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Love it finally something that works for me

Good product

Smells great. Hair feels soft and has volume. Seems to be growing faster than normal. Only drawback is that you need to leave both shampoo and conditioner in your hair for a few minutes to work best.

Very good products

This is second time to buy. I have been having hair loss. Nice gentle smell and hair getting very smooth and soft. I really like this products.

Does help growth

Happy with product. Have purchased 2x now

Smells great.

Nice set. Smells great.


Love product.

Moisturizing !

I love the castor oil for my face. If I put it in at night, my skin still feels so hydrated the next morning. I like how the castor oil shampoo and conditioner are healing my very damaged hair but you can only use it maybe once a week and I do recommend using something more clarifying or your hair will be weighed down with the moisture of the oil. All in all, happy with my purchase!

Instant Results! Great Product!

I noticed and felt the difference in the condition of my hair from the first time I used the shampoo and conditioner. Love the texture and feel of my hair. No frizzys and fly away hair.I have very curly and fine hair and with this product I use less styling products. Also I am very sensitive to strong scents and added perfumes..I love,love, love the subtle scent of the shampoo and conditioner. I ordered the bundle and use the organic castor oil on my brows and lashes. Would highly recommend this product.


Honestly, Ive only been using this for about 2 weeks but, its amazing! It smells great and lathers so wonderful! I cant wait to see how long it gets! Definitely, would recommend!

its amazing

My hair is super dry and I have low protein from cancer treatments so I've been trying different products. I didn't care for the tea tree products I tried about a year ago and I settled on plain organic coconut oil which I also use on my face. The shiney leaf shampoo and conditioner are doing a great job. I got my hair shortened so I could start with the best hair I could have. I've been very happy. I only wash my hair about 3 times a week and there is no oily look after a few days. My hair looks and feels healthier and I'm also loosing far less hair in the shower, just a few strands instead of a clump. So, Yes. I love your product. I also got the oil that comes with the eyelash wand. It is also helping them and I use it on my eyebrows too.

I love your product

This is one of the best products I have ever purchased, my hair feels really good after use this shampoo and conditioner. I will use it daily to get the best results especially the castor oil. I really recommend, fair price and nice product.

fair price and nice product

The bottle lasts long and works wonders! Have been using it for half a year already and it has definitely helped improve my hair.

helped improve my hair

I am 65 and have grey hair :-( my hair texture has changed ! I had thick curly hair and now my grey hair is straight! My sister is a colorist in New York and highly recommended this bundle. First time I Used it I actually felt a differemce , my hair for the first time has body again . I cannot wait for end result . Castor oil is an old time remedy for many things and a good thing to use in your hair. I highley recommend this product .

Highly recommended

This bundle helps me to grow and nourish my hair. It makes my hair look shiny and manageable and I like it very much.

This bundle helps me to grow and nourish my hair

Great product. My husband's hair was thinning. Even his barber noticed a difference in his hair after he used this product. I recommended it and purchased it for my grandson whose hair is fine. He uses it every day. I have already repurchased this for my husband once and twice for my grandson. They love it.

They love it.

I love the products, shampoo smells amazing and the organic castor oil is a great multipurpose oil. I use it for everything.

I use it for everything.

I LOVE this! My hair looks awesome now that all of the build up is gone.

I LOVE this

My hair was shedding really bad and was dry and brittle. I apply castor oil on my scalp and hair at bed time and wash it with their shampoo and conditioner the next day. I have been using this for 3 months and can really tell the difference in my hair condition. There is no more shedding or breakage.

I have been using this for 3 months

I love this bundle so I ordered more of it

I love this bundle

The castor oil comes with a dropper and spoolie, I love it. Their castor oil shampoo and conditioner make my hair grown so much in length and quantity. I will continue to purchase.

make my hair grown so much in length and quantity

I really liked this bundle. It helped my eyelashes grow and their shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling clean and it smells really good. My hair became shinier and soft. You don't need a lot for it to lather well and it's gentle on your scalp.

I really liked this bundle

Shiny Leaf Castor oil helped revive my friend's straw-like textured hair. It is making my eyelashes look amazing too! It does bead up on eyelashes so I suggest patting the beads off. Upon application of hair it feels sticky. Two little drops go such a long way ! After rubbing it in my friends hair it didn't feel sticky or look greasy. Her hair felt more alive than it ever had ! I didn't even need to wash my hands afterwards because it absorbed in well! Before I received this product I wasn't aware of all the uses of this product! It is so multipurpose ! It comes with a 4 oz bottle of Castor oil , eyelash applicator , and a dropper. You can use this on almost every part of you! Fantastic product and I am pleased to have had this opportunity to receive this item free/ discounted for my honest review and rating . I highly recommend it! Went in skeptical and came out a believer!

love this bundle

I love this bundle. it comes with everything you need.


Based on my personal results, I highly recommend this castor oil to anyone suffering from skin condition. I can vouch firsthand that this stuff makes a huge difference in dry skin and reduced itching tremendously! Their shampoo and conditioner smells great. It left my hair soft and shiny.

Helped me on my eczema

First, I wanted to try the castor oil on my eczema. Within the past year, I have been suffering from patches of eczema and the itching drives me crazy! I have the worst patch on the palm of my hand and now my scalp. I really wish I had taken a before photo of my palm because the difference is remarkable! It was to the point of breaking open and even bleeding at times. The skin has healed so much in the past few days that I am amazed. I simply use the included dropper to apply a few drops to my palm and rub it in. I have done this three times a day for 3 days now and it already shows an amazing improvement. The conditioner and shampoo helped me reduced my itching by at least 90%. Also, my hair became smoother.

my hair loss has decreased a lot

I was losing my hair but after I start using the Castor oil Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair loss has decreased a lot. As for their castor oil, this oil is slightly thick; I find that a little goes a long way. It's hard to get just a little oil on the brush, so it works out good to dip the brush in once and apply to both eyelashes, then go behind that application with a dry brush to spread the oil out evenly on lashes. Thanks so much for this excellent product I definitely buying more and recommend it to my family and friends.

really work very well

I also think it's worth noting that this oil comes with a spoolie brush for eyelash application and a lid to put on the bottle if you won't be using the dropper. A couple of nice little additions. Their Shiny Leaf Castor Oil based shampoo and conditioner really work very well with my long, natural spiral curls, very softer, shinier, less breakage and smell good. I loved it.

these bundle is good for eyelashes and hair

I recently became aware of all the benefits and uses of castor oil and was intrigued to try it. I had the opportunity to receive a bottle at a discounted price and jumped at the chance. I wanted to try this for several reasons since these bundle is good for eyelashes and hair.

Great quality

I've used one other castor oil before, and it honestly doesn't compare to the quality of Shiny Leaf's castor oil. From the first application (I used on my face and eyelashes), you can tell a little goes a super long way! The oil is thick, but not too thick if that makes sense. It absorbs well. I had never used castor oil as a moisturizer, but decide to give this a try over the course of several days. I was pleased. My primary use will be for my eyelashes (which the eyelash brush that comes with the oil is handy for). But there's so many other options for it. You can really tell this is a quality oil. Their shampoo and conditioner seemed to really clean my hair well.

make a conscious effort to live a more natural lifestyle

I have begun to make a conscious effort to live a more natural lifestyle. I had heard about castor oil being great for hair growth, enhancing the color vibrancy in your hair, and for deep skin moisturizer and desired to try it but with so many options out there I wasn't sure which direction to go in. Shiny Leaf makes a Cold Pressed Organic Castor Oil which I had the opportunity to try and I am glad I did. With your purchase you receive a 4 fl. oz of oil, a dropper, an extra lid that can be used in place of the dropper, and a mascara or eyelash wand. The oil is rather thick so I did not want to place it directly on my hair with the thought it may make it appear greasy, but I put a drop into the conditioner that comes with it while showering and what a difference it made. My hair feels soft and appears more healthy with just one use. I did test this on my skin as well but instead of using a carrier I put the oil on independently. It felt very heavy on my skin initially but about an hour later it felt like it had better absorbed and was not as sticky feeling. I also used it for cuticle care- boy this stuff is versatile! On to eyelashes.. for long term growth effects, you should apply this oil regularly, so I cannot say for sure if it is effective in that perspective yet, however, I am extremely hopeful!

Will buy it again

I have seen many fabulous results with applying this to the scalp and hair! Shiny Leaf has a great review rate so, I feel safe using their products, and I myself has crazy chemical sensitivities to everything, and I had no issues with their Castor Oil. My hair is super dry and I have low protein from cancer treatments so I've been trying different products. I didn't care for the tea tree products I tried about a year ago and I settled on plain organic coconut oil which I also use on my face. I got my hair shortened so I could start with the best hair I could have. I've been very happy. I only wash my hair about 3 times a week and there is no oily look after a few days. My hair looks and feels healthier and I'm also loosing far less hair in the shower, just a few strands instead of a clump. So, Yes. I love your product. I also got the oil that comes with the eyelash wand. It is also helping them and I use it on my eyebrows too. Quality product. Came quickly. Moisturizes well and makes my hair feel soft n healthy. Will buy it again.

I plan to continue my use of this product

A few years ago I had gotten very sick and lost a lot of my hair... I noticed that my eyelashes had also thinned out and just did not stand out anymore. I have been putting this castor oil for a bit over a week and honestly, think I do see longer lashes and darker. I plan to continue my use of this product and hope to find time in my life to actually using this product in my hair/on my scalp. Apparently, they have shampoo and conditioner to address my hair loss problems so I gave it a try, too! The shiny leaf shampoo and conditioner are doing a great job.

Time will tell if it's effective for hair regrowth

I have been applying Castor Oil on my eyelashes for a couple weeks and I have noticed they are longer. I apply couple drops on each eyelash before bed. I had some eyelashes falling out and Im happy I heard about castor oil. I really like their conditioner! The Shampoo cleans very well and does not break you out. Time will tell if it's effective for hair regrowth.

Not just a single function

I have loved castor oil, I have tried many oils but they were always for a single function. I saw the ingredient of Castor Oil. I purchased a bottle pure castor oil but find it makes my hairs stick together and need to wash several time days and night. I saw the review and started trying to see to use this condition. So far so good and let to wait to the result later. Currently, the condition is not so sticky and smell good. Shampoo was okay. Need to use it for a longer time to see the results.

My hair has Life again

I love the castor oil. I use them to moisturize my skin and sometimes mix them with my favorite lotions to help them last even longer. Slather the oils on your feet, put on a pair of socks and wait a few hours -- smooth, silky feet! The Shiny Leaf Shampoo Castor Oil Cold Pressed Shampoo and Conditioner also make my hair soft. WOW!! My hair has Life again. I color my hair and hair care products keep my color with lots of condition and last much longer!

I recommend this bundle

I recommend this bundle, and actually came really fast order! The third time I reordered!

Read so many positive comments

Just started using my castor oil, but I love that the product is organic and hexane free!! Read so many positive comments on how it grows eyelashes in just weeks!! Excited!! Waiting for my results!! As for their conditioner, its excellent, smell really good! Needed to change shampoo I used forever due to a change in product that caused severe allergic reaction. The shiny leaf castor shampoo is pure, and leaves hair manageable and shiny. Just reordered it. Very good product. No itchy scalp. Hair stays clean longer.


I loved the castor oil. It was so moisturizing and hydrating for the skin. I also used it as a hair mask and it left my hair feeling clean, soft and shiny. This set leaves my hair really soft and totally detangled. Less frizz than what I usually have. I really like the lather and it smells really good

Wonderful hair care line

Wonderful hair care line! I have loved everything I have purchased to date and have even started sending the product to friends because I love the results so much!

Im going to stay with this always

The castor oil is great. I have never had such quick results from an oil product before. I even am able to wear it under makeup. The only thing I am having to get used to is how thick it is. My hair is also nourished with their castor conditioner!! My color treated hair has never been so soft, shiny and my color is lasting weeks longer. The Castor Oil is cold pressed. Im going to stay with this always!!

Will purchase again

I just received my package. It came within just a few days or ordering it. I used the castor oil in my face cream and I could already feel a difference. I work in the kitchen and it is very dry. I know these products are going to save my skin and hair. Thanks to the shampoo and conditioner! My hair has never felt so healthy and so heavenly soft. Forgot to mention it also has helped my stubborn midlength hair to finally grow. This is my second purchase of the castor oil shampoo. My first order included the conditioner. I really like this product. It cleans well, lathers well, leaves my hair shiny and manageable. Will purchase again. Best hair product I have ever used!

We loved your product

Seems like a high quality oil. Using the castor oil for eyelashes and as a moisturizer. The shower set works great. We loved your product! It was as expected. We were looking for something which has good moisture content.

A must try

My hair just began growing within a week from using castor oil. A must try. Conditioner smells great and I think I had less hair falling out. The shampoo seems to have left a film on my hair, though, but I'm not sure if you're supposed to use it every day or not.

I just started using it, it feels good.

I liked both of them. The castor oil shampoo and conditioner. I suffer from alopecia and I have been doing research on the use of castor oil. The castor oil is still at work. I just started using it, it feels good.

Great organic castor oil

Great organic castor oil for the price...will definitely purchase again .I also use the Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil shampoo, which is awesome. I had dry scalp until I started using shiny leaf, it has reduced the dryness on my scalp. The conditioner smells good and makes my hair thicker and darker.

I use it for my hair, body and face

I love the castor oil, I use it for my hair, body and face, just add some to your castor shampoo. After I use the conditioner my hair feels so soft and shiny. A very good conditioner.

I'm pleased

I'm waiting for the castor oil. Loved the shampoo so much, I ordered the conditioner. So far... very good products. I'm pleased!

hair aren't dry no more

I ordered both shampoo and conditioner for the second time because it is really work good on my hair since I started using this products my hair aren't dry no more and shiny and stronger. The castor oil also helped my hair to get healthy. Even my stylist notices the change on my hair. Will recommend anyone

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