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Soft/shiny hair & good for my sensitive skin/scalp.

I've been using this shampoo and conditioner for a month or so now, and I love how shiny and soft it makes my hair! The ingredients also seem to be a good match for my sensitive skin/scalp so I'm very pleased with everything.

Excellent for psoriasis

The Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner Set works great for anyone with psoriasis or dandruff. It really works to get rid of the flakes and calm down red skin. It leaves the hair looking and smelling great. The hair looks shiny and soft.It has a very nice scent.This is an excellent product.

Good shampoo

This review is written after using this product for a week daily. I have short straight regular hair, but dandruff has been a problem on and off for a while. I have tried Head & Shoulders and it didn't work for me. Pert was slightly better. First two times I didn't use a lot of shampoo and it did diminished amount of dandruff on the top front but not the sides, so I had to increase the amount of shampoo. On the third day two hours after washing I noticed the difference on the sides as well as the top of my head. The shampoo has a gentle tea tree smell, not unpleasant. But the conditioner is super strong. First time I didn't even use a lot, and the small of menthol was so strong that my eyes started to water. Same as with shampoo, I had to use more than usual amount conditioner to coat my scalp liberally. The conditioner is part of the treatment and not to untangle hair. It moisturizes well and couple of hours after washing the hair looks silky and soft, but on the other hand this combo makes my hair greasy faster than usual. I wash my hair daily in the evenings, so by the time 5 pm rolls around, it looks really dirty. I think it's great to use sporadically as dandruff treatment but not as daily solution.

Excellent if you have a dry scalp.

As embarrassing as it is, I have a dry scalp which leads to flakes. Tea tree oil is the absolute must-have if you have that type of issue, so I am really excited to use this shampoo and conditioner combintion. So far, so good. It not only takes care of existing flakes, but it also subdues any irritated scalp. I didn't notice that it lathered up very much so I really really used a ton of shampoo as a result. I also have long hair and sort of thin and straight - worked perfectly for my type of hair. Left my hair feeling really soft. Also there isn't much of a scent, sort of a neutral minty scent.

Very, Very good

The shampoo is creamy almost like a conditioner, lather but not as much as a regular shampoo. Immediately while I am using it, I can tell it is very gentle and moisturizing. The end result of the shampoo alone is really nice, not dry at all. The conditioner is very thick and it builds on the work done by the shampoo. I really, really like it. I do not have any trouble detangling my hair after using the product. Very good. The only thing I would ask for the company is to add a pump dispenser because both products are thick consistency and I cannot really squeeze the bottle. All the credit for the advertise, I have not scratch my head once.

Silky Soft

I'm new to the Tea Tree phenomenon this product was an excellent place to start. The shampoo felt gentle and didn't strip my hair while the conditioner left it soft and silkier than I can long remember. While the scent isn't unpleasant, it has an unusual fragrance that I will need to get used to.

Nice tea tree shampoo & conditioner

The benefits of tea tree oil on the hair are pretty well-known. Tea tree oil promotes a healthy scalp and hair. This is a nice tea tree shampoo and conditioner combo.The consistency of the shampoo is interesting - it is almost like a putty. But it foams and cleans well. The smell is pleasant. The smell of the conditioner is a little strong out of the bottle, but my clean and dry hair smells great. The conditioner moisturizes well and helps remove tangles.

All natural is great

Its tea tree oil. Natural and works great. Leaves hair feeling soft and easy to style.

Cleans well

I have an itchy scalp, so I wanted to try this tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. They have a light, fresh scent and left my hair very clean. The shampoo did not lather as much as other shampoos I have used, but that was not a problem since it cleaned well. The conditioner is a little watery, but again, it left my hair tangle free and soft and was not greasy. When I used the shampoo, I could feel a slight, pleasant tingle on my scalp. And unless I wait too long between shampoos, there does seem to be less itching.

Strong scent

Like most tea tree oil products, this has a strong medicinal scent. But it also works very well at killing bacteria and relieving all kinds of problems. This is a great "once a week" set. It is too harsh smelling to use every day, but it great once a week to remove product build up.

Average for me, but my daughter says it works

The shampoo did not lather well, and left my hair feeling less soft than usual. I do not have an itchy scalp, so I cannot speak to if this would solve the problem, but I found the shampoo less than satisfying because of the difficulty lathering, and the fact that my hair looks a little dull after using the shampoo/conditioner.On the other hand, my daughter has suffered from an itchy scalp and this solved the problem with the first use.So, conclusions? does not lather well, leaves hair kind of dull, but does actually cure itchy scalp (at least for her).

It's great and help smooth out your hair

This pair of tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner, is a premium hair care solution. It helps moisturize your hair. It also removes visible flakes. It helps create vibrant hair and relieve scalp dryness. When you comb your hair after using this product it is quite smooth. Using it is quite simple. You just massage the shampoo onto your wet hair and scalp. And then rinse it completely with water after two or three minutes. It's excellent for all types of hair and colors. It's safe to use for all ages. Men and women can use it. I hope the photo is helpful at giving you an idea of the size of each bottle. Both bottles are 473 ml.

Works well

This works well on my daughter's very straight, super fine hair. It keeps it soft and manageable.

I like it in amazon. Easy to buy.

Can order again. Good.

great product

love this product would recommend to everyone the smell is great


Super bueno!!!

Must buy

Works great!

Good for long trips

It really helps my dry scalp and the bottles are just the right size for a 5-7 day trip instead of bringing a whole large bottle of shampoo or a bunch of the tiny travel size. I do wish the price point was a little lower for the amount you get, but over all a good product


This product is very good. I used it on my kids hair

Clean and soft

Gives the hair a clean soft feel. Nice smell as well.

great product

Product smells good and works well.

Easy on scalp

Like it

My hair looks so healthy.

Love this. My hair is so soft & smells good.

Amazing product

I love it. It works great for dry scalp

Feel comfortable skin

Smell good

Great tea tree shampoo.

I’m always looking for great tea tree products, & Shiny Leaf is one of the best I’ve found.Refreshing to use & makes my hair soft & silky.


This is pretty good bought it for my daughter who has dermatitis.

Great product!

I LOVE this product! My hair feels so clean and soft. I will definitely buy it again. In my package, I received a free chapstick...what a nice surprise!

Tea Tree Soothes the Scalp

So far so good! Only started it two weeks ago,but already feel my scalp healing.Will buy again.

Amazing results!

Love this set!! I’ve been using it for over a week with my family to help with dry scalp & let’s be honest lice! My kids are in public school and it’s going around, being proactive to make sure they don’t get it is my biggest goal. This has been doing an amazing job I’ll without a doubt buy again

Great product

Great product smells good hair feels great

Winner winner tea tree dinner

My husband loves this shampoo. We do jiu jitsu so we want to kill everything as much of the bad bacteria and germs from the mats and other humans as we can. Tea tree oil is the best. It smells and feels fresh and does a great job.

Extremely shiny hair

My hair is very fine and extremely prone to frizziness but after using the Tea Tree oil shampoo and conditioner combo, my hair was smooth, silky, and glistened. I am extremely amazed how this shampoo and conditioner transformed my dull, brittle hair into extremely shiny hair that would be fit for a shampoo/conditioner commercial. When you wash your hair you can actually feel the slight tingle of the product working and deep cleaning your hair. It feels so refreshing!

Seen a huge improvement

It smells great, its a clean smell with being over the top. Im so glad I found this and just hope its not too late to help me save some hair!


The products smell really good. It did not leave my hair oily at all. I have horribly dry scalp and noticed a huge improvement just after the first few uses. My hair was very soft after using. Very easy to comb thru when wet. Dried without tangling.



Love this stuff

I bought the tea tree shampoo and conditioner for my adult daughter. She has problems with a greasy scalp and we have tried everything. She loves this stuff! I just bought her second bottles. Her hair is no longer greasy, it looks and feels soft and healthy, and she says the clean even lasts longer between washes.

Made my hair softer

Love shiny leaf, I've used their tea tree shampoo and conditioner, and it's made my hair a whole lot softer and it smells great.




I had dandruff really bad and ever since I started using the tea tree oil shampoo, I have not seen any dandruff in my hair. This shampoo is awesome! I have been able to tell a difference in my hair. The conditioner makes my hair feels softer and more managable now.

Leaves my hair very shiny

Ibought the Shiny Leaf Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I love it, It leaves my hair very shiny. No itching or irritation and smells good. Will definitely continue to use and order. Thank you Shiny Leaf for great products and customer service!!

Keeps my hair nice

I purchased Shiny Leaf shampoo and conditioner. I must say the smell is amazing. You can smell it for days even after a good work out. It keeps my hair nice and soft with out drying it out. The tea tree also helps with my dry skin.

Smells amazing

Purchased the tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner and the smell is amazing. I cant stand the smell of smoke. Id have to wash my hair 3 times to get the smoke smell out, with my previous shampoo. This stuff gets the smell out first shot

Perfect Product

Perfect product! I love tea tree oil for scalp issues. Ive used another Shiny Leaf shampoo before and it was a lot of shampoo for a great price and quantity.

Great value

Tea Tree Shampoo removes dandruff, dead skin cells, and scalp buildup effectively This anti dandruff shampoo removes flakes while nourishing your hair. Smells fresh Stop itchiness and get rid of flakes. Contains natural ingredients that keep lice away while it gently removes dirt and buildup. Great value.

So good

Smell so good Refreshing and relaxing The hair look just great !

Good shampoo for all hair types!

So , I bought this shampoo for my husband who has a little bit of dandruff and them I find out that I can use it too! It cleans your scalp very well and my hair looks shiny and very clean ! I like this product and its smell!

Good Products. Hair is soft, shiny

I like both shampoo and conditioner. Keeps hair smooth so far, I had a good hair day. We shall see in a few weeks.

I cannot say how much I love the set

I cannot say how much I love this conditioner, I bought the set and my hair feels great after each use. My hair smells great and it helps with the dandruff that I get from the dryness here.

really hard to find a GOOD shampoo that has not been tested on animals

From my experience it is really hard to find a GOOD shampoo that has not been tested on Animals. Which is why Shiny Leaf was such a pleasant surprise. The Shampoo foams nicely and clean the hair properly and the day after my hair feels silky and looks shiny and healthy!

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