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It is a miracle for me.

I really liked this product and I am thinking to order more.

They Can Say Anything, But This Product Will Take Time

Everybody has used hair conditioner in their life (unless you shave your head). Having said that, a manufacturer can say practically anything about their product.I admit that Argan Oil nourishes hair and scalp. I am sure it repairs damaged hair. It is safe for everyone to use.I can only tell of my experience and that is, regardless of what is in it (nothing harmful), I just want to see how it works. It has only been a week so I can’t tell if it is helping my thinning hair. Vitamin E is definitely a positive ingredient and so is Keratin. It is the key structural material making up hair (Wikipedia). It is also good for skin/scalp. It has no Paraffin which is a ‘wax’ that will build up in your hair. This product makes my hair feel very smooth, which since its receding I might want thicker hair. The shine is there but I don’t know yet if the volume of my hair will change. But I like it so far.Other than liking its current effects and the reasonable price compared to other similar products, it is a ‘go’ so far.

Super silky

Makes your hair super silky

Happy girl

Best product I have ever could have found!!I'm an all natural type girl,and the shiny leaf is it

Please get back the shampoo for the set So we can reorder more and more and then more. Lol

I got this product for my daughter and she loves it but you have no more shampoo which takes away ftom the set.

My mom loves it !

I bought this for my mom and she loves it. She says she has less hair fall as well as shinier hair.

Soft and Shiny!

This conditioner is one of the best I have ever tried! I have long hair and constantly look for a wonderful conditioner. This is it! I love the shine and body. My hair is so easy to style and looks terrific!

Sulfate and paranormal free!

I’ve used the castor oil shampoo and conditioner and have love them! I wanted to try this one instead and see if it worked just as well. I like this one but think I like the castor oil better.

Fine and thin hair with hair loss at old age

My hair is very thin and fall off a lot. Since I use this product ( shampoo and conditioner) my hair has some body, soft and it make it look like my hair is thicker. The hair falling is less. I continue to use this product to keep my hair look better.

Rinse well

Love this just be sure to rinse well.

Excellent purchase

I love the smell!! My hair is so soft and shiny after using this conditioner. I’ll definitely be buying more

Works great

I've used it a few times and gradually my hair has gotten softer and healthier looking

Good value

Good product

soft and shiny

this conditioner works fantastic. leaves my hair so soft, shiny, and less tangles.

argan Hair conditioner

This Argan oil is top quality and I love how silky it leaves my hair!

My hair looks and feels wonderful

I decided to try this conditioner after starting a diet that left my hair feeling like straw. Wow!!! My hair feels so soft now and has a lovely shine to it. I will definitely buy this again.

Happy with the product

Overall, I'm happy with the conditioner. I used on my hair and I'm Asian. I have a thick, black hair. I'll also buy a shampoo of this brand next time.


It works awesome!!!! My hair doesn't come out when I brush it. It is amazing!!!

Great product

love it!! It really does what the the seller claims. Going on my third bottle shampoo is excellent alos

Four Stars

Very good conditioner



The absolute best and favorite!!

This is absolutely the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever had! I not only would recommend this to everyone I know but I have also bought a few sets of shampoo and conditioner and gave them to my friends and family!

Love the smell of the conditioner

Love the smell of the conditioner and that it didn't leave my hair with a slick or oily finish! My hair is still fluffy and soft.

Five Stars

Leaves my hair smooth and healthy.

nice fragrance.

I have noticed less hair loss, greater body, nice fragrance..i am on my second order of both shampoo and far worth the cost..

Great product

The best I have ever used detanegles well and makes hair soft

Smells good

Smells good, makes my hair feel clean

Five Stars

I loved it! It makes your hair look shiny and clean.

Five Stars

New favorite hair products. Feels and smells great.

It's a good product

I love it it smell good and it leaves your hair soft. I love this conditioner

Four Stars

Like the rest it smells. Hair feels nice.

Four Stars

I love the conditioner. I think it helped my hair to be thicker and it smells amazing!

this shampoo is great! shiny healthy hair I would buy it

this shampoo is great! shiny healthy hair. I would buy it again

I like so much that I brought another one

I like so much that I brought another one since i use more conditioner than shampoo. Its help untangle my hair, give extra volume and notice less hairs fall off. I would like more if come with pump..

Long hair great care

I love this conditioner!! It leaves your hair silky and feeling great, but you can still curl it!! We keep reordering it

It's a good product

I love it, smells good and it leaves your hair soft. I love this conditioner

Five Stars

My hair is really soft shiny

Five Stars

My hair is real soft shiny

Very Nice

I ordered the wrong product. I thought I was ordering the Castor Oil conditioner to go with the shampoo I bought but nope! I bought the Argan oil one by mistake. Not that there??s anything wrong with this product, I just really wanted the Castor Oil one. Instead of returning and swapping it out, I decided to give it a try and it turned out great. Once dry, my hair turned out to be super soft, softer than it has been in a while, my hair was nice and shiny as well & smelled great.

Love this

Love this! Smells amazing really makes the hair soft and smooth, helped a lot with my split ends.

Nice product

I love the product. Want to try more of this company

Five Stars

smells great and makes your hair shine

Smells good, bought it to see if it would help ...

Smells good, bought it to see if it would help with hair regrowth - looks good so far, but will need more time to see if it's noticeable

Love love

Love the smell and so soft on the hair .. I love this product I will buy again

I tried with many brands without good results, but this is definitely the best

My hair is now very shiny thanks to shiny leaf. I tried with many brands without good results, but this is definitely the best. I won't change it.

This is a really great conditioner, it leaves your hair so soft and ...

This is a really great conditioner, it leaves your hair so soft and conditioned, I can tell the difference when washing with it and when I comb my hair.

invigorated and smelling great

Shiny Leaf Argon Oil Conditioner leaves my hair and scalp feeling rejuvenated, invigorated and smelling great.

left a great shine in my hair

I have dry, curly and coarse hair. Your product gave it new life and left a great shine in my hair

Worth every penny...

After using Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Conditioner my hair feels soft, looks fuller and smells WONDERFUL.

i like it and it keeps my color

my hair does not lose much anymore, I like it and it keeps my color for long time

Five Stars

Is a great product leaves my hair soft and bouncy and it smells really good

Definitely recommended for fine and thin hair

Made my hair very manageable and soft and full. Definitely, recommend it for fine and thin hair.

Product is great

The product is great I was looking for something to help strengthen my hair and give it that shiny look and this product did just that.

Five Stars

Hair feels amazing. Smells great, plus it’s shiny and softer, loved it.

Five Stars

This conditioner is great. Just a little makes my hair feel soft and looks shiny.

This product adds moisture and body to my hair

Makes my hair soft and shiny and it smells good.

Five Stars

Beautifully packaged as well.

Love this conditioner!

This conditioner has made a huge difference in my hair. Living in Florida the saltwater is hard on your hair.. but now my hair is nice and soft!!

This stuff is awesome. My hair dries out easily

This stuff is awesome. My hair dries out easily and regular conditioner is heavy and greasy, not this one.

Five Stars

Great product

Five Stars

Love it my hair seems stronger and more manageable


Great product, like the thick smooth conditioner. Just started using it, so don't know if it will really help with my hair loss issue or not. But definitely worth a try.

Five Stars

Love it so far!

Loved it!

Great product! Will buy again. Came with good packaging and easy to follow instructions.

Hair is soft, shiny, and has body & feels great!

I never thought I’d write a review about hair conditioner, but this stuff is like magic! Using it causes my hair to be bouncy, soft, and shiny. It has a body and I don’t have to mess with it all day. I am now going to buy the shampoo.

Five Stars

We adopted two African- American boys so we needed a product to help with their dry hair.

Five Stars

Great smell, not oily, & can be used on daily basis.

Five Stars

It arrived really fast which I love. The conditioner smells really good (:

5 stars

Make ur hair feel very different. Really like making my hair feel healthier.

Five Stars

It feels nice after a single use

Helpful product.

I have used this twice and so far like it. Keeps my scalp from being too dry.

Five Stars

Nice conditioner.

This is the best conditioner I have ever purchased

This is the best conditioner I have ever purchased. My long hair stays soft and smells great! Will definitely order again!

Love it!

I really like this leave in conditioner. It smells great. I've noticed that my hair has been softer and more manageable since I've begun using it.

I like this conditioner

I like this conditioner. It smells nice and does take much to cover my shoulder length hair. My hair was smooth and was not knotted up or anything after using it. I comb thru it with my fingers!

Five Stars

works well

Great leave in conditioner!!

Being a hair stylist and knowing the ingredient deck in products, conditioners, and shampoos...i struggle to find healthy sulfate free choices that work well. I like what this product offers and what not is made of. I really like the ingredients of this conditioner and it leaves my curly hair soft and less frizzy in the humidity. My hair is not weighed down but is soft and subtle. I give this a big fat thumbs up and recommend you try It!!!

Leaves my hair shiny and soft!

This hair product leaves my hair soft and shiny and also leaves my hair smooth.


Just ordered this to see if the combination of the shampoo and the conditioner really worked well together and this conditioner made my hair silky smooth I'm impressed the shampoo and conditioner don't leave my hair feeling like I didn't rinse all of it out it made it feel light and healthy and most of all so shiny and soft what a great product

Improvements after only one application....

Love, Love, love this product! I have used it once since receiving it But it has surpassed other leave in tried. I have fine hair & was experiencing breakage due to dry ends. I noticed an immediate difference after one use... almost no breakage, dullness on ends gone, added moisture & shine. Definitely no need to add a shine/oil sealer after use of this product. And better... it wasn't heavy on my fine hair!

Luxurious. Great for my dry curly hair

I was a little confused at first because this is advertised as "leave in" so I assumed it would just be a straight up blend of oils. It is a white colored conditioner that has oils in it. I have NOT used it as a leave in but LOVE it as a wash-out conditioner. It is great on my dry, curly hair.

Heaven in a bottle

This Argan Oil Conditioner from Shiny Leaf feels like heaven in a bottle. It not only works on my hair loss problems, it also makes my hair smell amazing. I’ve tried other hair growth conditioners. All of them promised me soft hair and less hair fall but they left my hair flat. This one is different. It works.

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