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Argan Oil Can Save Your Hair Before It's Too Late

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    If you have to choose only one hair care product to use for the rest of your life, what would it be? Argan oil would be the right answer. Why? Because argan oil can transform damaged hair into lustrous tresses. The oil improves hair and makes it shinier, stronger, and fuller.

    Argan oil is becoming a popular staple in hair care routine. If you want lustrous hair, argan oil is your go-to product. As it repairs damaged strands, argan oil restores your hair’s volume and shine. It does not only provide moisture. Argan oil nourishes your hair from roots to tips and strengthens the strands as well.

    Argan oil in different containers

    Celebrities swear by the oil’s wonderful benefits. Argan oil improves hair strands to make it more resilient against damage. The oil helps your hair withstand damage caused by heat, harsh formulas, and pollution. Apply the oil in various ways and get beautiful hair that you deserve.

    Here are the various benefits and uses of argan oil for your hair. Make your hair shine with Morocco’s liquid gold.

    6 Great Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

    Argan oil is extracted from kernels of argan tree. The tree is native to Morocco, which exports the largest amount of argan oil all over the world. Argan oil is called liquid gold not only due to its golden yellow color. It also has many benefits, making it as valuable as real gold. You can use it as leave-in conditioner, hair mask treatment, or as pre-poo conditioner.

    Combing long and shiny hair

    Argan oil contains various essential fatty acids and nutrients that are good for hair. These essential fatty acids help condition hair for long-lasting moisture. They have therapeutic effects that help soothe scalp as well. A healthy scalp fosters growth of stronger hair. Below are the 6 top benefits of argan oil for hair and how it works.

    Conditions Hair for Long-Lasting Moisture

    Chock full of essential fatty acids, argan oil effectively conditions hair so it stays soft and smooth all day long. Argan oil contains up to 80% essential fatty acids. These fatty acids include linoleic acid, oleic, and palmitic acid.

    These essential fatty acids are considered as emollients, which creates a barrier on hair’s surface to prevent moisture loss. Argan oil’s high omega fatty acid content helps hydrate and moisturize hair.  

    Argan oil has characteristics that resemble the natural oils produced by your scalp. This helps make the oil absorb faster into strands. Argan oil hydrates hair and traps moisture within each strand to prevent dryness and hygral fatigue. It coats individual strands in moisture, which traps water below hair’s surface. This prevents loss of moisture and leaves hair soft all day long.

    Nourishes Hair from Roots to Tips

    Your hair receives nourishment from the food that you eat. However, there are times that the nourishment is never enough. You can use nutrient-rich hair products that can improve hair strength. These hair products can nourish the strands and make them more resilient against damage.

    Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that nourish hair. It provides plenty of antioxidants that can improve hair strength. The oil makes the strands thicker as well, which gives you great hair volume. You can also apply the oil on scalp to stimulate healthy hair growth.

    Makes Hair Softer and Shinier

    Argan oil can be used as an all-natural hair conditioner to make your hair softer and shinier. It works by providing moisture on hair. Moisture is what keeps your hair shiny and soft. Argan oil coats the strands in moisture, which stays on hair for a long time. The oil softens hair and makes it more manageable.

    When water content evaporates from hair, it does not only leave the strands dry and rough. Lack of moisture can make your hair appear dull too. Dryness reduces hair’s shine and softness. Argan oil’s ultra-moisturizing effect increases hair shine.

    Argan Oil Benefits Infographic

    Strengthens Individual Strands

    Hair becomes weak and brittle when you use harsh formulas or use heating tools too often. They remove moisture from hair and makes it brittle. Lack of moisture wears out strands, leaving them prone to breakage. Argan oil supports your hair’s protein structure. Exposing hair to harsh formulas and excessive heat can wear down on hair strands.

    The moisture from argan oil protects the strands from heat and harsh formulas. It helps strengthen hair’s natural barrier and cuticle layers. It improves the resilience of hair’s protein structure to reduce hair damage. Argan oil is great for all hair types especially relaxed hair. Relaxed hair becomes brittle and prone to damage after the chemical treatment. Argan oil can restore hair strength so it doesn’t break.

    Prevents Hair Damage

    There are various types of hair damage like dryness, brittleness, split-ends, and breakage. Hair damage happens when you expose hair to excessive heat, pollution, and harsh formulas without proper protection. Argan oil helps prevent and reduce signs of hair damage.

    • Argan Oil Prevents Hygral Fatigue – Hygral fatigue makes hair more brittle and less elastic. This is the result of frequent hair washing. When you wash your hair, the water that absorbs into strands expands the shaft. Since your hair is elastic, it does not break even when strands become thick. When your hair dries, the shaft shrinks and the strands become thinner. If you wash your hair often, the strands lose their elasticity, leaving your hair brittle. Moisturizing hair various times in one day can lead to hygral fatigue too. Argan oil provides long-lasting moisture, which keeps hair moisturized all day long. The oil keeps the strands thick and resilient without reducing hair elasticity.
    • Argan Oil Reduces Split-Ends – Split-ends occur when cuticle layers lift up from the hair shaft. This allows cracks and splits to form on your strands. These cracks grow and make cuticle layers peel away from the strand. Split ends can start from the tips of your hair and climb up to the roots. Argan oil fills in these gaps between cuticle layers and flattens them out. The oil makes cuticle layers stick to hair shaft as well for a smoother hair texture.
    • Argan Oil Helps Control Breakage – Split ends and breakage are two different hair concerns. Breakage is when strands completely break into two and fall. Excessive breakage does not only make your hair appear short. It can also lead to other hair concerns such as split ends and excessive hair fall. Argan oil controls breakage as it strengthens hair’s protein structure. It helps repair the strand from inside the shaft and fortifies hair’s natural barrier.

    Fortifies Hair’s Natural Barrier

    Your hair has a natural barrier that protects the strands from damage caused by heat, pollution, and UV radiation. Too much hair washing can damage this natural barrier and leave your locks prone to breakage. To restore hair’s natural barrier, you can apply argan oil.

    The oil increases lipid content on hair’s surface, which prevents water loss. This keeps the strands smooth, thick, and lustrous. Organic argan oil is rich in vitamin E as well. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that prevents free radical damage. It helps protect hair from sun damage too.

    Woman with long lustrous hair

    Best Ways to Use Argan Oil on Hair

    Argan oil is a rock star even among celebrities. The oil can restore dry and damaged hair to its former glory. It can help hair withstand daily wear-and-tear so your tresses remain full and lush. Argan oil is also versatile and can be used in various ways. Try the best ways to apply argan oil on hair:

    1. Apply the Oil Directly on Hair

      Apply the oil directly on hair and scalp. You can use it as leave-in conditioner, pre-poo conditioner, or as hair treatment. The amount of oil you put on hair depends on what you are using it for. If you are using the oil as hair serum, a few drops are enough. However, if you use the oil as hair treatment, you might need a few teaspoons. Apply the oil all over hair using hands or use a brush.

      2. Make Homemade Recipes

        Argan oil is versatile, which is why you can mix it with other oils or natural ingredients to make a homemade recipe. Whip up a hair mask or make a potent hair oil treatment. Remember to use high-quality argan oil to get all its benefits.

        Argan oil in small glass bottle

        3. Mix with Hair Products

          Improve the effects of shampoos and conditioners when you mix argan oil.  Use the dropper and add a few drops or a tablespoon of oil before you apply the formula on hair and scalp. The oil can prevent the drying effects of shampoo and enhance conditioner’s moisturizing properties.

          4. Use Argan Oil-Infused Products

          Products that contain argan oil are full of nutrients that nourish, strengthen, and moisturize hair. These products are designed to deliver the full benefits of argan oil. They contain other ingredients that can enhance the oil’s benefits for hair too. Argan oil shampoo and conditioner work together to make your hair shine.

          It is not a secret that argan oil is great for your hair. With various benefits and uses, argan oil can save your tresses before it's too late. Argan oil is what your hair needs no matter your hair type. Ready to fall in love with your hair? Try high-quality argan oil on your hair and see its wonderful benefits.

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          • Argon oil is amazing!

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          • Argan Oil infused shampoos and conditioners strengthen my hair as well as repair my hair from the heat of blow drying and other styling tools.

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          • I would love to try this for my dry damaged hair from heat of summer to cold of winter.

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