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Great Product!

I love this castor oil! I have the 16 ounce bottle with the pump. I am using it on my foot after the stitches were removed following surgery. It has softened and removed my scabs and moisturized the skin on my whole foot. Also, I am using it to help decrease inflammation and prevent adhesions from forming in my foot.

Rich oil of excellent quality!

I am obsessed with this castor oil. I use it to moisturize my waist-lenght hair and also use it for my daughter's birracial curly hair after shampooing and deep conditioning. It leaves the hair smooth and moisturized. The bottle is super convenient because you dont have to be opening the bottle, just pump it in your palm and massage it into your hair or scalp! I give this hair oil 10/10.00

Great product

Super high quality oil and very happy with packaging and pump bottle. Great price and better than some others I've tried.

perfect for hair

i use it for hair growth and its awesome product! i put this castor oil on my hair about 1 night and then wash. my hair looks shiny, healthy after it! <3

Loved the product

I really liked how soft it made my hair..


Good product

good deal!

i just received this today! showered, and applied castor oil to damp skin! loving the feel of my skin, and application brush for eye lashes the best! try it, you will like it!!!😊

Organic castor oil

Love how thick it is and makes my skin soft. The pic looks like it would come with the eyelash comb but it doesn’t not a big deal the are pretty cheap to buy.

Wonderful product for hair and eyebrows

This stuff does wonders for helping hair grow! My hair is growing faster and is healthier then ever. I haven't noticed a difference in the thickness of my hair but it's stronger, softer, and much longer. I also use it on my eyelashes and eyebrows and they have also grown quite a bit.

Great product

I purchased this product to be applied to my eyebrows and lashes seeing how they were sparse from too much tweezing and individual lashes and I've been applying it every night for the past two weeks and my lashes and my eyebrows have grown significantly this is a really good product

A little thicker than anticipated but just fine.

As I said, it was a little thicker than anticipated but it was still acceptable.

Good product

Rich,full-bodied oil. Very moisturizing. Glad it came in unbreakable container.

5/5 Highest quality product and great sellers. Win/win!

Not just certified organic but also *cold-pressed* which is MUCH better quality than conventional expeller-pressed. Also, the bottle color is amber -- not the common clear/transparent -- and the amber color protects the oil from sunlight damage. The seller's packaging was also thoughtful and detail oriented (arrived with a very convenient eyelash wand and company note). I had a shipping problem and the sellers replied in under 12 hours, helping me fix the problem easily and quickly. I love Castor oil not just for my skin, eyelashes and eyebrows but ALSO for oil pulling because castor is one of the "thickest" oils out there and dental plaque/tartar is fatsoluble, meaning it's attracted to/dissolves with fats. I'm a lifetime customer! I'm very excited to have found a coldpressed, organic, and amber bottled product at such a reasonable price.

Quality and results!

The product is of excellent quality. I use the castor oil for the roots of my hair. On average I keep it for a few hours before I take a shower and it washes off easily. I usually mix in 1:1 ratio of castor oil and coconut oil for easier penetration as castor oil is extremely thick. Once a month you can also take two tablespoons of castor oil and add 15-20 drops of pure rosemary oil to your scalp, massage with head upside down and leave it overnight to do it's magic. You will see new hair growth, less hair fall and softer hair.

moisturizing, not too thick, love it for face and hair

love it, I use for face and hair and to add to melt and pour soap for shampoo bars. Very satisfied

It's good to buy all tree product together: castor oil, shampoo and conditioner

I use castor oil as a treatment for my hair. Also I bought castor oil conditioner and shampoo. It's working great together. I highly recommend this product to other people.

Grow longer healthier hair faster.

My hair usually grows slow and thin. Since I've been using this, mixed in with my shampoo my hair is thicker and longer in a very short time. It seems to have made it softer and more manageable. I've also used it on my eyelashes. However, I am not consistent with that process. But I believe it would make them longer if I applied it at night on a regular basis. There is no odor or stickiness when using it with your shampoo. I love it and will order more.

Me gusta.

Llevo poco tiempo usandolo y me parece que esta trabajando bien, lo uso para el cuero cabelludo y en comparación con otros aceites que he usado anteriormente este no me deja la sensacion de grasa. Me gusta.

Great product

I like that this product is made in USA and is free of paraben, sulfates and alcohol. Nicely packaged and received fast!

Excellent Moisturizer!!

I believe this is my 3rd order of Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Organic Castro Oil. Needless to say, I absolutely love this product! I have tried every moisturizer known to mankind and this one has proven to be the best. It moisturizes beautifully once it is thoroughly rubbed into the skin. Of course it is a bit oily at first but it is of thick consistency which makes it luxurious to use. The smell of course is very neutral and like Castor oil because it is. That never bothered me yet last week I added some organic Lavender oil to my existing bottle and WOW!! The Castor oil has proven to be a beautiful carrier oil for essential oils. Anyway, so very glad I found this product and highly recommend it for hard to moisturize skin. Thank you Shiny Leaf!

Heals damaged hair, dry skin

Heals color treated over processed hair.First off it has a nutty smell to me like a cross between hazelnuts and walnuts. It has a thick texture and doesn't absorb right away into your skin but it feels like silk going on and it makes my skin look dewy young and fresh. I also used it on my hair as a treatment from scalp to ends and left it for 30 minutes just up in a bun while it did its magic and I was surprised at how easy it washed out with just natural shampoo and I followed with my regular conditioner and my hair looks so good my sister asked if I was wearing a weave! my hair looks and feels soft from my roots to my ends and it looks healthy and thick. I was NOT given a promo discount for my review I'm just impressed with the results. OH and I recieved a FREE cherry chapstick with my order which is awesome and makes my lips super soft.

Great product!

This is a lovely product! Thank you!

Great product,great price!

Purchased it for a friend to try,I've used.your product before and love it my friend loves it too and will order more,thanks Helen

Good quality

Good quality


LOVE it....

Lessens wrinkles under eyes

Love it used on my eye area and feels and looks good already

Great seller and great product

Great seller and great product

Good product

Good product. No weird smell. Satisfied.


It has a nice smell and leaves my hair feeling very soft.

Good buy

Love this product. It’s not greasy, I was pleasantly surprised. It leaves my hair very soft. I will definitely buy again.

Fuller Eyebrows and Lashes!

Great product! Great size! Great value! Love it! It has definitely made me eyebrows and lashes fuller! Even my daughter commented on how great they look!

Buy this one!

Love the product. excellent efforts from sellers to ensure i was happy with it!


Very good quality and affordable. Have purchased this twice.

Pure Castor Oil What's not to love?

I use this product to condition my eyebrows and eyelashes. It keeps my eyelashes strong and keeps them from becoming brittle, which can happen after the constant use of mascara. I have noticed fuller and longer lashes with the use of castor oil. I use it once daily, applying before bed each evening. Try it. You will notice a difference within a few months.

Does it work?

Don't know if it's just wishful thinking or if it's actually working. I've been using the castor oil for a week now; putting some in my hair and on my nails. My nails feel more soft and smooth compared to before, and my hair appears to be growing in more all honesty anything from bald looks like it's growing in more full; however, I don't see the weird spacing in my hair that I used to whenever I let my hair grow out. So maybe it is working.

Great for Itchy Dry Skin

I never would have thought how wonderful Castor Oil could be for your skin, but it is fabulous. I use it on my face neck and the rest of my body. It really is great for itchy skin.

No Castro’soil smell great product

No odor really nice and sealed good never tried this before but so far I like it

Awesome product!!!

Awesome product, great for hair!!! Loved it!!!

Amazing product!!

Glowing skin and hair! Generous amount of product for the price.

Good quality oil

I love the "light" feel when applying to skin and absorbs easily. Glad to see it's packaged properly!

Works good!

Keeps the rough patch strong and shiny! These folks emphasize customer satisfaction.

Great quality

Love love love this product! I mix it with essential oils for my hair and my boys hair. Great quality.

Great Quality!

Love this product! Never had tried castor oil for my skin before but will not be without it moving forward. I put some on my skin and it feels great! my skin just drank it up. I put some on my lashes and eyebrows and it feels really good. I plan to use this product every day. I love that it is organic and 100% made in the US!! I'm also going to make my own shampoo and this product is one of the ingredients. i plan to be a repeat customer! :)

Good quality

Good quality product overall

So many uses for castor oil!

My hair feels softer and thicker after using. I had to wash my hair twice in the shower to get it out but it was worth it. I applied some to my eye lids at my lash line to help grow my lashes and drops into my eye. It helped to relieve dry eye from my allergies. I also used it as a moisturizer under my eyes and around my face.

Great for hair!!!

It was delivered fast and it's what I wanted.

Genuine organic Castor oil

Very impressed with the product, castor oil was fresh and does wonders for your hair!Having ordered the product from Dubai, UAE, I received it in a timely manner and overall very happy with it.

Good Stuff I use as hair gel.

I am not sure how much it is actually making my hair grow. However, it does give it a healthy feel and works well as a healthy "hair gel" in the mornings.


Works great so far, although I haven't been using it long. It smells okay and feels very moisturizing.


It is effective

Good Castor Oil!

I bought this Castor Oil a few weeks ago and have been using it consistently ever since. The oil has a mild nutty smell and is not as thick as some other brands. It leaves my skin moisturized. It is a good value for money.

Good product at a great value...

Good product at a great value, will buy again. Product arrived quickly and cleanly (nothing spilled out during shipping)

Great Quality!

My family loves this product! We use daily in our hair and skin. Feels great! Great quality!

Great product

Great product for hair.


Más grande de lo que esperaba, súper protegido lo envían. Todo perfecto

Luv it

Awesome for my skin

Love this oil!

Works wonderfully as an oil cleansing face wash - 3 parts jojoba oil and 1 part of this castor oil. I rub it into my face for a minute or two and use a hot towel to "steam" my face to clean with the warm water. Repeat steam process twice and use additional oil to moisturize if needed. Using during pregnancy and works great!Super moisturizing and absorbs well, and I like the smell too!

Great product

Using for eyelashes, brows, and hair have not had it long enough for any results yet.

Must buy!

Wow. Got this product in two days! Came with a cherry lip balm! I used it on my hands and hair. LOVE IT. Still too soon for results but my skin feels fabulous and it left my hair feeling moisturized and shiny! Will buy again. Great price for 16oz and it's organic.

As expected

As expected

Organic Castor love it...

I love this Organic Castor Oil. There are so many benefits for external and internal use. It is so light and you can tell the difference between this and non organic castor oil. The price was also on point. It also arrived very quickly. Will definitely purchase again.

Great product. Great price!

Large amount of oil. Came with a spoolie brush great for treating eyebrows.

Great product!

Great quality! I will continue to buy it.

The best ever

This is my second bottle and I just love it. just the right consistency. the best product ever.


Excellent quality castor oil! I use it on my skin and hair for deep conditioning.

Great Product

I love this stuff, I have not been using it long enough to see the hair results but my skin is feeling very moisturized which is great because I have really dry skin. I love how it absorbs into the skin. I also have been taking it internally and my digestive issues have been a lot better. Thank you, I will be ordering again.

Great product

After hearing about this for a few months, and seeing amazing results on so many women , I decided to give it a try.My bottle arrived quickly , and I started using it every night on my lashes and eyebrows. Its only been 3 days but I'll let you guys know what happens. They also sent me a lip balm for free. I think that is wonderful business..... but it's also the best lip balm I've ever used!!!So 5 plus stars for Shiny Leaf!!!!!!

Espero que me funcione como me lo recomendaron

Me gusto

20 years of wrinkles gone!!!

I have been using this wonderful oil for about 5 days now and have literally lost 20 yearsof wrinkles off my's crazy..I am going to do the hair treatment as soon as I can.I usually use olive and pure coconut oil for that but will try the castor oil this time..I haven't seen any changes on the eyelashes or brows yet but when I do I will write again.Have told my friends because they have been commenting on how good my skin looks!

Effective and inexpensive; great customer service

Great product that does seem to help eyelashes, cuticles, and very dry skin. Does not seem greasy or I pleasantly oily. Had a minor problem that was corrected immediately with super customer service.

Great oil

Like the product so far. Since it takes a long time to see results I can’t speak to whether it works or not.

Love it!

Love it! Great consistency, perfect for hair and lashes

Best Castor Oil

Best Castor Oil, I love it!!!! Super fast delivery.

Good value

Huge bottle for the price! Good packaging so the contents of the bottle will not leak. Nice free little gift!

Great Company ? they follow up with you!

I felt it was the best value and the product came and I am very pleased with the quality!

Good product. Does lots of stuff

Really like it. Gooey but good

Great for eyebrows and lashes; not so much for skin

I'm loving this for my eyebrows and eyelashes, but I find it too "waxy" for my skin.

Great product Great price!

Love this product! My hair feels and looks so much more healthier after just a couple uses!

Best Castor Oil for Hair, Skin, and Nails

Love the product! It is very good for my hair, skin, and nails!




I love it


I just started using it so I havent noticed any difference yet. Maybe after a few weeks.


My hair is as dry as the Sahara Desert. I apply castor oil in the evening and leave it until the morning. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair. It is soft and this oil has prevented hair breakage.


Pretty good stuff. I use to strengthen my hair and hair growth. Not so bad


This product has done wonders with my very damaged hair. A little messy, but worth the hassle.


Works awesome!!!! Made my hair feel awesome and soft. Works great !!!


I've been using oil for my hair after shampoo. It help breakage & dry.


Love the product!!! It makes my hair so shiny and soft!!!!


Absolutely love this product. I have purchased another bottle since the first purchase. I now use with organic peppermint oil, amazing.


My hair just began growing with in a week from using it. A must try


Great organic product for the price...will definitely purchase again


I love it, I use it for my hair, body and face, just add some to your shampoo, face and body wash.


Helped my hair to get healthy. Even my stylist notice the change on my hair. Will recommend anyone


Its pure, have used it on my hair with some coconut oil and I have had beautiful curls.


Good product it works very well help me grow my hair fast


What l like the most is that it actually made my hair grow faster!


Thick and nice consistency. I just started using it, so I'm waiting for the results.


I really like the castor oil. It makes my hair very shiny and keeps it super moisturized.


I've been using this on my hair and lashes for about a month now, and have already noticed my hairline thickening up a little, and my lashes getting longer! Highly recommend.


I received it we sealed and well packed. It gave my hair the thickness and the shine I am looking for. It reduced the hair fall and I feel my hair became stronger.


Works amazing!


Works exactly like I would have expected it to! I love this product and look forward to trying out other products from this company. I would recommend giving it a try.


It is Amazing! I've only been using it for a month now and I can see results. I would highly recommend it.


Love how it makes my hair feel and look. Awaiting new hair growth.


I think it makes my hair grow. Makes my skin feel great!


Exactly as expected. Very pleased! I would buy this again as well as recommend it to others.


Love the feel of my hair it was awesome and shiny and soft it has a good clean smell I like it


My hair is healthier and the thinning areas are filling in nicely


Excellent product, my hair grows really fast but this product makes the hair grown even faster.


I have loved castor oil, I have tried many oils but they were always for a single function. I suffer from hair loss and dry I wanted to try it weeks before my wedding to look like a healthy hair because I had gone through several processes and believe? It was spectacular on my wedding day.


This organic castor oil is terrific ~ It arrives in an amber colored bottle which helps keep it nice and fresh for a long time. I put this on my head, hair and bead and find that it helps my hair. It doesn't feel heavy, it feels conditioned I guess would be the right word. I am enjoying it.


This product has been AMAZING for me. I do use it regularly in my hair, mixed with my shampoo and my hair feels smooth and soft afterward.


Very thick oil, I just need to use a couple of drops to cover my scalp. My hair feels thick, and I see fewer strands in the tub when I take shower. Will continue to use!


Nice large glass bottle it is thick so sometimes I mix with a little lotion or a drop or two of water. Feels good not greasy feeling like you would think. Smell isnt too bad either.


Anyone having hair loss problem should try this oil at least once before the other product. I have tried more than 30 different products but none of them help for hair regrowth. This castor oil really doing a great job. I can feel and even see small hair growing all around my head. Natural and really helps on hair regrowth. make hair thicker. Oil is very thick so best result when you use with coconut oil.


Really nice product, Organic Castor Oil, clear, no smell, and thick- not too runny. I


I love that! I wanted this product for my hair primarily. The winter months are harsh on my hair. I use a leave-in conditioner when it's especially snarly and freaked out. I added a few drops (maybe 3) to the dollop in my hand and applied and worked it through, like always. It didn't change the smell of my product. However, I did notice a difference in the feel of my hair all day. Not texture so much but like a heavier coating. It didn't feel greasy, just different.


perfect for my very dry hair! It did wonders! My hair turned from frizzy/extremely dry hair to a beautiful silky hair literally overnight! I definitely recommend this product and I am definitely pushing this again!

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