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Soft hair bonus

Love how soft the conditioner leaves hair- no more detangler needed. Seems to work well to keep brassiness at bay.

Cleans and softens hair.

These product work as expected in terms of cleansing and softening of my hair. I do not feel they out perform any regular shampoo or conditioner. I have not noticed and measurable difference as a result of the "purple" aspect of these products. My hair is clean and soft but does not appear to changed in any other way.

Great products

I really like this shampoo and conditioner. The purple keeps my blonde hair from looking too yellow.

Two thumbs up!

Great shampoo! The only negative is the pumps don’t work and I didn’t save the caps so if you like pumps, test them before you toss the caps!

It really works!

I use this to try to keep the brassy tones out of my blonde hair, it works well, lists of spectacular shine!

It really works great on blonde hair !

I'm surprised at how a small amount of conditioner makes my hair so soft. I have various shades if blonde and had several friends tell me to try the purple shampoo and I'm happy I did! I love the shampoo and conditioner set!

Purple shampoo

It does what any other shampoo & condition do

😍I really liked it and I recommend it

It is perfect, as advertised, it keeps the blonde tones in excellent condition. Its aroma is soft and very pleasant and it is also made with high quality natural ingredients. The hair was radiant and easy to manage. I recommend it


The shampoo is a nice deep bluish purple. Suds well. The conditioner has a slight blue tint. It is good to detangle but not too deep conditioning. Smell is not too strong. I would buy again.

Shampoo and conditioner have exactly the right tints to keep my hair blonde

I love this shampoo. It keeps my hair blonde without the purple tint. Another plus is it smells fantastic!!!

Really liked them

It toned down the brassy-ness to make my hair grey, not buttery yellow. I like the pumps for the bottles. Easier to dispense. Will get some more when I run out.

The perfect duo

I love this shampoo and conditioner. I have color treated blond hair and with some dyes and conditioners, it leaves a orange highlight that I hate. This purple shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair looking beautiful with no weird highlights, and my hair is soft, frizz free and has volume. Does not feel or look weighted down. Well worth every penny.

Great product

This shampoo really brought the highlights out and the conditioner left my hair really soft. Hair looked clean for 3 days


works good and hair feels better and looks blonder

Works great

Great product

Great product

Works great, no parabins or sulfates, hair is soft and manageable

I love this stuff

I just love what violet hair care products do to my hair. I have fine, color treated blonde, mid-back hair. This set is suprisingly moisturizing. And takes any red tones out after the 1st wash/conditioner. The pump is easy to use. Scent is a non-issue.

Works Well

This is a very nice shampoo and conditioner to remove or control brassiness in blond hair. The conditioner is very rich; too greasy for my fine hair, but probably great if your hair is dry and coarse. My daughter's hair is very bleached (too often...) and she raves about the softness after trying these products. Seems a lot less brassy too.

I've used it twice and a good shampoo/conditioner so far! Issue with bottle pumps.

Works well on my hair. Can't say about long term yet as I just received it two days ago. I did have issues that the pumps that came with it did not work. I tried everything possible but they would not pump any ingredients. I threw them away and I'm using the tops that came on products originally. This makes it very hard to get conditioner out with the thickness. As stated the products seem to work well, just probably won't buy again due to issues with the bottles.

Great duo to brighten white hair

This works great to brighten gray/white hair. This is a great duo that consist of shampoo and conditioner. It smells great. Gray/white hair it’s made to shine. Continue use will help reduce yellow tint.

Doesn't Dry Hair Out

I have been bleaching my hair for over 2 decades now and because of it I have dried out and damaged hair with split ends. I lighten my hair myself and struggle with yellow tones afterwards so it is necessary to use a toning shampoo to keep it nice. I have use quite a variety of different types of purple shampoos and conditioners and have found some that work and some that aren't worth the money or time. I was very impressed with this set. Until now, my favorite brand that has been the most effective have been the clairol brand. The only issue is that, though it is very effective, it dries my hair out really bad. Not this set! It is deeply moisturizing, especially the conditioner. The shampoo is a dark and deep purple, even darker in color then the brand I've been using. Be careful not to get it on your shower mat, curtains or walls because this does stain if it sits for long. The conditioner is rich and hydrating. It isn't as dark purple as the shampoo so I don't know how effective it is but it does have a purple tinge to it. It spreads easily and I don't have to use a lot of it.My hair looks amazing just after the first use! It looks more shiny and it even looks a little lighter blonde. Just with one use, it has toned down the yellow and orange tones. This is my new favorite brand. The smell of this set is amazing as well. The only thing I didn't like about this set was the pumper attachments. I love how convenient they are once you get them working but it took a while for me to be able to get any product out of them after minutes of pumping at first!

Very satisfied

I am very satisfied with this product. I am naturally blonde but have been dying it for a few years now, so I have used my fair share purple shampoos. This one is definitely one of my favorites! I also love that it is paired with a purple conditioner. This was new to me and I am a fan. My hair looks and feels better. Highly recommend!

Product gets 5 stars!

My daughter has beautiful blonde hair so I got this to try on her hair. I can’t tell much of a difference in the brilliance of the blonde in her hair but I can say that her hair has never been softer and more manageable than with this shampoo and conditioner. With the shampoo it doesn’t take much at all. The conditioner was easy to work into her hair and it’s just so soft and beautiful.The shampoo pump was way to work with and I had no problems with. However the conditioner is very thick and it wouldn’t work its way up through the tube. That is my only complaint with this product.

Works so well at keeping your true color looking fresh and light

Anytime I am trying a set of shampoo/conditioner I like to test each one separately first.Then I go back to see how well they work together.Thought for sure my daughter was going to be like seriously mom another purple shampoo how can they be any different.Oh wow did she learn that this one is oh so much better than any we have used up until now.Believe me both of us being different shades of blonde we have gone through our fair share of them.This is our favortie by far now after such amazing results we are getting from them.I first tried the conditioner alone because that is usually where I find the most lacking for my hair.This made my hair incredibly soft. Not only was it soft but full of bounce. It did not flatten my curls at all.The shampoo was just as amazing with how well it brought out the natural color and is toning down the brass.In winter I find my hair tends to get a bit sassy. Well this shampoo and conditioner is bringing the life back to my hair.I can easily use this one without worrying that it is too harsh on my hair.My daughter is also a huge fan of how great it is working on her hair as well.I don't find the shampoo is not staining as much as others which is wonderful because sometimes I feel like I am forever cleaning the shower from purple marks other shampoos leave behind.Overall this one is far better than any I have used over the years.Thinking we have a new top favorite in this house.


I’ve used some Purple shampoo’s in the past that had cost more than this Set and any one of them were only a shampoo, without a conditioner. These work well, smell decent and are nice and thick; it doesn’t take much to do the job for me. It’s just helping to take the current Dull that has set in my hair and lighten it up a bit. I think this Set is a good deal and would definitely recommend it.

works well

The shampoo is dark purple and the conditioner is light purple. They both work well and together leave my hair feeling clean and smooth. It does not leave any purple residue in my hair or on my skin. They come with both a regular flip cap and a pump dispenser. The conditioner is a little bit thick and therefore hard to dispense and it also feels like it never rinses out of my hair, but once my hair is dry it is not a problem. I like it. The bottles are different enough that I can tell them apart easily.

SO nice!

My hair is not blonde, it is super dark brown. But I absolutely love how this smells and how it makes my hair feel.

Excellent results on white & dark blonde hair

I had excellent results with this set. Do note though that the conditioner to the set is rather heavy, and best for dry hair. It can leave normal hair looking oily and needing to be washed again too quickly.This is some really blue purple shampoo. I was a bit scared to use it because the last time I used a different brand of shampoo this intensely blue purple, it left my hair grey instead of white for 3-4 shampoo cycles! This didn't do that. It left my hair sparkling white. My hair has been soft, well conditioned, fresh and manageable.My son, who has dark blonde hair, used it and it really did a great job reducing the red tones in his hair. The conditioner is too heavy for him though, so he has been skipping it and still having good results.

My grey is kinky but this helped

I'm not a blond but I do use the purple shampoo as I have grey hair. I fell that this helps with the brassiness and keeps the grey in control.I liked the pumps tops so you control the perfect amount depending on what you need.I also like that it has a matching conditioner.

Purple POWER!!! Exceptional Results!!!

Very nice shampoo and conditioner!!! Love the creamy Purple color and texture of this shampoo...smooth and silky!!! It works great on my Thin, Fine Blond Hair and makes it look Young and shiny!!! Has no over powering scent, just a Fresh Clean Smell after washing!!! Love the Conditioner too....it takes out ALL the knots and makes my hair bounce!!! The Shampoo makes a great lather (which I love in my shampoo!!), and it rinses out all Purple (so cool to see it go down the shower drain)!!! Loving this Shampoo so far, Great Results!!! Thank you!!!!


Really, Shiny leaf is a great shampoo and conditioner for anyone. It lathers up nice, gently cleanses the hair & Scalp without drying either out. I love the fact the bottles have pump dispensers. My wife has color treated hair with blond highlights. She loves this duo. The shampoo and conditioner smell great with hair ending up soft, manageable, frizz free and with volume. It didn't strip any of the color from my wife's hair. Actually it enhanced the color. I have dark brown hair (no color treatment) and this products worked just as well for me. The price seems steep but it isn't compared to other high quality shampoos and conditioners on the market. Absolute 5 stars

Tones and refreshes blonde hair color

This is a great set. You get a 16 oz bottle of the ultimate blonde purple shampoo and a 16 oz bottle of ultimate blonde purple conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner set work well to neutralize any brassy tones in blonde hair. It also helps to refresh the blonde color. This works best for any shade of blonde hair but also for grey/silver hair. The shampoo and conditioner both need to be left on for about 3 minutes. The shampoo is kind of harsh and drying but the conditioner puts the moisture back in and the longer you leave it on, the softer your hair will feel. This is not the kind of shampoo and conditioner that you could use daily or it would turn your hair purple. This is best used no more than 1x per week and for me, I plan to use about 2x per month.

Grey or Frost color preserver

If you have grey hair or a light ash blonde highlight, the purple shampoo deposits color to keep it cool and free of yellowing. The conditioner matches; usually you can find a shampoo but not a conditioner. Purple or blue--but purple seems to work better. I wash with this and my hair definitely has cooler highlights when I dry it.

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