Shiny Leaf Makes the Top 3 List of Castor Oil Shampoo to Accelerate Hair Growth

La Opinion listed Shiny Leaf Castor Oil Shampoo as one of their top 3 choices for a hair growth enhancing shampoo. The shampoo being able to hydrate, nourish and improve blood circulation in the scalp to increase hair growth is what they love the most.

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Shiny Leaf Praised as the Best Pick for Budget-Friendly Hair Regrowth Conditioner

The Chicago Tribute listed our Castor Oil Conditioner as their top choice for the best hair regrowth conditioner that’s the best bang for your buck. Read more to find out why this product should be in your next check out list.

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Shiny Leaf Releases NEW Professional Skin Care Series

Read all about Shiny Leaf's newest line, the Professional Skin Care Series. Find out why these serums should be part of your skin care routine.

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Shiny Leaf Announces Bitcoin Cash Support & Free Gift for All Who Use It to Pay

Customers can now pay using Bitcoin Cash when they buy any Shiny Leaf products at the Shiny Leaf Online Store. As a treat, Bitcoin Cash users get a free gift with their purchase. Click to find out more about Shiny Leaf and Bitcoin Cash payment.

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Shiny Leaf to Launch Organic Lip Balm Set and Dead Sea Mud Mask

Join Shiny Leaf as they bring out two new products, the Dead Sea Mud Mask and the Organic Lip Balm Set. Learn more about where Dead Sea Mud Mask comes from. Find out the different lip balm flavors that you can use for every day of the week.

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Shiny Leaf Takes a Bite of the Essential Oils Market

Shiny Leaf releases 100% Pure and Premium Essential oils Rose Absolute Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil and Castor Oil. Know more about these three incredible oils and what great things they can do for your skin, hair and body.

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