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Hair-Saving Tips that Can Restore Life to Oily Tresses

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    Compared to dry and frizzy hair, having oily hair might be a bit more unbearable. This is not to say that frizziness is not a serious issue. It’s a frustrating hair concern many women share. However, there is a quick fix for frizzy hair – serums and moisturizing oils. On the other hand, you might need more than a handy product to solve the excessive oiliness of your hair.

    Woman with oily wavy hair

    Oily hair lacks shine and volume, making it look lifeless. This is probably the complete opposite of your dream hair. When you have oily hair, you deal with lack of volume, dullness, and gummy hair texture. Your hair doesn’t bounce like healthy hair does. It also doesn’t shine even when it is weighed down with heavy oil. Shampooing feels like the best solution to this problem. But don’t rush to the bathroom just yet!

    Shampooing excessively or using harsh formulas can actually make your hair more oily. Yes, the fresh and clean feeling after you wash your hair is glorious. However, you might be doing more damage instead of solving your problem. Luckily, we have some tips that can help prevent excessive oiliness of hair to restore its volume and shine!

    Why Do You Have Oily Hair?

    Your scalp produces natural oil called sebum, which helps moisturize your hair. The oil coats hair strands to keep them moisturized all day long. If you have straight hair, it is easier for the oil to reach the entire length of hair strands. This makes your hair shinier and smoother. This is also why curly and wavy hair are more prone to dryness. The curves of hair strands make it hard for the oil to reach the entire length. The oil is only able to reach the part of hair strands close to the scalp.

    In some instances, your scalp doesn’t produce enough oil to moisturize hair. You can use carrier oils and leave-in conditioners to solve this issue. However, what do you do if your scalp produces too much? Find out how it happens and the best solutions you can do to prevent hair from becoming excessively oily.

    Woman with thin oily hair

    What Makes Hair Oily

    Sebum helps make your hair shinier, softer, and smoother. However, too much sebum can weigh heavily on strands, leaving your hair dull, limp, and sticky. Before you shampoo your hair, learn why your hair becomes oily to understand how you can fix it.

    Various factors can make your hair extremely oily. A common reason might be because you are not using the right products for your hair. Shampoos and conditioners affect how your hair feels and looks. If you use the wrong product, it can cause hair damage or in this case, make your hair oily. Products can leave residue on your hair too. Residue might weigh heavily on strands, making your hair fall limp. Here are some signs that you are not using the right product:

    • Your hair feels gummy or rubbery even after shampooing hair.
    • Your hair feels extra slick and oily when you rinse off conditioner from hair.
    • You have flat roots.
    • Your hair looks limp and dull after it gets dry.
    • Your hair loses volume when you use conditioner.

      Oily hair happens when your scalp produces too much sebum too. Excessive oil production can be triggered by various factors such as habits, lifestyle, climate, and hormonal changes. Most of these causes are unavoidable. However, you don’t have to lose hope. You can still fix oily hair to make it softer and smoother again. Here are signs that your scalp is producing oil excessively:

      • Your hair and scalp might smell like natural body odor.
      • Your scalp can get flaky due to fungus present on scalp, which feeds on oil. It speeds up skin cell renewal and leaves layers of dead skin cells on scalp.
      • Your scalp feels itchy or irritated.
      • Bumps or pimples might appear on scalp. These happen when oil clogs hair follicles.

      6 Common Habits That Makes Hair Oily

      If you have oily hair, you should learn about the common habits that can make it worse. Yes, you might have habits that make your hair oily. Below are some of these common habits and how they cause oily hair.

      Using hair dryer on locks

      1. Touching Your Hair Often

      When you touch your hair often, you transfer oil from your hands to hair. Running your hands through your hair also distributes the oil from scalp to the rest of the strands. This leaves the entire length of your tresses oilier.  

      2. Shampooing Your Hair Too Much

      Your scalp works the same way as your skin when it comes to oil production. When they are dry, skin and scalp produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. Shampooing too much removes necessary moisture from hair and scalp, which triggers excessive oil production. This leaves your hair and scalp oilier than before.

      3. Applying Too Much Hair Product

      Not all hair products you apply on hair are absorbed by strands. Most of these products do not absorb to the deeper layers of hair, leaving a film of oil and product residue on the surface. This makes hair oilier and heavier. Product residue can also affect oil production. They may build up on scalp and clog hair follicles, triggering excessive oil production.

      4. Using Hot Water When Washing Hair

      Hot water is not only drying for hair. It can cause excessive oil production. The temperature stimulates sebaceous glands, making them produce more oil.

      5. Tying Your Hair Often

      When you tie your hair, the natural oil from scalp can’t travel from the roots towards the rest of the hair strands. This causes oil buildup on a certain area of scalp, leaving your hair with uneven oiliness.

      6. Using Heat Styling Tools Too Much

      The heat from styling tools such as hair dryer and straightening irons stimulate excessive oil production too. This leaves your hair oilier. Heat removes necessary moisture from hair as well, which further aggravates oil production.

      Best Products for Oily Hair

      It’s challenging to manage an oily hair type. However, there are tips and products that can help you handle oily hair so it gains volume and shine. Make sure that you use the best product for your hair type to keep your tresses soft, smooth, and lustrous. Below are some products you should give a try:

      Texturizing spray for oily hair

      • Volumizing Shampoo – Oily hair lacks volume, which makes it look limp and lifeless. A volumizing shampoo helps your hair gain volume so it looks thicker and fuller. Volumizing shampoos make the strands lighter as they remove oil and dirt clinging to hair.
      • Dry Shampoo Dry shampoo comes in various forms. You can get powder or spray dry shampoos that absorb excess oil and dirt from hair and scalp. They are so easy to use and makes your hair smoother and shinier. Dry shampoo does not leave any flaky residue on scalp.
      • Scalp Treatment – Scalp treatment products may help regulate oil production so your scalp and hair do not get oily. Most scalp treatments are deep conditioners as well, providing hydration to the deeper layers of scalp. They prevent excessive oil production by retaining hydration on scalp and hair.
      • Texturizing Spray Texturing sprays give your hair airy volume and smoother texture. They remove the oily and heavy texture caused by excess oil.
      • Foam Conditioner – If your hair feels rough and oily at the same time, you can use a foam conditioner. It does not weigh heavily on strand so your locks still look full and thick. Foam conditioners coat your hair in light moisture to make them smoother and easier to manage.
      • Clarifying Shampoo Clarifying shampoos help remove product residue and stubborn oil from hair and scalp. They make hair shinier and give it more volume. This product is perfect for oily hair. Shiny Leaf Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is a great shampoo that clarifies hair. It cleanses hair and scalp deeply while providing hydration that can help regulate oil production. The shampoo restores volume and shine to oily hair so it becomes more lustrous.

        While it’s a struggle to maintain the shine and volume of oily hair, there are lots of products that can help you along the run. Make sure that you use high-quality hair products so your hair stays full of life!

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