Bitcoin Cash Upgrade


    Bitcoin Cash May 15 UpgradeAre you looking forward to the new Bitcoin Cash hard fork on May 15th?

    We are too!

    We love Bitcoin Cash as much as you do and we’re so excited about this change.

    The Best Part of This Upgrade

    Shiny Leaf supports the global adoption of this fast growing cryptocurrency. This upgrade to bigger block size and several other improvements will help global adoption happen. One thing that Shiny Leaf knows for sure is that Bitcoin Cash is the future of online payments.

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    Bitcoin Cash May 15 Upgrade - Coupon Code

    Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Details

    Bitcoin Cash’s move from 8MB to 32MB is a significant change because a bigger block size means it is capable of handling more transactions at the same time. The people behind Bitcoin Cash knew that the BCH community will continue to grow. They knew that 8MB, while proving to be very capable of handling current transactions, may not be able to handle a bigger number of transactions in the future.

    This upgrade to 32MB will take care of this. This means you get a more scalable and more reliable cryptocurrency that’s ready for the growth of Bitcoin Cash transactions all over the world.

    Why Use Bitcoin Cash

    You can also expect other important changes that come with this hard fork. Some of the possible changes are data time stamping, launching of “colored coins”, and re-enabling of disabled opcodes that can handle more advanced contracts.

    Supporting merchant adoption has never been more rewarding!

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