The Shiny Leaf Story

Shiny Leaf started with an idea. An idea that everyone should have natural skin and hair care products that are effective. An idea that these products should also be affordable and safe.

We had a hard time finding products that meet our needs. So we decided to create our own. With nothing but this idea and a few dollars in our pockets, we started brainstorming what products to create. It wasn’t an easy journey but we were able to get Shiny Leaf up and running.

Our first products were a couple of organic oils that we knew were very effective at keeping skin and hair beautiful. Today, Shiny Leaf is known as a beauty company that provides effective, affordable, and safe products for all. Our idea has come to fruition and we want to share our products with you.


Our vision is a world where everyone can have the best high-quality, natural products at the most affordable prices.
We envision a world where you can always give yourself the best care you need.


Our promise is to provide effective and high-quality natural products that fit your lifestyle and your budget.
We want to give you the best care and help you achieve all your skin and hair goals. 

Be Part of Something Great

Join us in our quest to transform everyone’s skin and hair care routine for the better.
Use Shiny Leaf’s best natural products for beautiful, radiant skin and gorgeous, lustrous hair.
Together, we can achieve effortless beauty.

Top of the line support service

Top of the line support service

We go beyond offering premium quality products because we make sure you can count on us. Our customer support team is always there to guide and help you.

Organic and chemical-free products

Organic and chemical-free products

Since the inception of Shiny Leaf, we feel that it is our duty to take care of our customers. That’s why we keep them safe by using ingredients that are natural and non-toxic.

Manufacturing capabilities

Manufacturing capabilities

All Shiny Leaf products are made with the highest manufacturing standards set by the brand. Before launching, each product is carefully planned, crafted and made in the USA.

Made in the USA

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