemme created dry shampoos that cleanse hair with their light, oil-absorbing formulas.

    The Between Washes Fresh and Clean Dry Shampoo comes in powder form, which absorbs grease from my hair. I love the product because it prevents oiliness and lifts my hair from the roots. The shampoo is so easy and fast to use. You just spray it on your scalp and massage for a few minutes. I also used their Between Washes Smooth Renew Anti-Frizz Cream, which moisturized my hair and made it easier to manage. The cream feels silky smooth on my tresses.

    Botanique Collection

    Tresemme Botanique

    No more breakage and dryness with the intense moisturizing and nourishing effects of Botanique collection. If you are looking for hair products that nourish hair with natural ingredients, this collection is for you.

    The collection features various shampoos and conditioners. There is also a hair mask and oil that can help restore hydration to hair. Each formula in this collection is made with TRESemme Damage Recovery System. They contain various natural ingredients rich in nutrients and minerals that help hair become stronger, shinier, and smoother.

    You can choose from products that restore moisture, battle frizziness, increase volume, or repair damage to hair. I picked Botanique Curl Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. These are formulated with hydrating ingredients that help boost moisture on curls. I love the conditioner because it makes my hair softer and easier to manage. It contains shea butter and hibiscus, which helps strengthen the strands too.


    Hair is easily damaged especially when you don’t take good care of it. There are many factors that can stress your hair out as well, leaving it prone to frizziness and breakage. Even something as normal as using a hairdryer increases the risk of hair damage.

    TRESemme is established with the vision to help women get beautifully strong hair every day. Their products can lock in moisture to strands, preventing dryness and frizziness. Each product also contains a multitude of nourishing ingredients that can help finally restore the luster of hair. Made with the best ingredients, you will fall in love with your hair with the help of this professional hair care brand.

    Even with everyday styling and hair care, you can get hair that is ready for the red carpet. Control damage and frizziness with a wide range of nourishing products. You don’t have to visit salons to restore your hair to its former glory. TRESemme products are here to help you be the confident woman you are. Be bold and feel beautiful with tresses that flow beautifully behind your back.


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